Chanteur Pop US né le 30 Juin 1940 à Hamlett (Ohio). Larry Hall a enregistré chez Ever Green et Strand Records. Il est décédé le 24 Septembre 1997 d'un cancer.

One-hit wonder Larry Hall enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame when "Sandy" reached number 15 on the Billboard pop charts during the first week of 1960. Born June 30, 1940, in Hamlett, OH, Hall first attracted attention as a teen when he won a local talent contest sponsored by country music legend Cliffie Stone. Soon after, he was approached by songwriter Terry Fell (the author of the country classic "Truck Driving Man") with the offer to cut a single for Fell's fledgling Hot Records label. Fell paid Hall all of 50 dollars to record "Sandy," recording the track on hand-me-down equipment acquired from legendary guitarist Les Paul. Hall and his mother drove to record stations across the U.S., imploring programming directors to add the single to their radio playlists, but it did not catch fire until the New York City-based Strand label licensed the song for national distribution, purchasing Hall's contract in the process. The re-released "Sandy" hit radio in the fall of 1959, peaking at number 15 the week ending January 4, 1960. The follow-up "Rosemary" earned little attention, and is arguably more notable for its flip side, "A Girl Like You," an early effort from composer Burt Bacharach. Strand spared no expense in its attempts to galvanize Hall's career, hiring famed producer Jimmie Haskell to helm the majority of the singer's lone LP, Sandy and Other Larry Hall Hits, but he never again returned to the charts, cutting a handful of additional singles for Gold Leaf before exiting show business for good. In the wake of "Sandy," Hall and his family settled on a cattle ranch in Oregon, and he continued operating the ranch until cancer claimed his life on September 24, 1997.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Teen Idol

SANDY (1959)

Lovin' Tree (1959)

Kool Luv (1961)


Ladder Of Love (1961)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1959 SP EVER GREEN E-1001 (US) . Sandy / Lovin' Tree
08/1959 SP HOT H-1 (US) . Sandy / Lovin' Tree
09/1959 SP STRAND 25007 (US) Sandy / Lovin' Tree
01/1960 SP STRAND 25013 (US) . A Girl Like You / Rosemary
1961 SP STRAND 25025 (US) . Kool Luv / The Girl I Left Behind
02/1961 SP STRAND 25029 (US) . Rebel Heart / Lips Of Wine
08/1961 SP STRAND 25048 (US) . Ladder Of Love / The One You Left Behind
196? EP AMERICA 45 M 77 (F)

Bobby POORE (???) - Larry HALL - A Girl Like You / Rose Mary / Sandy / Lovin' Tree

1984 SP Axbar AX-6030 (US) . There's No Danger / Got To Get Back The Feeling


1960 LP 12" STRAND SL 1005 (mono) / SLS 1005 (stereo) (US) "Sandy" And Other Larry Hall Hits! - Sandy / Knick Knack Shelf / A Girl Like You / Lovin Tree / I Didn't Ask To Be Born / Rosemary / I'll Stay Single / A Hundred / Ladder Of Love / On The Street Where I Live / The Stranger / For Every Boy

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