Chanteur Rockabilly US né Thomas LeVan Givens, en 1931 à Shreveport (Louisiane). Tommy Blake débute en 1945 en formant un petit groupe de Country Music. Il enregistre un premier disque en 1955 pour le label Recco Records, puis il passe chez Buddy (56), Chancellor (57), RCA (57), Sun (57/58) et Recco (59). Tommy est décédé à Carthage (Texas), en 1985.

Rockabilly artist Tommy Blake, like so many before him, started his career as a straight-ahead country singer before making the switch to the big beat. Born and raised in Shreveport, LA, Blake (born Thomas Givens) was already working in a teenage combo playing country music at station KTBS in the early '50s. By 1955, he had graduated to the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, TX, and Shreveport's junior version of the Opry, the Louisiana Hayride. A year later, he was a regular member of Johnny Horton's TV show out of Tyler, TX, and had cut his first record for the tiny Buddy label out of Marshall, TX. By 1957, Blake had put together his first great band, the Rhythm Rebels, featuring the red-hot guitar talents of one Carl Adams, who would later find fleeting fame with Dale Hawkins.
After a one-off session for RCA Victor, yielding a track called "All Night Long," Blake met Sam Phillips and re-recorded the same tune for Sun as "Lordy Hoody." By March of 1958, Blake was back at 706 Union recording more material, with another single seeing release and the rest finding its way into rockabilly history via reissues in the 1970s and '80s. Blake kept recording for smaller and smaller labels, pitching songs to anyone who had a ready advance, leaving "Story of a Broken Heart" for Johnny Cash to record after Blake had left Sun. He continued to write tunes, like "Cool Gator Shoes" with Carl Belew, and record a few stray 45s for Chancellor and Recco after his time with Sun, but Blake continued a downward spiral until he was killed by his wife in a domestic dispute over the Christmas holidays in 1985.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

KOOLIT (1956)



$ F-OLDING MONEY $ (1959)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



06/1956 SP BUDDY B-107 (US) Tommy BLAKE with The RHYTHM REBELS - Koolit / If I Am A Fool
04/1957 SP CHANCELLOR 101 (US) Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue / I Gotta Be Somewhere
05/1957 SP RCA VICTOR 47-6925 (US) Tommy BLAKE & The RHYTHM REBELS - Mister Hoody (instr.) / Freedom
08/1957 SP SUN 278 (US) Tommy BLAKE / The RHYTHM REBELS - Lordy Hoody / Flat Foot Sam
07/1958 SP SUN 300 (US) I Dig You Baby / Sweetie Pie
11/1959 SP RECCO 1006 (US) $ F-Olding Money $ / The Hanging Judge
1960 SP AETNA 103641 (US) Texas Lovin' / Galveston
1961 SP FOUR STAR 1765 (US) Van GIVENS - Back Door To Heaven / I Try Harder
1964 SP BRAGG 213 (US) Van GIVENS - Who Threw The Water / You And I
1966 SP MUSICOR 1145 (US) Van GIVENS - Dream Train / To Each His Own
1967 SP PAULA 271 (US) Van GIVENS - Waitin' In The Waitin' Room / Sunday School Beginners
1967 SP PAULA 284 (US) Van GIVENS - I Want To Go Home / Stop Kicking My Heart Around
1967 SP PAULA 286 (US) Van GIVENS - Droopy Christmas Tree / Daddy's Baby Boy
1972 ? SP SUN 614 (US) Shake Around / You Better Believe It
2001 SP NORTON 843 (US) Take Me From This Garden Of Evil (Jimmy WAGES) / You Better Believe It (Tommy BLAKE)

Unissued Tracks

1958 Sun unissued Shake Around
1958 Sun unissued You Better Believe It
19?? Unissued All Night Long
19?? Unissued Cool Aligator
19?? Unissued Honky Tonk Mind (Woman I Need)
19?? Unissued I'll Be Free
19?? Unissued Lordy Hoody [alt. vers.]

Need Info

19?? Need info Ballad Of A Broken Heart
19?? Need info Chuckie
19?? Need info Cool Alligator
19?? Need info Diesel Truck
19?? Need info I Dig You Baby [vers. 2]
19?? Need info I Still Love You
19?? Need info If I'm A Fool
19?? Need info Little Lovelight
19?? Need info My Alice Faye
19?? Need info Shake Around [vers. 2]
19?? Need info Window Of My Heart
19?? Need info You Better Believe It [vers. 2]
19?? Need info You Better Believe It [vers. 3]


1984 LP 12" WHITE LABEL WLP 8874 (NL) Gene WYATT - Tommy BLAKE - Gene WYATT : Rock And Roll Guitar / One Love / Gene WYATT & The PEERMONTS : Like Last Nite / Baby, I Know What I Wanna Do / Gene WYATT : Your Cheating Heart / Love Fever / Lover Boy / Lover Boy Part 2 / Gene WYATT & The PEERMONTS : Green Back Bucks And Frog Skin Fins / Tommy BLAKE & The RHYTHM REBELS : Koolit / Tommy BLAKE : $ F--olding Money $ / Cool Aligator / I'll Be Free / Gene WYATT : Boo Hoo / Gene WYATT & The PEERMONTS : Little Girl / Last Night / Gene WYATT : Campus Queen / Prettiest Girl At The Dance
03/2007 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16797 (GER) KOOLIT - THE SUN YEARS PLUS - Flat Foot Sam / Honky Tonk Mind (The Woman I Need) / Koolit / Freedom / All Night Long / Shake Around / I Dig You Baby / Ballad Of A Broken Heart / You Better Believe It / Mister Hoody / Sweetie Pie / Diesel Truck / Shake Around / I Dig You Baby / $ F-Olding Money $ / Window Of My Heart / You Better Believe It / Shake Around / Chuckie / If I'm A Fool / Lordy Hoody / You Better Believe It / Little Lovelight / Cool Alligator / I Still Love You / My Alice Faye / I'll Be Free / You Better Believe It / The Hanging Judge  

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