Chanteur Country US né le 8 Décembre 1959 à Greenville (Alabama). Marty Raybon est principalement connu pour son rôle de chanteur principal du groupe country Shenandoah, rôle qu'il a occupé de 1985 à 1997, jusqu'à ce qu'il rejoigne le groupe en 2014. Il a enregistré son premier album solo, Marty Raybon, en 1995 sur Sparrow Records . [2] Avant de quitter Shenandoah en 1997, lui et son frère Tim ont formé un duo connu sous le nom de Raybon Brothers.

Born December 8, 1959, in Greenville, AL, country singer Marty Raybon was bread and buttered in Jacksonville, FL, where he still lives. He had a successful run with Shenandoah, a popular country band that recorded a string of albums and singles from 1989 to 1996. The band scored some hot country singles including "Butterfly Kisses," "If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)," "I Want To Be Loved Like That," and "Two Dozen Roses"; they disbanded in 1997 leaving Raybon free to pursue other projects.
Raybon caught the show business bug after appearing on a talent show when he was eight years old. The aspiration intensified after hearing a Mel Street song over the radio when he was 15; and by 20, he focused on pursuing his calling, and performed with different club bands before Shenandoah. After Shenandoah, Raybon cut a gospel CD, Marty Raybon [1995], on Sparrow Records, in 1995. In 1997, The Raybon Brothers, a duet with his brother, spiced his resumé. Tri-Chord Records revved up his career by releasing Marty Raybon [2000], a crafty production that should build on his well-laid foundation.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country Gospel, Gospel, Traditional Country (Raybon Bros.) (Marty Raybon)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



05/1997 SP MCA MCAS7-72016 (US) . Raybon BroS. - Butetrfly Kisses / Butterfly Kisses [instr.]
05/1997 CD MCA MCADS-72016 (US) Raybon BroS. - Butterfly Kisses (original version) / Butterfly Kisses (instrumental version)
08/1997 SP MCA MCAS7-72017 (US) . Raybon BroS. - The Way She's Lookin' / Tangled Up In Love
1998 SP MCA MCAS7-72029 (US) . Raybon BroS. - Falling (with Olivia Newton-John) / Your Love
2009 CD GRAND VISTA ? (US) (promo) Marty Raybon - Daddy Phone


07/1995 CD Sparrow 7243-8-51439-2 (US)

Marty Raybon - Master Of The Wood / Show 'em Your Sermon / The Peace Of Loving You / Get up in Jesus' Name / Drive Another Nail /  Daddy Talks To Jesus / Take Jesus As Your Lawyer / What Have I Done / Harvest Windl / When He Reigns

08/1997 CD MCA MCAD-70014 (US)

The Raybon BroS. - Butterfly Kisses / The Way She's Looking / Falling (with Olivia Newton-John) / Gettin' Ready For The World To End / Baby Blue / Your Love / Every Fire / Hello Love / Just Tryin' To Keep The Womans I Got / Tangled Up In Love 

02/2000 CD Tri-Chord TCD33001-2 (US)

Marty Raybon - Searching For The Missing Peace / Sittin' On A Goldmine / I Can't Go For That / Summertown Road / That's That / Don't Tell Me / She Doesn't Need Me Anymore / Cracker Jack Diamond / If I Didn't Love You / Deep Summer (In The Deep South) 

2001 CD Synchoro ? (US)

What I Came Here To Do - Marty Raybon - All Came Through The Blood / What Daddy Wouldn't Let Him In / Something To Die For (with Jessica King) / One To The Highest Power / Crying Tree Of Mercy / What I Came Here To Do / The Altered Life / The One That Hung The Moon / Beulah Land / Get Up In Jesus Name 

03/2003 CD Doobie Shea DS 2007 (US)

Full Circle - Marty Raybon - Down The Road / Everything; That's One / Rocky Road Blues / All In The Hands Of Jesus / Home Run Man / Next To You, Next To Me / Ghost In This House / White House Blues / Webster's Definition / Prayer Bells Of Heaven / The Last Song

2004 CD Synchoro 0378 (US)

The Gospel In Black And White - Marty Raybon & Full Circle - Show' Em Your Sermon / Where I Stand / Drive Another Nail / Traveling On And On / Peace Of Loving You / Take Jesus As Your Lawyer / Angels Rock Me To Sleep / Master Of The Wood / Get Up In Jesus Name / Shine Hallelujah Shine / Peace (His Wonderful Peace) / Beulah Land / Daddy Talks To Jesus

08/2006 CD Marty Raybon MR 55 (US)

The Grass I Grew Up On - Marty Raybon & Full Circle - Highway Headed South (To Dixie) / Alone With You / I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand) / Shenandoah Saturday Night / The Nerve / That Home Above / The Water's So Cold / Dixie In My Eye / Sit Down (And Pray) / Standing Tall And Tough / The Fuss / Roustabout 

11/2006 CD Scena CBUJ 2000 (US)

When The Sands Runs Out - Marty Raybon - Looking For Suzanne / Shenandoah Saturday Night / You Ain't Going Nowhere / When The Sand Runs Out / Throw Dirt / Who Are You / Come Early Morning / Wish I'd Never / Right Where I Belong / I Know Love / All Came Through The Blood / Down The Road

02/2008 CD Scena CBUJ 2100 (US)

What I Came Here To Do - Marty Raybon - All Came Through The Blood / What Daddy Wouldn't Let Him In / Something To Die For (with Jessica King) / One To The Highest Power / Crying Tree Of Mercy / What I Came Here To Do / The Altered Life / The One That Hung The Moon / Beulah Land / Get Up In Jesus Name 


CD Synchoro SRR 128591 (US)

This, That, and The Other - Marty Raybon & Full Circle - Leavin' On The Next Thing Smokin' / Everybody's Reaching (Out For Someone) / I Cast My Bread Upon The Water / You Get Me / Luzianna Nan / Going Through Hell (To Get There) / Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad As Losing You) / The Immigrant Song / Timber (Stand Back And Watch It Fall) / The Devil's Ol' Workshop / Ain't Love A Lot Like That / Blackjack County Chain / Didn't It Rain Rain Children / Any Ol' Stretch Of Black Top

04/2010 CD Grand Vista / High Five HF 1030 (US)

At His Best - Marty Raybon - I Just Want To Touch You / That's The Only Way / Daddy Phone / The Heat Is On / Big Pain / The Change / A World Without You / Still My Little Man / I Don't Want To Lose You Anna /  I Am Coming Home / You Get Me 

03/2012 CD Rural Rhythm Christian RCH 2014 (US)

Hand To The Plow - Marty Raybon - I've Seen What He Can Do / I'm Working On A Building (guest (special) Jimmy FORTUNE, T. Graham BROWN, Trace ADKINS) / He's Still Doing Miracles Today / Walking With God At A Guilty Distance / When He Reigns, It Pours / What Have I Done To Deserve This? / You Get Me / He's Still My Little Man (Matty's Song) / Bright New Morning / You've Got To Move

04/2012 CD Rural Rhythm RHY-1097 (US)

Southern Roots And Branches - Marty Raybon - Dirt Road Heartache /  Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream) / Rocky Road Blues / Get Up In Jesus' Name / Beulah Land / White House Blues / Big Pain / Home Run Man / Ghost In This House / Prayer Bells Of Heaven / Next To You, Next To Me / Down The Road

03/2013 CD Rural Rhythm RUR 1111 (US)

The Back Forty - Marty Raybon & Full Circle - That Janie Baker / She's Just An Old Love Turned Memoryl The Late Night Cry Of The Whippoorwill / Slowly (I'm Falling) / Look For Me (For I Will Be There Too) / The Burnsville Jail / A Little More Sawdust On The Floor / Only You, Only You / Hurt Me All The Time /  Mountain Love 

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