Chanteur Country US né le 14 Avril 1937 à Madison Mills (Ohio), Donnie Bowshier était paralysé et chantait assis sur une chaise, accompagné par son groupe: les "Radio Ranch Boys". Il a enregistré chez King (53), Dess (57-58), Sage (58), Fraternity (58), Robbins (58), Era (60), Bamboo (61) et JD Records (62 ?). Dans les années soixante dix, on le retrouve chantant de la Country Music à la Mega City Sound Company de Dayton (Ohio). Il a aussi enregistré sous le nom de Donnie Bowser. Il est décédé le 22 Février 2002.

Best remembered for his 1957 hit "Stone Heart," singer Donnie Bowshier remains a little-known if unique figure in the annals of rockabilly — a childhood battle with polio left him confined to a wheelchair throughout his three-decade career. Born in Madison Mills, OH, on April 14, 1937, he began his performing career in middle school, and by 14 was sharing the stage with the Sons of the Pioneers at the Ohio State Fair. He also played with Hank Williams, and with backing band the Radio Ranch Boys headlined local radio station WJEL's Saturday night broadcast schedule. Browshier cut his King label debut, "Tight Shoe Boogie," in mid-1953 — despite strong regional airplay, the record sold poorly and he did not resurface until four years later, landing with the Dess label for "Stone Heart."
Though never the breakout hit many predicted, "Stone Heart" was nevertheless licensed for release on four other labels, including Marty Robbins' eponymous imprint, over the next several years; one of those labels, Sage, also issued the follow-up, "It's Our Secret," credited to Donnie Bowser after the singer finally tired of broadcasters mangling the pronunciation of his surname. After another long hiatus from the studio, Bowser turned up on Bamboo for 1961's "Tomorrow" — he recorded even more sporadically in the years to follow, performing a duo with Bobby Bare on "Another One of My Near Mrs." and cracking the country charts with "Falling for You," but remained a popular live attraction, even appearing on the Grand Ole Opry. Bowser retired in 1989 following a heart attack — another heart attack ended his life on February 22, 2002.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

TIGHT SHOE BOOGIE (1953) (Donnie Bowshier)

ROCK AND ROLL JOYS (1957) (Little Donnie Bowshier)

GOT THE BEST OF ME (1958) (Donnie Bowser)

STONE HEART (1958) (Donnie Bowser)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1953 SP KING 45-1245 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Tight Shoe Boogie / I Cried In My Sleep
03/1957 SP DESS 7002 (US) Little Donnie BOWSHIER with The RADIO RANCH BOYS - Stone Heart / Rock And Roll Joys
01/1958 SP DESS 7004 (US) Little Donnie BOWSHIER with The RADIO RANCH BOYS - I Love You Baby / Love So Rare
04/1958 SP SAGE 45-265 (US) Donnie BOWSER - I Love You Baby  / Stone Heart 
06/1958 SP FRATERNITY F-801 (US) Donnie BOWSER - I Love You Baby  / Stone Heart 
08/1958 SP ROBBINS 1009 (US) Donnie BOWSER - I Love You Baby  / Stone Heart    
12/1958 SP SAGE 45-276 (US) Donnie BOWSER - Got The Best Of Me  / It's Our Secret 
10/1960 SP ERA 3029 (US) Donnie BOWSER - I Love You Baby  / Stone Heart 
06/1961 SP BAMBOO 508 (US) Donnie BOWSER - Talk To Me Baby  / Tomorrow 
1963 SP JD 1157-0379 (US) Donnie BOWSER - Move It On Over / Sing Me A Sad Song
1972 SP STOP 406 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Pretty Things / I Hope You Hear
1972 SP CHOICE 103 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Stone Heart / Stop This Train
1973 SP QCA 406 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Make The World Go Away / That's What I Need
1974 SP CHALET CH-1071 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - I Thought I Heared You Call My Name / Tomorrow
1975 SP ROME RF-4130 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Girl I See In My Glass / My Heart Still Loves You
1979 SP STARR SF479 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - On My Mind / Honestly I Do
1988 SP BIL-DON JRC-8805 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Just No Way Of Getting Over You / There'll Never Be Another (Someone Like You)
1989 SP RIDGEWOOD 3002 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER - Falling For You / You've Got My Arms To Come Back To
1990 SP PLAYBACK P-1342 (US) Donnie BOWSHIER & Bobby BARE - Another One Of My Near Mrs. (Misses) / Here Comes That Rainbow Again


1966 LP 12" Top Tennessee 804M-1935 (US)

Donnie Bowser Sings - It Hurts Me So / I Cried In My Sleep / Any Thing You Want / Drunken Driver / My Way Of Loving You / Stone Heart / Let's Talk It Over / It Must Be Raining / I'm Happy / Tomorrow / Afraid / I Love You Baby

2011 CD HYDRA BCK 27144 (GER)

Got The Best Of Me - Strutt My Stuff / Southbound Special / Tight Shoe Boogie / We'll Never Part / Bull Frog Boogie / I Cried In My Sleep / Rock And Roll Joys / Stone Heart / Grandma Rock And Roll / I Love You Baby / Turning The Tables / Love So Rare / I Love You Baby / Stone Heart / Got The Best Of Me / It's Our Secret / Talk To Me Baby / Tomorrow / Move It On Over / Sing Me A Sad Song / It's My Way Of Loving You / It Must Be Raining / Afraid / I Love You Baby / Pretty Things / That's What I Need

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