Chanteur Rockabilly US né Ronald M. Dawson, le 11 Août 1939 à Dallas (Texas), Ronnie Dawson a enregistré plusieurs singles à la fin les années cinquante et au début des années soixante sous différents noms: Ronnie Dawson, Ronnie Dee et sous son surnom de "The Blonde Bomber". Il est décédé le 30 Septembre 2003 à Dallas (Texas).

An only child, born in Dallas and raised in Waxahachie, TX to a swing band leader father (Pinky Dawson), Ronnie Dawson launched his musical career while still in his teens. Forming a band, Ronnie Dee and the D Men, he won a talent contest at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas ten weeks in a row. He signed with Gene Vincent's manager, Ed MacLemore and came close to achieving success as a rockabilly guitarist/singer. His first two singles, "Action Packed" b/w "I Make the Love" and "Rockin' Bones," (credited to "The Blonde Bomber-Ronnie Dawson") sold well regionally and resulted in a contract with Dick Clark's label, Swan, and an appearance on National Bandstand. His sides for Swan were well received, but cast Dawson as a countrified teen idol, rather than a rockabilly wildcat. Dawson's new success came to a halt when the late-'50's payola scandal forced Clark to close the record company, leaving Dawson without a label. Dawson made a few unsuccessful attempts to salvage his career, including a 1961 single for Columbia, "Do Do Do" b/w "Who's Done Been Here," credited to the fictional character Commonwealth Jones. Limited to a sideman position, Dawson toured with the Light Crust Doughboys and played drums on Paul & Paula's "Hey Paula" and Bruce Channel's "Hey Baby."
A member of the Dallas-based Levee Singers in the 1960s, he performed with a country-rock band, Steelrail, in the 1970s and '80s and recorded commercial jingles for Hungry Jack pancakes, Jax beer, and Cici's pizza.
Although he remained little-known in his native country, Dawson was hailed as a rock pioneer in England. Signing with the British No Hit label in 1986, he recorded three impressive albums: Monkey Beat!, Rockinitis, and Just Rockin' & Rollin'. The label also released a compilation of his earlier recordings, Rockin' Bones. Dawson recorded a live album, Live! at the Continental Club, in Austin, TX, in January 1998. In October 1998, he returned to the recording studio to record More Bad Habits(released in 1999), his first studio recording in the United States in nearly three decades.
His mid-'80s rediscovery led to Dawson's name and songs winding up in a variety of places. In 1995, Dawson made a triumphant appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. 1998 was a watershed year for the Blonde Bomber, in addition to recording an album, his song "Yum, Yum, Yum" was featured in Mike Nichols' film Primary Colors and Izzy Stradlin of Guns n' Roses recorded his tune "Up Jump the Devil." The following year two songs from More Bad Habits were included in the film Simpatico. His tour for More Bad Habits was announced as his last rockabilly tour, although he continued to perform at festivals and special concert events. In 2002, Dawson was diagnosed with throat cancer and fans in the U.S. and abroad held benefit concerts to help him pay for medical costs. The Blonde Bomber finally succumbed on September 30, 2003. He was 64.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

ACTION PACKED (1958) (Ronnie DEE)


WHO'S BEEN HERE (1961) (Commonwealth JONES)

DO DO DO (1961) (Commonwealth JONES)

MULE TRAIN (1994) (Ronnie DAWSON)

ROCKIN' DOG (1994) (Ronnie DAWSON)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



11/1958 SP BACK BEAT 522 (US) Ronnie DEE - Action Packed / I Make The Love
09/1959 SP ROCKIN' #1 (US) The BLOND BOMBER - Ronnie DAWSON - Rockin' Bones / Congratulations To Me
12/1959 SP SWAN S4047 (US) RONNIE DAWSON - Ain't That A Kick In The Head / Hazel
05/1960 SP SWAN S4054 (US) RONNIE DAWSON - Summer's Comin' / Decided By Angels
1960 SP HULL 737 (US) The BLOND BOMBER - I Am To Blame / Strollie Bun
12/1960 SP DO-BOY 9128/9 (US) JOHNNY & The JILLS  - Poor Little Johnny Smith / Pauline
09/1961 SP MAVERICK 101 (US) RONNIE DAWSON - My Big Desire / How Can We Tell Her
12/1961 SP COLUMBIA 4-42217 (US) Commonwealth JONES - Who's Been Here / Do Do Do
196? SP LEVEE 45-701 (US) Ronnie DEE - Riders In The Sky / Everybody Clap Your Hands
1964 SP HULL 763 (US) The BLOND BOMBER -  Strollie Bun / I Am To Blame
1966 SP BANNER BA-105 (US) Commonwealth JONES - Tied Down / Jump And Run


19?? Acetate Don't Be Cruel
19?? Acetate Heartbreak Hotel
19?? Acetate Hound Dog
19?? Acetate Jailhouse Rock
19?? Acetate Rip It Up
19?? Acetate Roll Over Beethoven
19?? Acetate Whole Lot Of Shaking Goin' On

Live Performance

19?? Live Recording Johnny B. Goode
19?? Live Recording Thirty Days

Unissued Tracks

19?? Unissued 24 Hours A Day
19?? Unissued The Chicken
19?? Unissued Congratulations To Me [alt. vers.]
19?? Unissued Fire, Fire, Fire [vers. 1]
19?? Unissued Fire, Fire, Fire [vers. 2]
19?? Unissued Green Eyed Cat
19?? Unissued I Make The Love [alt. vers.]
19?? Unissued I'm On Your Wagon
19?? Unissued Make A Little Love
19?? Unissued Muddy Coffee
19?? Unissued Reelin' And Rockin'
19?? Unissued Rockin' Bones [alt. vers.]
19?? Unissued Rumble (instr.)
19?? Unissued Searchin' For My Baby
19?? Unissued Slenderella [vers. 2]
19?? Unissued Slenderella [vers. 6]
19?? Unissued Straight Skirts
19?? Unissued Tired Of Waitin'
19?? Unissued Who Put The Cat Out
19?? Unissued Why Did You Cry

Need Info

19?? Need info Baby Brother
19?? Need info I'm Coming Home
19?? Need info It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
19?? Need info My First Love


1988 LP 12" NO HIT 1 (UK) ROCKIN' BONES - Rockin' Bones / Congratulations To Me Rockin' / Who's Been Here / Action Packed / Tied Down / I Make The Love / Riders In The Sky / Jump And Run / Tired Of Waitin' [unissued] / I'm On Your Wagon [unissued] / Who Put The Cat Out [unissued] / Reelin' And Rockin' [unissued] / Straight Skirts [unissued] / Searchin' For My Baby / Everybody Clap Your Hands
1989 CD CRYSTAL CLEAR 9619 (US) ROCKINITIS - RONNIE DAWSON - Shim Sham Shimmy / You Tore Your Playhouse Down / Monkey's Uncle / Rockinitis / Yum Yum Yum / The Worryin' Kind / Movin' Around / Knock Down Drag Out / Bad Mouthin' / The Cats Were Jumpin' / A Real Good Time / I'm Tore Up / Red Hot Mama / Rockin' In The Cemetery / Hot Hot Water / Sloppy Drunk
1990 CD NO HIT 1 (UK) ROCKIN' BONES - RONNIE DAWSON - Rockin' Bones / Congratulations To Me / Do Do Do / Who's Been Here / Action Packed / Tied Down / I Make The Love / Riders In The Sky / Jump And Run / Tired Of Waitin' / I'm On Your Wagon / Who Put The Cat Out / Reelin' And Rockin' / Straight Skirts / Searchin' For My Baby / Everybody Clap Your Hands / The Chicken / Muddy Coffee / Rumble  [instr.] / 24 Hours A Day
10/1994 CD CRYSTAL CLEAR 9431 (US) MONKEY BEAT - RONNIE DAWSON - Wham Bam Jam  / Wiggle Waddle Woman / Up Jumped The Devil  / Rock The Blues Tonight / Little Mixed Up / Crazy Shoes / Mule Train / Sick & Tired / Snake Man / Monkey Beat City  / Down In Mexico / This Is The Night / I Tried To Be Fair / Hillbilly Blues / Bad Case Of A Broken Heart / Fool About You / Rockin' Dog / Come Back Uncle John / Running Wild / V Eight Ford Boogie / Party Time / Roadhouse Rock / Ghost Riders
06/1996 CD UPSTART 32 (US) JUST ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN' - RONNIE DAWSON - Just Rockin' And Rollin / You Got A Long Way To Go / Veronica / Fish Out O'Water  / Home Cookin'  / Club Wig Wam / You're Humbuggin' Me / Mexigo / It Wouldn't Do No Good / She's A Bad Un / High On Love / Sucker For A Cheap Guitar / Hoodlum / Tired Of Travellin' / No Dice / Party Town
09/1996 2 CD CRYSTAL CLEAR 9643 (US)
CD 1 : Searchin' For My Baby / Straight Skirts / Chicken / It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) / Fire, Fire, Fire [demo version] / Make A Little Love [demo version] / Slenderella [demo version] / My First Love [demo version] / Why Did You Cry? [demo version] / I'm Coming Home [demo version] / Slenderella [alternate version] [demo version] / Fire, Fire, Fire [alternate version] / Baby Brother / Rockin' Bones [demo version] / Congratulations To Me [demo version] / Green-Eyed Cat / I Make The Love / Action Packed
CD 2 : Rockin' Bones / Congratulations To Me / Ain't That A Kick In The Head / Hazel / Poor Little Johnny Smith / Pauline / Do Do Do / Tired Of Waiting / Who's Been Here? / Who Put The Cat Out? / Jump & Run / Tied Down / Muddy Coffee / I'm On Your Wagon / Riders In The Sky / Everybody Clap Your Hands
1998 CD CONTINENTAL ? (US) LIVE! AT THE CONTINENTAL CLUB - RONNIE DAWSON - Introduction / Red Hot Mama / Good Evening / Shim Sham Shimmy / Intro To Crazy Shoes / Crazy Shoes / It Woulodn't Do No Good / High On Love / Yum Yum / Fish Out O' Water / Jocko / V-8 Ford Booogie / Party Time / Knowk Down Drag Out  / Tired Of Travelin' / Oreo Swing Instr / Veronica / Rockinitis / Rockin Bones / Home Cookin' / Action Packed / Monkey Beat City
08/1999 CD YEP ROC 2012 (US) MORE BAD HABITS - RONNIE DAWSON - Good At Being Bad / Big Mac Attack / Toe Up From The Flo Up / Waxahachie Drag Race / Bobwire Betty / Chili Pepper Mama / Bad Habit Or Two / Rockin' Country Cat / Rockin' Calaveras / Rippin' And A Roarin' / Bayou Beauty / The Frim Fram Sauce / Party Slab
04/2012 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16828 (US) The Carnegie Hall Tour - RONNIE DAWSON & HIGH NOON WITH LISA PANKRATZ - Yum Yum Yum / Fool About You / Who Was That Cat / Up Jumped The Devil / Glory Bound / Beaumont Boogie / Rockin' In The Cemetery / Monkey Beat City / Red Hot Mama / The Cats Were Jumpin' / Yum Yum Yum / The Worrying Kind / Shim Sham Shimmy / Down In Mexico / Party Time / Acoustic Jam / I'm Tore Up / Up Jumped The Devil / Rockin' Bones

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