Chanteur et guitariste Bluegrass US.n Harry Sisk, Jr., le 6 Novembre 1964 Arlington (Virginie).

US Bluegrass singer and guitarist born Harry Sisk, November 6, 1964 in Arlington (Virginia).

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Bluegrass

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



10/1998 CD Rounder ROUCD 0447 (US)

Sounds of the Mountains - Rambler's Choice - Enough On My Mind / What About You / Sounds Of The Mountains / Mama's Flowers / Sit And Sing The Blues / No More Painting Up This Town / Sweet Country Lovin' / When The Mountain Dew Starts Falling / Shotgun Slade / Education From On High / Springtime And Roses / Poor Rambler

06/2008 CD REBEL REB-CD-1825 (US)

Blue Side of the Blue Ridge - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - The Wolf Is At The Door / You Let The Dog Off The Chain / Leaving Baker County / How Could I Explain / The Man In Red Camels / Blue Side Of The Blue Ridge / Dust On The Bible / I Did The Leaving For You / Poor Mountain / Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That / The Man In The Moon / Steel Rail Rider

06/2010 CD REBEL REB-CD-1837 (US)

Heartaches And Dreams - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - Train Without A Track / Humble Man / Working Hard Ain't Hardly Working Anymore / Don't You Cry / A Black Hearse Following Me / The Lowest Valley / Heartaches And Dreams / Bullets Always Win / You Broke Your Promise / Guns, Coins And Jewelry / The Laugh's On Me / Let The Light Shine Down

09/2011 CD REBEL REB-CD-1845 (US)

The Heart Of A Song - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - A Far Cry From Lester & Earl / Another Man's Arms / The Sound Of Your Name / Just As Soon As I Get Over You / Sea Of Regret / Cold Heart / Thankful For Each Day / There's No Place Like Home / Adriane / String, Eraser And Blotter / Tailor Made / The Grave Robber / The Devil's Old White Well

03/2013 CD REBEL REB-CD-1851 (US)

The Story Of The Day That I Died - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - The Story Of The Day That I Died / If The Bottle Was A Bible / High In The Mountains / Another Lonely Day / Jesse James / Lover's Quarrel / Old Bicycle Chain / Prayers Go Up / Good To See The Home Place Once Again / A House Where A Home Used To Be / Walking In Good Company / Drinking At The Water Hole

10/2013 CD REBEL REB-CD-1854 (US)

Hall Of Fame Bluegrass! - Junior Sisk & Joe Mullins - Wild Mountain Honey / The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me / I'll Be There, Mary Dear / Brand New Shoes / I'll Drink No More Wine / I'll Never Make You Blue / I'm So Happy / No Blind Ones There / Greenville Trestle High / Don't Let My Love Get In The Way / Single Girl, Married Girl / No Doubt About It / They Can't Love Jesus More Than Me

09/2014 CD REBEL REB-CD-1857 (US)

Trouble Follows Me - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - Honky Tonked To Death / Don't Think About It Too Long / I'd Rather Be Lonesome / All I Have To Offer You Is Me / Our Darling's Gone / A Cold, Empty Bottle / What Am I Doin' Hanging 'round / Walk Slow / Frost On The Bluegrass / Gonna Make Her Mine / Jesus Walked Upon The Water / Trouble Follows Me

05/2016 CD Mountain Fever MFR160527 (US)

Poor Boy's Pleasure - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - Lonnie Ray / Longneck Blues (Guest [special], baritone vocals, lead Vvcals [on 2nd verse] : Ronnie Bowman) / Hang A Wreath / Land On Our Feet / In This World But Not Of It / Jimmy, JD & Paul (guest [special], tenor vocals : Paul Williams) / Walking In The Blue Ridge / I Watched You Go / Poor Boy's Pleasure / Cold In Carolina / What About Me Lord (guest [special], guitar, bass, vocals : Aaron Ramsey) / Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow

03/2017 CD Mountain Fever MFR170324 (US)

The Mountains Are Calling Me Home - Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - What Goes Around Comes Around / What A Way To Go / Money (Will Not Save You) / It's So Cold / The Mountains Are Calling Me Home / I'm Not Listening Any More / Dying To Live Again / Darling Do You Know Who Loves You / Shape Up Or Ship Out / Take Time For Little Children / You'll Be A Lost Ball

06/2018 CD Mountain Fever MFR180608 (US)

Brand New Shade Of Blue - A Brand New Shade Of Blue / Honey Do List / Ain't Nothing Wrong With That / The Whiskey & The Guitar / The Guilt Was Gone / I Heard You Knocking / Backwards And Forwards / By Now I Would Be Dead / She's Just A Memory / Henry Clayton Parker / God Did Good / The Traveling Kind

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