Chanteur Rockabilly US n en 1936 Racine (Wisconsin).

More than four decades after recording his best-known single, "Shook Shake," Ken Davis joined with lead guitarist Dean Lange, electric bass player Maggie Lange, and drummer Joe Bolton to record his debut album, Eagle Rock, at the Miracle Sound Studios in Oak Creek, WI. Released in Germany a few months later, the album included 24 original tunes, ten remastered songs initially recorded between 1958 and 1962, and several previously unreleased demos. Born in Racine, WI, Davis had acquired a reputation for his fiery performances at local parties by 1956. Together with harmony singers the Honeybees, he made his recording debut when they recorded two tracks, "Bundle of Lovin'" and "Sittin' Pretty," with Buddy Nelson's Country Gentlemen, a group they joined in early 1958. Although a follow-up single, "Uh Huh" b/w "Without Her Love," was produced by Harry Smith, owner of the Starlight label, Davis took over the reins when he recorded "Shook Shake." Reviewing the release, Billboard wrote that it was a "country-based rockabilly ditty sung nicely by Davis over typical combo support." Although he ended the year by enlisting in the United States Army and being sent to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for basic training, Davis remained active as a musician. "Shook Shake" was re-released in February 1959. Transferred to Fort Still in Oklahoma, Davis formed a band and recorded two tracks, "Oh So Blue" and "Gone Together," that were released on the Badger label. ABC/Paramount gave considerable thought to releasing "Oh So Blue" nationally. Although he recorded two tunes, "The Next Little Town" and "Because I'm Blue," in 1960, they were not released until two years later. Returning to his hometown in Racine following his military discharge, Davis formed a trio to perform at dances, wedding receptions, and private parties. In 1982, "Shook Shake" was reissued by Mean Mountain Music.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll



ECHO ROCK (1958)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1958 SP PFAU J8OW-3057/8 (US) Ken DAVIS & The HONEY BEES / Instrumental accompaniment by Buddy NELSON' COUNTRY GENTLEMEN - Sittin' Pretty / Bundle Of Lovin'
06/1958 SP STAR-LIGHT 1002 (US) Ken DAVIS & The HONEY BEES / "The SILVER SPURS" - Uh Huh, That's Right / Without Her Love
11/1958 SP STAR-LIGHT SL-1006 (US) Shook Shake (Like A Big Mix Cake) / Echo Rock
12/1958 SP BADGER #250 (US) Shook Shake (Like A Big Mixed Cake) / Echo Rock
1959 SP BADGER 252 (US) Gone Again / Oh So Blue
1962 SP KEN DAVIS 4170 (US) The Next Little Town / Because I'm Blue
1967 SP KAY DEE 031 (US)

Play Ginger Play / What Would I Do Without Dreams? (instr.)

1982 SP MEAN MOUNTAIN 1419 (US) Shook Shake (Like A Big Mix Cake) / Echo Rock

Unissued tracks

195? Unissued - (Eagle CD 90128 (#22)) Starla Rae
195? Unissued - (Eagle CD 90128 (#21)) That's My Chicadee
195? Unissued - (Eagle CD 90128 (#20)) Unfair To You


03/2000 CD EAGLE 90128 (GER) ECHO ROCK - Shook Shake / Echo Rock / Gone Again / Oh So Blue / The Next Little Town / Because I'm Blue / Sittin' Pretty / Bundle Of Lovin' / Rockin' By Our Lonesome / Hiding Behind A Smile / What Would I Do Without Dreams / Wild Rose / In The Middle Of A Bridge / Love Me By The Golden Rule / The Happy Little Man / Lorreli From Lorain / Cutie Pie / Gonna Walk Right Out Of The Picture / I'll Keep Riding / Unfair To You / That's My Chicadee / Stala Rae / Uh-Huh, That's Right / Without Her Love.

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