Accordéoniste et chanteur US né Clayton Joseph Chenier, le 28 Septembre 1957 à Port Arthur (Texas). C.J. Chenier est le fils de Clifton Chenier.
Il est élevé par sa mère et a très peu de contacts avec son père. Il apprend le clavier et surtout le saxophone et joue dans diverses formations, jusqu'à ce que son père l'appelle à se joindre à lui en 1978. Il devient le saxophoniste du groupe, puis la santé de Clifton Chenier se faisant de plus en plus déclinante, il passe à l'accordéon et remplace son père au cours des bals. À la mort de celui-ci en 1987, il reprend le flambeau.

The son of late zydeco music pioneer Clifton Chenier, C.J. Chenier (born Clayton Joseph Chenier) has been dubbed "the crown prince of zydeco." Since inheriting leadership of his father's group, the Red Hot Louisiana Band, Chenier has continued to pay tribute to his father's sound and to expand the zydeco tradition. Chenier's interests in zydeco were sparked in his early twenties. Although he studied piano in the third grade, switched to the saxophone a year later, and received a scholarship to study music at Texas Southern University, he was drawn to the funky sounds of R&B and modern jazz. Chenier played saxophone, keyboards, flute, and sang backup Vocals in a Top 40 cover band, Hot Ice. In 1978, Chenier was invited to replace saxophonist "Blind" John Hart in his father's band. Although he had little experience with zydeco music, he accepted the invitation. Over the next decade, he apprenticed with his father, assuming his role as accordion player and bandleader following his father's death in 1987. Chenier has remained active in a variety of outside projects. In addition to playing on Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints, he participated in Simon's Born at the Right Time tour. Chenier was a guest performer on Gin Blossoms' New Miserable Experience. In 1997, Chenier was nominated for a W.C. Handy Award. Chenier's own albums include 1988's My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes from Arhoolie Records, 1990's Hot Rod. and 1992's I Ain't No Playboy, both from Slash Records, and 1995's Too Much Fun, 1996's Big Squeeze, and 2001's Step It Up from Alligator Records. The more meditative The Desperate Kingdom of Love, recorded a month or so after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region, was released in 2006 on World Village Records. Recorded live in a single session at Rock Romano's Red Shack Studio in Houston, Texas, the high-energy Can’t Sit Down appeared in 2011, also from World Village.

Talents : Vocals, Accordion, Sax (alto), Keyboards, Flute

Style musical : Zydeco, Creole, Cajun

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1986 SP ARHOOLIE 45-554 (US) .

C.J. Chenier with Sonny Landreth & The Bayou Rhythm Band - Check Out The Zydeco / She's My Woman

1992 SP London 869 891-2 (GER) (promo)

I Ain't No Playboy / Back To Stay


1988 LP 12" ARHOOLIE 1098 (US) LET ME IN YOUR HEART - C.J. CHENIER & THE NEW RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND -Check Out My Zydeco / I'm Coming Home / She's My Woman / Blue Flame Blues / My Baby Won't Wear No Shoes / Let Me In Your Heart / Bow Legged Woman / Banana Man / I'm All Shook Up / Used And Abused / I'll Be Long Gone
10/1990 CD SLASH 2-26263 (US) HOT ROD - C.J. CHENIER & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND - I Feel All Right / Got My Eyes On You / It's A Shame / Zydeco Express / You're Still The King To Me / Before It's Too Late / Harmonica Zydeco / Your Time To Cry / Hot Rod / Old Fashioned Party / Jole Blon / Just The Beginning
03/1992 CD SLASH 2-26788 (US) I AIN'T NO PLAYBOY -  Ain't No Playboy (I'm A Real Man) / Bad Feet / Long Hard Road / Back To Stay / Don't You Break My Heart / Cher Catin / Sharp Dressed Man / Don't Cry / Just Like A Woman / Easy Days / Ugly Ways
11/1993 CD ARHOOLIE ? (US) MY BABY DON'T WEAR NO SHOES - My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes / I'm Coming Home / She's My Woman / Blue Flame Blues / Check Out The Zydeco / Harry's Big Mama Blues / Let Me In Your Heart / Bow-Legged Woman / Banana Man / I'm All Shook Up / Used & Abused / I'll Be Long Gone
1995 CD ALLIGATOR 4830 (US) TOO MUCH FUN - C.J. CHENIER & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND - Man Smart, Woman Smarter / Bad Luck / The Richest Man / Too Much Fun / Give Me Some Of That / Louisiana Down Home Blues / Zydeco Cha Cha / Lost In The Shuffle / Got You On My Mind / Squeaky Wheel / I'm Not Guilty / You Used To Call Me / Louisiana Two-Step
1996 CD ALLIGATOR 4844 (US) THE BIG SQUEEZE - C.J. CHENIER & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND - Au Contraire, Mon Frère / Don't You Just Know It / I Have The Right / Mixed Up And Confused / Cheatin' On The Man You're Cheatin' With / Every Day I Have To Cry Some / I Can't Judge Nobody / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / The Moon Is Rising / Lion's Den / Part Time Woman / My Heart's Not Through Loving You / No Shoes Zydeco / Mon Cher 'Tite Bebe
07/2001 CD ALLIGATOR 4882 (US) STEP IT UP ! - C.J. CHENIER & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND - Zydeghost / It's About Time / Everybody Needs A Little Monkey Business / The Right Way To Walk / Coochie Coo Wi'chou / Eat More Crawfish / Let's Agree To Disagree / It's Alright / Road Dog / The Power Of Love / Zydeco Mardi Gras / Turn Around And Say Goodbye / Johnny Can't Dance
05/2006 CD WORLD VILLAGE 468041 (F) THE DESPERATE KINGDOM OF LOVE - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love / Black Snake Blues / I've Been Good To You Baby / Learning To Live / Rosemary / Lost On The River / Who's Cheatin' Who? / Ain't No Need In Cryin' / Finger Lickin' Chicken / Bogalousa Boogie / Comfort You
09/2011 CD WORLD VILLAGE 468109 (F) CAN'T SIT DOWN - Can't Sit Down / Baby Please Don't Go / Clap Hands / Ridin' With Uncle Cleveland / Red Shack Zydeco / Trouble In Mind / Hot Tamale Baby / Dusty Road / Paper In My Shoe / Zydeco Boogie / We Gotta Have Peace
2012 CD MUNCK MUSIC 99308 (US) LIVE AT THE 2012 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL -  Instrumental / Hot Rod / My Name Is C.J. Chenier / Harmonica Zydeco / I Want To Comfort You / I Been Good To You Baby / Long Hard Road / Just The Beginning / I'm Coming Home / Bon Ton Roulette / Turn Around And Say Goodbye / My Baby's Gone / Zydeco Express
10/2013 CD MUNCK MUSIC 4215 (US) Live at the 2013 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
08/2015 CD MUNCK MUSIC 3 (US) Live at the 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
08/2016 CD MUNCK MUSIC 2003 (US) Live at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
07/2017 CD MUNCK MUSIC 2203 (US) Live at the 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
07/2018 CD MUNCK MUSIC 2294 (US) Live at THE 2019 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
07/2019 CD MUNCK MUSIC 1435 (US)

Live at THE 2019 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

06/2023 CD MUNCK MUSIC 23 (US)

Live atTHE  2023 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

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