Chanteur Country US né Howard Hopkins, le 26 Janvier 1900 à Harlan County (Kentucky), Doc Hopkins a débuté vers les années trente. Il est décédé le 3 Janvier 1988.

It seems that someone called "Doc" wasn't really a doctor, but it was actually his real name - Doctor! Early on, he did the old folk songs and ballads. Back then, some thought he was the best thing going for old time folk music of the mountains where he grew up. He grew up in Harlan County, Kentucky, raised on corn bread.
He not only knew the songs, but knew the stories of how those songs came about. He'd even explain how the melodies came to be and were carried on through the years. He noted that the reason many of the old songs were sad was because tragedy was a part of the life of the early pioneers. The songs were a way telling their stories and experiences.
Claimed once that "I just sing the same as all us folks do down in Kentucky."

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Folk

The Pal That Is Always True (1937)

Wreck Of Old 31 (1942)

Wreck Between New Hope And Gethsemane (1942)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t.

1932 78 t. Broadway 8305 (US)

The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane / Down On The Old Plantation

1932 78 t. Broadway 8306 (US)

Sweet Betsy From Pike / Sugar Babe

1932 78 t. Broadway 8307 (US)

Barbara Allen / Gooseberry Pie

1932 78 t. Broadway 8337 (US)

Little Joe / Methodist Pie

1932 78 t. PARAMOUNT 572 (US)

The Cross Eyed Roy And School Days / Boyhood Days Down On The Farm

1932 78 t. PARAMOUNT 573 (US)

Medley Of Kiddie Rhymes / The Ring Song

1932 78 t. PARAMOUNT 577 (US)

Twenty One Years / Old Joe Clark

08/1937 78 t. CONQUEROR 8748 (US)

The Pal That Is Always True / Mother, Queen Of My Heart

08/1937 78 t. CONQUEROR 8749 (US)

The Church Of Long Ago / The Great Judgement Morning

05/1941 SP DECCA 5945 (US)

Fate Of The Battleship Maine / My Little Georgia Rose

09/1941 SP DECCA 5983 (US)

Bad Companions / Kitty Wells

05/1942 SP DECCA 6039 (US)

Wreck Of Old 31 / Wreck Between New Hope And Gethsemane


1971 LP 12" Birch 1945 (US)

Doc Hopkins - Free Little Bird / Trouble At The Coal Creek Mines / Titanic / Wreck Of The Titanic / Fate Of The Battleship Maine / Wild Bill Jones / Poor Ellen Smith / My Last Old Dollar / John Henry / Pearl Bryant / Jesse James / J.B. Marcum / Wreck On The C.& O

1986 LP 12" CATTLE LP 92 (GER) MEMORIES OF THE WLS BARN DANCE DAYS - Jackson Tennessee Blues / This Train / Moose Meat / Got A Lot Of Things To Do Before I Die / I Wonder If They Miss Me On The Farm / Frank Dupre / They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Around / My Horses Ain't Hungry / Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane / Dixie Boll Weevil / I Wish I Wish I Was Single Again / The Sheriff's Sale / Whatcha Going To Do / A Picture Of My Daddy When A Boy / The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be / Little Darling Let Me Pin A Rose On You
01/2005 CD BACM CD D 088 (UK)

Doc Hopkins & His Country Boys - VolUME 1 - I Was Born 4000 Years Ago / Great Speckled Bird / The Old Chain Gang / Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight / You’re A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood / Asleep In The Briney Deep / Polly Wolly Doodle / Hush A By Baby Don’t Cry / Barbara Allen / Letter Edged In Black / Little Girl Dressed In Blue / Code Of The Mountains / Ship That Never Returned / I Believe In The Good Old Bible / Get On Board Little Children / Days Of The Blue And Grey / Give My Love To Nell / They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around / I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen / Dying Cowboy / Get Out Of Here Joe / Spanish Cavalier / Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister? / When The Curtains Of Night / Asleep At The Switch / Bring Back To Me My Wandering Boy / Church In The Wildwood / Born To The Saddle / Golden Slippers / Bury Me Out On The Prairie

01/2005 CD BACM CD D 091 (UK)

Doc Hopkins & His Country Boys - Vol. 2 - Going To Little Creek / Honeysuckle Time / Little Old Log Cabin / My Old Kentucky Home / Sally Get Your Hoe Cakes Done / Johnson Boys / Home On The Range / Hold Fast To The Right / Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me / Grandfather's Clock / Little Red Caboose Behind The Train / I'll Give You A Paper Of Pins / Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground / Put My Little Shoes Away / Froggie Went A Courting / Where Has My Little Dog Gone / Whispering Hope / We'll Have A Little Dance Tonight / There

2006 CD Cattle Compact CCD 335 (GER)

Doc Hopkins And His Country Boys In The 1940s - Get Out Of Here Joe / No Place To Pillow My Head / It's Time To Say Aloha / There's No Other Love For Me / Cabin Just Over The Hill / From A Cabin In Kentucky / Homecoming In Heaven / Poor Old Hard Luck Joe / I'll Be Thinking Of You Little Gal / Some Of These Days And It Won't Be Long / Way Down Yonder Where I Come From / Let's Go Up On The Ferris Wheel / My Old Hound / The Ship That Never Returned / The Code Of The Mountains / Sourwood Mountain / Hold Fast To The Right / Sally Git Your Hoe Cake Done / Curly Joe / 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered / Goodbye My Lover Goodbye / Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain / 'T Was Midnight On The Stormy Deep / A Girl In Tennessee / Katy Brown And Charley Frye

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