Chanteur Country US né le 22 Novembre 1958 en Illinois, Jason Ringenberg fut le leader de Jason & The Scorchers.

While Gram Parsons may have the distinction of being the grandaddy of the ill-named "alt country" genre, Illinois farm boy Jason Ringenberg is certainly is certainly the man who brought the music-before the phrase was coined— to the stages of the world with a vengeance. Born in 1958 and raised on a pig farm in southern Illinois, Ringenberg moved to Nashville in 1981 to try his luck as a songwriter. He formed an acoustic country/punk band with drummer Jack Emerson called Jason & The Scorchers and released one EP in 1982 on the defunct Praxis label called Restless Country Soul. With additional members such as guitar slinger Warner Hodges, and bassist Jeff Johnson, the band, re-christened themselves Jason and the Nashville Scorchers with Perry Baggs replacing Emerson on the drum kit. The band and recorded their debut mini-album Fervor in 1983, that caused a stir among American critics. It was the group's live show, with its embodiment old time rock and roll energy, punk swagger and grit and country music's elegant excesses that won them fans worldwide. After Lost and Found was issued in 1985, Ringenberg had won enough celebrity to be berated publicly by country music's Ed Sullivan, Ralph Emery on live television and become a major concert attraction all over the globe. The band disbanded in 1990 and Ringenberg became a solo performer. His debut, One Foot In the Honky Tonk was met with critical praise but after being dismally promoted sank without a trace. The Scorchers reunited in the mid 1990s issuing fine studio albums and a live recording. Ringenberg did not give up his solo career, however, and recorded the simple, haunting acoustic masterpiece, a Pocketful of Soul on his own label in 2000 as well as the rollicking, All Over Creation featuring a boatload of guests in 2002, while continuing his touring and recording activities with the band. Ringenberg continues to be a very successful solo act when not playing with the Nashville Scorchers; he's toured the world three times in the 21st Century alone. In October of 2003, Ringenberg tossed everyone a curve ball by recording and releasing his first children's record on the Yep Roc label entitled A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Style musical : Country Rock, Roots Rock, Americana, Country Folk, Alternative Country, Alternative Country Rock  

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1992 SP Hispavox ‎006 4 02426 7 (S)

Feels So Right / Feels So Right


05/1992 CD CAPITOL 96797 (US) ONE FOOT IN THE HONKY TONK - The Life Of The Party / One Foot In The Honky Tonk / Try Me / Letter Of Love / Already Burned / Hard Luck Boy / I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water / Feels So Right / Wild About Me / Devil's Daughter
07/2000 CD JASON RINGENBERG 1 (US) A POKETFOLL OF SOUL - Oh Lonesome Prairie / Whispering Pines / Under Your Command / Trail Of Tears / For Addie Rose / A Pocketful Of Soul / Hay Bailing Time / The Last Of The Neon Cowboys / The Price Of Progress / Merry Christmas My Darling / I Never Knew You / The Last Ride

A POKETFOLL OF SOUL - Oh Lonesome Prairie / Whispering Pines / Under Your Command / Trail Of Tears / For Addie Rose / A Pocketful Of Soul / Hay Bailing Time / The Last Of The Neon Cowboys / The Price Of Progress / Merry Christmas My Darling / I Never Knew You / The Last Ride

06/2002 CD YEP ROC 2036 (US) ALL OVER CREATION - Honky Tonk Maniac From Mars (with HAMELL ON TRIAL) / I Dreamed My Baby Came Home (with Kristi ROSE & Fats KAPLIN) / Bible And A Gun (with Steve EARLE) / Too High To See (with Tommy WOMACK) / James Dean's Car (with Todd SNIDER) / Camille (with SWAN DIVE) / One Less Heartache (with WILDHEARTS) / Mother Of Earth (with Kristi ROSE & Fats KAPLIN) / Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind) (with BR5-49) / Sun Don't Shine (with Paul BURCH) / Erin's Seed (with LAMBCHOP) / Last Train To Memphis (with George BRADFUTE)
10/2003 CD YEP ROC 2055 (US) DAY AT THE FARM WITH FARMER JASON - (Farmer JASON) - Get Up Up Up! / A Guitar Pickin' Chicken / Whoa There Pony! / The Tractor Goes Chug Chug Chug / I'm Just An Old Cow / He's A Hog Hog Hog / The Doggie Dance / Little Kitty / Corny Corn / Hey Little Lamb / Sundown On The Farm (with Tahra DEGREE)
09/2004 CD YEP ROC 2076 (US) EMPIRE BUILDERS - American Question / Rebel Flag In Germany / Rainbow Stew / Tuskegee Pride / She Hung The Moon (Until It Died) / Link Wray / Chief Joseph's Last Dream / New-Fashioned Imperialist / Half The Man / Eddie Rode The Orphan Train / American Reprieve
09/2006 CD RHINO R2-74738 (US)

Rockin' In The Forest With Farmer Jason - The Forest Oh! / Punk Rock Skunk / Ode To A Toad / Mrs. Mouse / Forest Rhymes / He's A Moose On The Loose (with Todd Snider) / Arrowhead / Catfish Song / Opossum In A Pocket / A Butterfly Speaks / The Old Oak Tree

01/2008 2 CD YEP ROC 2619 (US) BEST TRACKS AND SIDE TRACKS 1979-2007 :
CD 1 : Shop It Around / The Life Of The Party / Bible And A Gun (with Steve EARLE) / Camille (with SWAN DIVE) / Punk Rock Skunk / One Less Heartache (with WILDHEARTS) / She Hung The Moon (Until It Died) / Rainbow Stew / For Addie Rose / Born To Run / The Price Of Progress / Prosperity Train / A Pocketful Of Soul / Eddie Rode The Orphan Train / Link Wray (with LOS STRAITJACKETS) / Tuskegee Pride / Half The Man / Chief Joseph's Last Dream / Broken Whiskey Glass (with WOODBOX GANG) / Last Train To Memphis
CD 2 : Lovely Christmas (with Kristi ROSE) / Moose On The Loose / The Sailor's Eyes / Cappuccino Rosie [live Country version] / Mom's 70th Birthday Song / Help There's A Fire / Buckminster Fuller We Need You Now / Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs? / Paradise (with R.B. MORRIS & Tom ROZNOWSKI) / Jimmy Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel (with WILDHEARTS)
2012 CD MyKazoo Music ‎B0016420-00 (US)

Nature Jams - Nature Jams / Can You Canoe / Take A Hike / Well Oh Whale / Meadowlark In Central Park / Bayou Boogie / Prairie Riddles / Buffalo Or Bison? / Dison The Bison / Spelunker / The Glacier / Manatee / No Place Like The Woods / The Moose Lives Where? / Have You Ever / Skating Along / BONUS DVD : Take A Hike / Dison The Bison / Spelunker / Can You Canoe

02/2019 CD Courageous Chicken CCE CD016 (US)

Stand Tall - Stand Tall / Lookin' Back Blues / John the Baptist Was A Real Humdinger / God Bless The Ramones / Hobo Bill's Last Ride / I'm Walking Home / Almost Enough / Here In The Sequoias / John Muir Stood Here / Many Happy Hangovers To You / Farewell Angelina

2020 CD Courageous Chicken CCE CD017 (US)

The Roots Of Stand Tall - I'm Walking Home / John Muir Stood Here / Farewell Angelina / Many Happy Hangovers To You / God Bless The Ramones / Here In The Sequoias / Lookin' Back Blues (Arty HILL) / Looking' Back Blues / Hobo Bill's Last Ride / John The Baptist Was A Real Humdinger / Stand Tall / I'm Walking Home

03/2021 CD Courageous Chicken CCE CD018 (US)

Rhinestoned - Before Love And War / The Freedom Rides Weren't Free / Nashville Without Rhinestones / The Storms Are On The Ocean / Christ The Lord Is Risen Today / I Rode With Crazy Horse / My Highway Songs / Time Warp / You Win Again / Stoned On Rhinestones / Keep That Promise / Window Town

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