Chanteuse Country US née Charlotte DeHaven, le 17 Mai 1948 à Winchester (Virginie). Penny DeHaven est décédée le 23 Février 2014.

Country entertainer Penny DeHaven was born May 17, 1948, in Winchester, VA. She sang and performed on local shows as a child, but moved to WWVA's Wheeling Jamboree during the mid-'60s after high school. Using the stage name Penny Starr, she became a favorite and recorded "A Grain of Salt" for the Band Box label in late 1966. The single placed modestly the following year, and after spending two years in Wheeling, she moved to Nashville to sign with Imperial in 1969. Two of her recordings hit the Country Top 40 that year: "Mama Lou" and "Down in the Boondocks."
After a change of labels to United Artists, Penny DeHaven's biggest hit came later that year when "Land Mark Tavern" hit number 20. Though DeHaven never re-entered the Top 40 again -- "The First Love" and "Don't Change on Me" came closest in 1971 -- she continued to record for United Artists and later Mercury, Starcrest and Main Street. She appeared in several films in the early '80s, and sang "Bayou Lullaby" for the soundtrack to 1982's Honkytonk Man. DeHaven has also guested on the Grand Ole Opry several times
Penny DeHaven passed away on February 23, 2014.

Talents : Vocals, Actress

Style musical : Country-Pop

A Grain Of Salt (1966) (Penny Starr)

Big City Men (1968) (Penny DeHaven)

Old Faithful (1968) (Penny DeHaven)

Loving You Again (1968) (Penny DeHaven)

Mama Lou (1969) (Penny DeHaven)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/1966 SP BAND BOX 372 (US) Penny STARR - A Grain Of Salt / Thing Of Pleasure
1966 SP BAND BOX 373 (US)

Van TREVOR & Penny STARR & Johnny DOLLAR - Christmas In The Country  / Holiday Driving - Holiday Safety

1967 SP BAND BOX 375 (US) Penny STARR - One More Like You / You've Taken All The Woman Out Of Me
03/1968 SP IMPERIAL 66294 (US) Big City Men / Old Faithful
07/1968 SP IMPERIAL 66315 (US) Penny DEHAVEN & Buddy CAGLE - Kid Games And Nursery Rhymes / So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
08/1968 SP IMPERIAL 66321 (US) I Am The Woman / Loving You Again
03/1969 SP IMPERIAL 66367 (US) You're Never Gonna See My Face Again / I'm Going Home
07/1969 SP IMPERIAL 66388 (US) Mama Lou / That's Just The Way I Am
10/1969 SP IMPERIAL 66421 (US) Down In The Boondocks / When The Sun Sets In Jackson
02/1970 SP IMPERIAL 66437 (US) I Feel Fine / Stop And Go
03/1970 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50669 (US) Del REEVES & Penny DEHAVEN - Land Mark Tavern / So Sad
07/1970 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50703 (US) Awful Lotta Lovin' / Tomorrow Never Comes
11/1970 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50742 (US) The First Love / The Price I Had To Pay
05/1971 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50787 (US) Don't Change On Me / That's Just The Way I Am
06/1971 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50790 (US) Big City Men / Don't Change On Me
07/1971 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50829 (US) Del REEVES & Penny DEHAVEN - Crying In The Rain / Time
11/1971 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50854 (US) Another Day Of Loving / Mama, Have All The Good Guys Gone
02/1972 SP UNITED ARTISTS UA-50894 (US) Gone / It's As Easy As Singing
04/1973 SP MERCURY 73384 (US) The Lovin' Of Your Life / When You Get Home"
09/1973 SP MERCURY 73434 (US) I'll Be Doggone / Love Me To Sleep
03/1974 SP MERCURY 73468 (US) Play With Me / Shine On Me
07/1974 SP MERCURY 73504 (US) I Gotta Stand Tall / I'll Never Stop
07/1976 SP GRT / STAR CREST GRT 066 (US) (The Great American) Classic Cowboy / Thank God I'm A Country Girl
05/1980 SP ELEKTRA E-46645 (US) Bayou Lullaby / How Many Teardrops
06/1982 SP MAINS TREET B 952 (US) We Made Memories (Boxcar WILLIE & Penny DEHAVEN) / To My Baby I'm A Big Star All The Time (Boxcar WILLIE)
10/1983 SP MAINS TREET 93015 (US) Only The Names Have Been Changed / Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dance
03/1984 SP MAINS TREET 93019 (US) Friendly Game Of Hearts / Love Is The Answer
07/1984 SP MAINS TREET 93022 (US) (DJ single) Yes, I Do / Yes, I Do


1972 LP 12" UNITED ARTISTS UAS-6821 (US) PENNY DEHAVEN - Down In The Boondocks / Don't Change On Me / Gone / It's As Easy As Singing / Mama, Have All The Good Guys Gone? / Mama Lou / Another Day Of Loving / I Feel Fine / The First Love / Awful Lotta Lovin' / That's Just The Way I Am / Big City Men
1984 LP 12" MAINS TREET MS-9310 (US) PENNY DEHAVEN - Only The Names Have Been Changed / Rockin' With My Baby / Friendly Game Of Heart / Wild Wild Heart / In Real Life / Yes, I Do / A Married Man / Blue Lady Now / Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dance Floor / Hollywood (Holly Would) / Love's The Answer
2002 CD Porter Wagoner PWCD-2002 (US)

Porter and Penny - Porter WAGONER & Penny DeHaven - Daddy Was An Ole Time Preacherman / Someone I Used To Know / If Tear Drops Were Pennies / 40 Miles From Poplar Bluff / We’re Holding On To Nothin‘, Burning The Midnight Oil / Each Season Changes You / Please Don’t Stop Lovin‘ Me / The Right Combination / Move It On Home / Last Thing On My Mind /  Milwaukee Here I Come

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