Chanteur Country US n le 27 Janvier 1978 Monticello (Kentucky).

Kevin Denney grew up in Monticello, KY, with a bluegrass and gospel background. After attending a George Strait concert, Denney definitively decided that pursuing a music career was his destiny. After joining a local band, Denney finally joined the roster of Lyric Street Records. His first single, "That's Just Jessie," was released in 2002, and made Billboard's Country singles charts. His self-titled debut album came out in April of that year and also did well, charting in Billboard's Top 20, propelled by the success of his second single, "Cadillac Tears."

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



2001 CD LYRIC STREET PRCD-11453-2 (US) (promo) .

It'll Go Away / It'll Go Away / It'll Go Away

01/2002 CD LYRIC STREET 2061-64063-2 (US)

That's Just Jessie  / Correct Me If I'm Right

2002 CD LYRIC STREET PRCD-11457-2 (US) (promo) . That's Just Jessie / That's Just Jessie / That's Just Jessie
2002 CD LYRIC STREET PRCD-11526-2 (US) . Cadillac Tears
2003 SP LLYRIC STREET 2061-64081-7 (US) .

A Year At A Time / A Year At A Time

2003 CD LYRIC STREET PRCD-11636-2 (US) . A Year At A Time / A Year At A Time / A Year At A Time


04/2002 CD LYRIC STREET 165020 (US) KEVIN DENNEY - It Don't Matter / Correct Me If I'm Right / That's Just Jessie / Cadillac Tears / It'll Go Away / Takin' Off The Edge / My Kind Of Song / We Rhyme / That's What I Believe / Ain't Skeered / Daddy Was A Navy Man

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