Groupe Country formé en 1994 à Austin (Texas) et composé de Brian Hofeldt, Kevin Smith, Scott Matthews, Sweet Basil McJagger et Chris Schotzhauer.

A honky tonk band following the tradition set by Buck Owens, Austin, TX's Derailers were led by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tony Villanueva and lead guitarist Brian Hofeldt, longtime friends who grew up together in Oregon. After playing in various Portland-area rockabilly outfits, Villanueva relocated to Texas at the age of 19, and Hofeldt soon tagged along; after settling in Austin, the duo joined forces with Vic Gerard Ziolkowski, the bassist in a band called Two Hoots & a Holler, and began focusing on playing straightforward honky tonk music. In 1995 the Derailers issued their first LP, Live Tracks; following their second release, 1996's Jackpot, Terry Kirkendall became the group's permanent drummer. Reverb Deluxe appeared in 1997, and two years later the Derailers returned with Full Western Dress. By this point the lineup had shifted to include drummer Scott Matthews and bassist Ed Adkins. Here Come the Derailers appeared in 2001; it was the band's first for Sony's Lucky Dog imprint and featured a slicker version of their signature sound, designed for larger exposure. Genuine, their second effort for the major label, appeared in March 2003. It included songwriting contributions from Jim Lauderdale and Al Anderson. Change was in the wind for the Derailers soon after Genuine was released; Villanueva amicably split with the band in order to become a pastor, Hofedt stepped into the forefront on Vocals and guitar, and the band recruited steel guitarist Chris Schlotzhauer and pianist Sweet Basil McJagger to round out the lineup. Dissatisfied with the direction the band's sound had taken under Sony, the Derailers went to Palo Duro for their next release, 2007's Soldiers of Love. Produced by Buzz Cason, the album found the band turning away from the slick Nashville sound of Genuine and upping the rock vibe that characterized much of its earlier work. Under the Influence of Buck, a 13-track tribute to Buck Owens, was also released in 2007. Guaranteed to Satisfy appeared in 2008, followed by Live! From Texas in 2010.

Talents : Brian Hofeldt : Guitar, Vocals - Scott Matthews : Drums, Cowbell - Sweet Basil McJagger : Piano, Hammond Organ - Chris Schotzhauer : Steel Guitar, Vocals

Style musical : Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Alternative Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Single & EP

2001 SP LUCKY DOG 31-79647 (US) More Of Your Love / Bar Exam (alternate version)
01/2006 DI PALO DURO ? (US) TEXAS UNPLUGGED, VOL. 2 - I'm Still Missing You
2006 CD PALO DURO ? (US) CONNECT SET - Everything I Believe In / Hey Valerie / Ain't Livin' Long Like This / It's Never Too Late For A Party / Jingle Bells


1995 CD FREEDOM 1005 (US) LIVE TRACKS - Big City Blues / Lies Lies Lies / Lover's Lie / Lost And Found / Jackpot / Wishful Thinkin' / Dim Lights / I'll Catch You When You Fall / Painful Days And Sleepness Nights / My Heart's Ready / I'm Your Man / I Go Anywhere / You Done Me Wrong / Just One More Time
02/1996 CD WATERMELON 1051 (US) JACKPOT - My Heart's Ready / This Big City / I'm Your Man / Where Ya Been / Lies Lies Lies / Vision To Dream On / Jackpot / Swan Song / She Left Me Cold / One Hundred Percent Pure Fool / Tarnished Love / Desperate Ways
07/1997 CD WATERMELON 1064 (US) REVERB DELUXE - Just One More Time / Lover's Lie / California Angel / Can't Stop A Train / I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love (Today) / Pawnshop Wedding Rings / No One To Talk To But The Blues / Dull Edge Of The Blade / Ellen / Tears In Your Eyes / It's Too Late / You Don't Have To Go / Painful Days And Sleepless Nights / Come Back / Raspberry Beret
09/1999 CD SIRE 31062 (US) FULL WESTERN DRESS - Right Place / Long On Love / Whatever Made You Change Your Mind / Lost And Found / Me Myself And I / Just To Spend The Night With You / (I'm Gonna) Love Love Love You / Someone Else's Problem / Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels / Then She Kissed Me / Longing / Hold On Fool Heart / Knee Deep In The Blues
09/2001 CD LUCKY DOG 85763 (US) HERE COME THE DERAILERS - More Of Your Love / Bar Exam / You Know What She's Like / Your Guess Is Good As Mine / I See My Baby / Country A Go-Go / I'd Follow You Anywhere / All The Rage In Paris / My Angel's Gettin' Tired / Mohair Sam / If It's Really Got To Be This Way / There Goes The Bride
03/2003 CD LUCKY DOG 86873 (US) GENUINE - Way To My Heart / Take It Back / Leave A Message / Alone With You / Boomerang Heart / Genuine / Uncool / Scratch My Itch / Whole Other World / Happy Go Lucky Guitar / I Love Me Some Elvis / Wheel
06/2006 CD PALO DURO 1201 (US) SOLDIERS OF LOVE - Cold Beer, Hot Women & Cool Country Music / She's A Lot Like Texas / Soldier Of Love / Donna Sue Earline / The One Before Me / Hey, Valerie! / Get 'Er Done / Cattin' / Every Time It Rains / Everything I Belive In / An American Man / Poppycock / You're Looking At The Man / It's Never Too Late For A Party
10/2006 CD VARESE 765 (US) RETROSPECTIVE - JUST ONE MORE TIME - California Angel / Right Place / Genuine / Whole Other World / This Big City / Lies Lies Lies / Jackpot / She Left Me Cold / Can't Stop A Train / Then She Kissed Me / I Go Anywhere / Just One More Time / I'll Catch You When You Fall / My Heart's Ready / I'm Your Man / 100% Pure Fool / Wishful Thinkin'
07/2007 CD PALO DURO 1203 (US) UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF BUCK - Foolin' Around / Under The Influence Of Love / Love's Gonna Live Here / Together Again / My Heart Skips A Beat / I've Got A Tiger By The Tail / Cryin' Time / Before You Go / Sam's Place / Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass / Down On The Corner Of Love / Johnny B. Goode / Big In Vegas
08/2008 CD PALO DURO 1204 (US) GUARANTEED TO SATISFY - Bad Bad Girl / Guaranteed To Satisfy / I'm Still Missing You / The Sun Is Shining On Me / The Way You Move / Blood Of A Man / Wallflower / The Get-Go / You Carried Me / Bittersweet Teardrops / Corn Pickin' / Without You
10/2010 CD VARESE 067042 (US) LIVE! FROM TEXAS - She Left Me Cold / Guaranteed To Satisfy / Knee Deep In The Blues / Lies, Lies, Lies / I See My Baby / California Angel / Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass / You're My Girl / Just To Spend The Night WithYou / Cold Beer, Hot Women And Cool Country Music / I'm Your Man / Hey Valerie! / Alone With You / Come On / Scratch My Itch

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