Groupe instrumental Rock 'n' Roll US du Connecticut, les Ramrods compenaient Vincent Bell Lee, Claire Lane, Richard Lane et Eugne Moore.

This instrumental rock quartet from Connecticut, USA featured lead guitarist Vincent Bell Lee (b. Gambella), female drummer and singer Claire Lane, her brother tenor saxophonist Richard and their cousin, guitarist Eugene Moore. The family group was formed in 1956 by Claire, who had originally played in the C&W group, Gino And The Homesteaders. Lee, who as a soloist had previously recorded a rock version of the cowboy song ‘Mule Train’, helped music student Claire arrange the old Vaughn Monroe 1949 million-seller ‘(Ghost) Riders in The Sky’. They gave this old cowboy song a Duane Eddy -ish treatment, complete with cattle noises and various special effects. The record, which they placed with Amy, went into the UK Top 10 and made the US Top 40 in 1961. The group’s follow-up ‘Take Me Back My Boots & Saddles’ and ‘The Cry Of The Wild Goose’, by Lee with another group, the Challengers, both failed to click. Lee later became an in-demand session man and also recorded solo on Verve Records, Musicor and Decca Records where his version of ‘Airport Theme’ in 1970 sold a million copies worldwide.

Talents : Vincent Bell Lee : Lead Guitar - Claire Lane : Drums, Vocals - Richard Lane : Saxophone - Eugene Moore : Guitar

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky (1960)

ZIG ZAG (1960)

Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle (1961)

Loch Lomond Rock (1961)

War Cry (1962)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

12/1960 SP AMY 813 (US) . (Ghost) Riders In The Sky / Zig Zag
03/1961 SP AMY 817 (US) .

Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / Loch Lomond Rock

03/1961 SP LONDON 45-HL 9282 (DK) Riders In The Sky / Zig Zag
06/1961 EP LONDON RE-U 1292 (UK)

Riders In The Sky / Zig Zag / Loch Lomond Rock / Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle

07/1962 SP AMY 846 (US) . War Cry / Boing
1966 SP FLASHBACK 22 (US) .

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky / Zig Zag

1974 EP Philips 2376 / 6251 002 (MEX)

Los Campeoncitos Con The Ramrods - Los Campeoncitos : Tequila / Limbo Rock / Demasiado Tequila (Too Much Tequila) / The Ramrods : Jinetes En El Cielo (Ghost Riders In The Sky)

1984 SP FLASHBACK / Arista AFS-9231 (US) .

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky (RAMRODS) / G.T.O. (Ronny & The Daytonas)

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