Chanteur Country US né en 1943. Billy Ray Reynolds est décédé le 29 Novembre 2019.

Billy Ray Reynolds is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor who, after a long career behind the scenes in the music business, finally came to the forefront in 2002 with his first solo album, Whole Lot of Memories. Reynolds was born in Saratoga Springs, MS, in 1943; when he was nine years old, he joined his parents for a trip to a Grand Ol' Opry touring show in nearby Jackson, where he saw Hank Williams perform, sparking Reynolds' lifelong passion for country music. In time, Reynolds picked up a guitar, and after a brief stint playing bass with the Yankee Dollar, a folk-rock band who cut one album for Dot in 1968, he hooked up with Waylon Jennings and signed on to play guitar in his band. Reynolds spend several years playing live dates with Jennings and appeared on such albums as Honky Tonk Heroes and Ladies Love Outlaws. Reynolds also took up a career as a songwriter, penning tunes that were recorded by artists such as Johnny Cash, Tompall Glaser, Dickey Betts, Tanya Tucker, and Johnny Rodriguez. However, while Reynolds remained in demand as a songwriter and sideman, a pair of singles for Epic in the mid-'70s failed to yield a label deal. Undaunted, Reynolds continued working with artists such as Ian Tyson and John Hartford and eventually added acting to his resumé, scoring small roles (often as villains) in movies and television projects; he also developed a passionate interest in the Civil War and self-distributed an album of folk songs concerning the War Between the States. In 2002, the independent Compadre label finally gave Reynolds a deal to record a solo album, and the 59-year-old singer released Whole Lot of Memories later that same year.
Billy Ray Reynolds died on November 29, 2019.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Actor

Style musical : Outlaw Country, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country

I Wanna Be Like Dad (1969)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



03/1969 SP EPIC 5-10458 (US)

Till Time Kills Me / I Wanna Be Like Dad

08/1969 SP EPIC 5-10521 (US)

The Thorns On The Rose / I Hope You Hear Sad Songs


10/2002 CD Music World / COMPADRE 925115 (US)

Whole Lot Of Memories - Saratoga / Number One Thrill (featuring Bonnie Bramlett) / Tumbleweed / Whole Lot Of Memories / It'll Be Her / Cleaning The House / Atlanta's Burning Down / Steel Ball / Two Step Me (featuring Merle Haggard) / Made Of Stone / Old Pro / Love At First Sight / Whatever Turns You On / Devil On The Run / I Am The River

???? CD Zephyr 16710 (UK)

Privates To the Front - Vol. 1 - By The Rising Of The Moon / Girl I Left Behind / When Johnny Comes Marching Home / Charleston / Drummer Boy / Lorena / Charlie Kane / Home Sweet Home / Ghost Of Lee / Look On The Hill / Wesley Went To War / Georgia Clay / John Bell Hood / Jubilio / John And Annabelle / Bonnie Blue Flag / Dixie / Kentucky Home / Camptown Race / Suzanna / Beaulahland / Atlanta's Burning Down

06/2018 CD BLR 5639293087 (US)

Country Music Love AFFair - BIlly RAY & LORA REYNOLDS - Country Music Love Affair (Billy Ray REYNOLDS & Lora REYNOLDS) / As A Dancer (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / Favorite Love Song (Lora REYNOLDS) / In Walks A Memory (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / Secret To Love (Lora REYNOLDS) / If It Was Me (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / If You're Gonna Rock (Lora REYNOLDS) / Like Unto A Bird (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / I Wouldn't Be A Slave (Lora REYNOLDS) / Second Thoughts (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / Little Bit Of Sugar (Lora REYNOLDS) / Doghouse (Billy Ray REYNOLDS) / Stay With Me (Lora REYNOLDS) / Time For Going (Billy Ray REYNOLDS & Lora REYNOLDS)

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