Guitariste et chanteur Rockabilly US né Harold F. Harris, le 27 Septembre 1920 à Pike (Alabama). Hal Harris fut l'un des principaux musiciens de Starday durant les années cinquante et il participa à de nombreuses sessions. C'est par hasard qu'il enregistra une démo qui allait devenir un classique du Rockabilly à la fin d'une session de George Jones, le fameux "Jitterbop Baby". Hal Harris est décédé le 11 Janvier 1992.

US Rockabilly guitarist and singer born Harold F. Harris, on September 27, 1920 in Pike (Alabama). Hal Harris was one of the principal musicians of Starday during the Fifties and it took part in many sessions. It is by chance that it recorded a demonstration which was going to become traditional of Rockabilly at the end of a session of George Jones, the famous " Jitterbop Baby ". Hal Harris is deceased on January 11, 1992.

Talents : Guitar, Vocals

Style musical : Rockabilly, Traditional Country

I Don't Know When (195?)

Jitterbop Baby (195?)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Unissued Tracks

195? STARDAY (unissued) I Don't Know When
195? STARDAY (unissued) Jitterbop Baby


01/2010 CD EL TORO ETCD 1033 (S) GOLD STAR GUITAR - Carroll County Boogie (CARROLL COUNTY BOY) / I Have Lived, Loved And Learned (Curley WILLIAMS & His GEORGIA PEACH PICKERS) / Flying Eagle Blues (CARROLL COUNTY BOY) / I've Loved, I've Laughed, I've Cried / Poor Boy Rag / Boy Crazy Jane (Ernie HUNTER) / Twin Hearts And Twin Guitars (HOOPER TWINS) / Guilty Heart (Larry FOX) / Taggin' Along (George JONES) / I Don't Know When / Duck Tail (Joe CLAY) / Rock It (Thumper JONES) / Gonna Be Better Times (Al URBAN) / Tu-La-Lou (Slim WATTS) / No Fault Of Mine (Benny BARNES) / Sixteen Chicks (Joe CLAY) / Doggone It (Joe CLAY) / Won't Tell You Her Name (Al URBAN) / How Come It (Thumper JONES) / Slippion' Out And Sneakin' In (Joe CLAY) / I Can't Find The Door Knob (JIMMY & JOHNNY) / Somebody's Knockin' (Bob DOSS) / Lonesome (Wortham WATTS) / That Ain't It (Rock ROGERS) / Trucker From Tennessee (Link DAVIS) / I'm Through (Sleepy LABEEF) / You Gotta Pay (Benny BARNES) / Can't Play Hookey (Tommy WOOD) / Little Rock Rock (Rock ROGERS) / Don't Be Gone Long (Bob DOSS) / Goodbye Goodbye (Joe CLAY) / Jitterbop Baby / I'm Comin' Home / Please Pass The Biscuits

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