Groupe Doo Wop US de New York et composé de  Stan Zizka, Fred Ferrara, son frère Tom Ferrara, Leslie Cauchi et Bobby Fiela. Les Del-Satins ont choisis leur nom en hommage à leurs principales influences les Dells et les Five Satins. Johnny Maestro (Crests & Brooklyn Bridge) a rejoint les Del-Satins en 1966.

R&B artists the Del-Satins had few peers as practitioners of white doo-wop in the 60s. They were formed in 1958 in Manhattan, New York, USA, by Stan Zizka, Fred Ferrara, his brother Tom Ferrara, Leslie Cauchi and Bobby Fiela. The Del-Satins was chosen as their name in open tribute to their principal influences, the Dells and Five Satins. Under the new name they secured a recording contract with End Records. Their debut single, ‘I’ll Pray For You’, was released in 1961. New management was sought with Passions manager Jim Gribble, who found them a more permanent contract at Laurie Records. Their label star Dion was at the time grappling with diminishing chart returns after an impressive start, and wanted to replace his existing backing band, the Belmonts, with a ‘rockier’ troupe. The Del-Satins were instantly sent to work on Dion’s new song, ‘Runaround Sue’, a two-week number 1 in the Billboard charts. Although their contribution to the hit was substantial, the Del-Satins received none of the credit. They stepped out on their own for ‘Counting Teardrops’ for Winn Records, before reuniting with Dion for ‘The Wanderer’, which stalled just one place short of the number 1 spot in the US charts. The follow-up, ‘Lovers Who Wander’, peaked at number 3, emphasizing the power of the Dion/Del-Satins coalition. While the combination was charting once more with the kazoo-led ‘Little Dianne’, the Del-Satins released ‘Teardrops Follow Me’, their first own-name outing to garner serious sales, after which they found regular work on television (Alan Freed) and radio (Freed and Murray The K). Back with Dion for the number 5 ‘Love Came To Me’, the Del-Satins’ own ‘Does My Love Stand A Chance’ did not fare well. In 1962 they moved to Columbia Records as part of Dion’s new contract, which began with a version of the Drifters’ ‘Ruby Baby’, another substantial hit at number 2. Still frustrated by their lack of recognition, in 1963 the Del-Satins auditioned for Phil Spector but declined his subsequent invitation to record with him. Meanwhile, in appreciation for their past efforts on his behalf, Dion wrote a song for the Del-Satins for single release, ‘Feeling No Pain’, but without his name to accompany it there was no chart return. Two more hits with their mentor followed, ‘Donna The Prima Donna’ and ‘Drip Drop’, before new manager Jay Fontana found the group a home at Mala Records. This relationship lasted for only one single, ‘Two Broken Hearts’, before three more efforts at B.T. Puppy Records. These included a rendering of the Drifters’ ‘Sweets For My Sweet’, but afterwards Ziska left (for the Magnificent Men) and was temporarily replaced by Carl Parker. In 1966 the Vietnam War robbed the group of Cauchi and Tommy Ferrara, but the Del-Satins continued to play live with the addition of Richard Green, Mike Gregorio and Johnny Maestro (ex-Crests). When Cauchi returned he and the Del-Satins became Brooklyn Bridge. In 1991 the original Del-Satins re-formed for nostalgia shows.

Talents : Stan Zizka : Lead - Fred Ferrara : Baritone - Tom Ferrara : Bass - Leslie Cauchi : First Tenor - Bobby Fiela : Second Tenor

Style musical : Doo Wop, Rhythm 'n' Blues

COUNTING TEAR DROPS (1958) (Del-Satins)

I'll Pray For You (1961) (Dell Satins)

Teardrops Follow Me (1962) (Del-Satins)

Feelin' No Pain (1963) (Del Satins)

Sweets For My Sweet (1965) (Del Satins)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1958 SP WIN 702 (US)

Del-Satins - Counting Tear Drops / Remember

1961 SP END E-1096 (US) DELL SATINS - I'll Pray For You / I Remember The Night
06/1962 SP LAURIE 3132 (US)

DEL-SATINS - Teardrops Follow Me / Best Wishes, Good Luck, Good-Bye

1962 SP LAURIE 3149 (US) DEL-SATINS - Ballad Of A Dee-Jay / Does My Love Stand A Chance
1962 SP COMET C-2147 (US)

Stan Vincent & The Del-Satins Please Be Mine / She's So Wonderful

1963 SP COLUMBIA 4-42802 (US) DEL SATINS - Feelin' No Pain / Who Cares
1964 SP Mala 475 (US) DEL SATINS - Two Broken Hearts / Believe In Me
1965 SP B.T. Puppy 45-506 (US) DEL SATINS - Hang Around / My Candy Apple Vette
1965 SP B.T. Puppy 45-509 (US) DEL SATINS - Sweets For My Sweet / A Girl Named Arlene
1966 SP B.T. Puppy 45-514 (US) DEL SATINS - Relief / The Throwaway Song 
1967 SP DIAMOND D-216 (US) (promo) DEL SATINS - Love, Hate, Revenge (If I Want You To Cry) / A Little Rain Must Fall
1970? SP B.T. Puppy BTP-563 (US) DEL SATINS - I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow / A Girl Named Arlene
1991 SP GENIE U-31865M (US)

DEL SATINS - Read Between The Lines / I'll Never Know

1995 SP Park Avenue PA#11 (US) DEL SATINS - I Don't Care (featuring Stan Zizta) / I'll Never Know
19?? SP COLLECTABLES COl 0274 (US) DEL SATINS - I'll Pray For You / I Remember The Night

Teardrops Follow Me (DEL-SATINS) / Again (FOUR EPICS)

???? SP Turtletone 1001 (US)

Feelin' No Pain (DEL SATINS) / It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) (Don COVAY)


1970 ? CD B.T. Puppy BTPS 1019 (US)

Out To Lunch - DEL SATINS - Sweets For My Sweet / Relief / I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow / Ski Beat / My Candy Vette / Out To Lunch / I Can't Find The Girl On My Mind, Now / Hang Around / A Girl Named Arlene / The Throwaway Song / Today I'm In Love

2017 CD Del Satins 501 (US)

Remember - The DEL SATINS featuring Stan ZiZka - Remember / Counting Teardrops / I'll Pray For You / I Remember The Night / Teardrops Follow Me / Does My Love Stand A Chance / Ballad Of A Dee Jay / Feelin' No Pain / Who Cares / Two Broken Hearts / Believe In Me / A Girl Named Arlene / Sweets For My Sweet / Read Between The Lines / I'll Never Know / Naturally / Mio Amore / That's The Way It Goes / The Shrine Of St.Cecilia / Still Wanderin' / Best Wishes, Good Luck, Good-Bye

Albums Date Unknown

???? LP 12" WIN Win-1000 (?)

The Best Of The Del-Satins - Teardrops Follow Me / Best Wishes Good Luck Good-Bye / Ballad Of A Dee-Jay / Does My Love Stand A Chance / Believe In Me / Two Broken Hearts / Counting Tear Drops / Remember / I'll Pray For You / I Remember The Night / Who Cares / Feelin' No Pain

???? CD WIN Win 1001 (?)

The Del-Satins Vol.1 - Back From Lunch - Counting Teardrops [take 7 with studio talk] / Remember [alternate version] / I'll Pray For You / I Remember The Night / Just A Little While [Nicky Como] / Guardian Angel [with intro, Nicky Como, unreleased stereo version]] / Teardrops Follow Me Down [stereo version] / Ballad Of A D.J. [stereo version] / I Really Do [Victor, stereo version] / I'll Never Know [piano demo with chatter] / Poor Little Sad Eyed Sue [Big Jim & The Sundowners] / Sweets For My Sweet / I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow / Ski Beat / Clicky Clack [stereo version] / Who Cares / Two Broken Hearts / Miss America Teenager [Clay Cole, previously unreleased] / I Wanna Know [Bill Baker] / Is It A Dream [Bill Baker] / Please Be Mine [Stan Vincent] / She's So Wonderful [Stan Vincent] / Can't Find The Girl On My Mind, Now / A Little Rain Must Fall / Love, Hate, Revenge / Win Or Lose [Bobby Calender, previously unreleased] / The Prettiest Girl I Kissed Today [John Corey] / She's Not Around Anymore [Stan Vincent, previously unreleased] / Beaty Dean [Bobby Calender] / Someone To Care [The Sundowners] / Best Wishes, Goodluck, Goodbye

???? CD WIN Win 1002 (?)

The Del-Satins Vol. 2 - Back From Lunch - I'll Pray For You / I Wanna Know / Teardrops Follow Me / Counting Teardrops / Read Between The Lines / Crazy Questions / I Wanna Know / So Bad / She's Not Around Anymore (Bill Baker) / I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow / Sweets For My Sweet / Remember / Believe In Me / Feelin' No Pain / I'll Never Know / A Girl Names Arlene / Devil Named Sue (Bobby Callender) / My Candy Vette / Calling My Love (Bill Baker) / Does My Love Stand A Chance / Someday (Someway) / If You Ever / Today I Am In Love / Naturally / It's Raining Outside / I Don't Care / Angel By My Side (Stan Vincent) / Never Let You Go (Sundowners) / Breaking Your Heart, For Fun (Jackie Forrest) / Walking Down The Avenue (Johnny Dawn) / Such A Lovin' (Sundowners)

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