Chanteuse Country US née Kimberly Kay Richey, le 1er Décembre 1956 à Zanesville (Ohio).

Ohio might not seem like a hotbed of music, but when you have an aunt who owns a record shop, you've certainly got a leg up. That's how Kim Richey got hooked on what would become her chosen path — digging through bins of 45s and listening to everything she could, from Janis Joplin to the Lovin' Spoonful. In high school, she started playing guitar but didn't rack up much stage time until in college. That was when she started a band and sang a lot of harmony. After college, she did a lot of moving, to and through Colorado, Washington, South America, Boston, Europe, and occasionally Nashville. Serving a stint as a cook at the Bluebird Café didn't do much harm to pull her into the singer/songwriter fold. In 1988, Richey planted her roots in Nashville to really test that fold and hone her own songwriting craft. She built a reputation as a singer who could interpret a lyric and harmonize with the best of them, all the while writing songs with an optimistic melancholy quality that is unusual and alluring. Before too long, Richey was signed to PolyGram Records, releasing her eponymous debut in 1995. Bitter Sweet and Glimmer followed in two-year increments. All three albums were tagged as contemporary country but actually fall in step pretty close to John Hiatt's brand of music making. Comparisons to Shawn Colvin have also run rampant over the years, due to Richey's cleverly twisting lyrical phrases and beats. By the time she made 1999's Glimmer with producer Hugh Padgham, her sound leaned even further toward the pop end of the spectrum. Cut to 2002 and the release of Rise. Teaming up with producer Bill Bottrell, Richey fleshed out her sound with worldly flavors of instrumentation, atypical for a so-called contemporary country artist. The result was mesmerizing and her most masterful work to date. A greatest-hits Collection arrived in 2004, followed by Chinese Boxes in the summer of 2007. Richey focused on touring and writing songs for other artists for a few years, and operated particularly in the British Isles during that time. She emerged from her recording silence with Wreck Your Wheels, a collection of 11 new songs issued on the Lojinx imprint in 2010. Though recorded in Nashville with co-writes from Beth Rowley, Boo Hewerdine, and Mark Olson, its initial release was in the U.K. in the spring, followed by a fall issue in the U.S. Richey made a full-fledged return to her brand of country music on Thorn in My Heart, which was released in the spring of 2013 on Yep Roc. Five years later, she delivered Edgeland, which featured cameos from Robyn Hitchcock and Chuck Prophet.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar, Bouzouki

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Progressive Country, Pop/Rock

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



05/1995 SP MERCURY 422-856 832-7 (US) .

Just My Luck / Just Like The Moon

09/1995 SP MERCURY 422-852 300-7 (US) .

Those Words We Said (radio edit) / Let The Sun Fall Down

04/1997 SP MERCURY 314-574 184-7 (US) I Know / I'm Alright
04/1997 CD MERCURY 314-574 184-2 (US) I Know / I'm Alright
1999 CD MERCURY MNCD 247 (US) (promo)

Come Around - Come Around (radio edit) / Come Around (album version)

2000 CD MERCURY MNCD 244 (US) (promo) The Way It Never Was
2007 CD Vanguard ‎79834-2EP (US) (promo) Little Record - Chinese Boxes (acoustic) / Drift (acoustic) / Straight As The Crow Flies (acoustic) / Mexico (acoustic) / A Place Called Home (acoustic)
2010 CD THIRTY TIGERS KR-S1 (US) (promo)

Wreck Your Wheels (radio edit) / Wreck Your Wheels (album version)

05/2014 CD Lojinx ‎LJX075 (US) Gareth Dunlop / Kim Richey - The Nashville Sessions -


05/1995 CD MERCURY 526812 (US) KIM RICHEY - Those Words We Said / Here I Go Again / You'll Never Know / That's Exactly What I Mean / Let The Sun Fall Down / Just Like The Moon / From Where I Stand / Sweet Mysteries / Just My Luck / Can't Find The Words / That's A Lie / Echoes Of Love / Good
03/1997 CD MERCURY 534255 (US) BITTER SWEET - Every River / I'm Alright / Wildest Dreams / Straight As The Crow Flies / I Know / Fallin' / To Tell The Truth / My Whole World / Lonesome Side Of Town / Don't Let Me Down Easy / Let It Roll / Why Can't I Say Goodnight
08/1999 CD MERCURY 538888 (US) GLIMMER - Can't Lose Them All / Other Side Of Town / Come Around / Lay It Down / Hello Old Friend / Way It Never Was / Good At Secrets / Keep Me / If You Don't Mind / So It Goes / Long Way Back / Didn't I / Strength In You / Gravity
10/2002 CD LOST HIGHWAY 170327 (US) RISE - Girl In A Car / Place Called Home / Me And You / Circus Song (Can't Let Go) / Fading / Without You / Reel Me In / No Judges / This Love / Good Day Here / Electric Green / Hard To Say Goodbye / Cowards In A Brave New World
05/2004 CD LOST HIGHWAY 000226802 (US) THE COLLECTION - Can't Find The Words / Those Words We Said / Just My Luck / Every River / I'm Alright / Straight As The Crow Flies / I Know / Come Around / Hello Old Friend / Girl In A Car / Place Called Home / Circus Song (Can't Let Go) / No Judges / Break You Down / Electric Green
07/2007 CD VANGUARD 798232 (US) CHINESE BOXES - Jack And Jill / Chinese Boxes / Drift / The Absence Of Your Company / Turn Me / I Will Follow / Something To Say / Not A Love Like This / Another Day / Pretty Picture
09/2010 CD THIRTY TIGERS 7060943 (US) WRECK YOUR WHEELS - Wreck Your Wheels / Careful How You Go / Leaving 49 / For A While / Keys / When The Circus Comes To Town / In The Years To Come / 99 Floors / Once In Your Life / Back To You / Word To The Wise
04/2013 CD YEP ROC YEP-2320 (US) THORN IN MY HEART - Thorn In My Heart / London Town / Something More / Breakaway Speed / Angels' Share / Come On / Love Is / I Will Wait / I'm Going Down / No Means Yes / Take Me To The Other Side / Everything's Gonna Be Good
03/2018 CD YEP ROC CDYEP 2569 (US)

Edgeland - The Red Line / Chase Wild Horses / Leaving Song / Pin A Rose / High Time / The Get Together / Can't Let You Go / I Tried / Black Trees / Your Dear John / Not For Money Or Love / Whistle On Occasion

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