Chanteur Rockabilly US né Tommie Lee Guthrie le 27 Décembre 1937 à Amarillo (Texas). Tom Tall a enregistré chez Fabor et Crest Records.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly

ARE YOU MINE (with Ginny Wright)

DON'T YOU KNOW (with Ruckus Tyler)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



05/1956 SP ABBOTT 3022-45 (US) Whose Little Pigeon Are You (CREEL SISTERS & Tom TALL) / + CREEL SISTERS
05/1956 SP FABOR 132-45 (US) Hot Rod Is Her Name (Tom TALL & The CREEL SISTERS) / Why Must I Wonder
07/1956 SP FABOR 139-45 (US) Tom TALL - Ruckus TYLER with Fabor ROBISON STRING MUSIC BAND  - Don't You Know / If You Know What I Know
03/1958 SP CREST 45-1038 (US) Tom TALL & His TOM KATS - Stack-A-Records / Mary Jo
10/1958 SP CREST 45-1052 (US) To Be Alone / High School Love


03/2005 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD-16741 (GER) ARE YOU MUSIC - (Tom TALL & Ginny WRIGHT) - Are You Mine (Ginny WRIGHT) /  Goldie Jo Malone / I Want You Yes (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Out Of Line (Ginny WRIGHT) / I Saw Esau (Kissing Mary Lou) (with Ginny WRIGHT) / If You Don't Care (Please Tell Me) (with Bonnie GUITAR) / Underway / Turn Around My Darlin' (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Come With Me (Ginny WRIGHT) / Why Must I Wonder / How to Get Married (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Boom Boom Boomerang (Ginny WRIGHT) / I've Got Somebody New (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Remembering You / Whirlwind (with Ginny WRIGHT) / I Could Still Tell You More (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Give Me a Chance / Whose Little Pidgeon Are You / Will This Dream Of Mine Come True (Ginny WRIGHT) / Where Were You (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Indian Moon (with Ginny WRIGHT) / I Want To Walk With You / You Loved Another One Better Than Me / Please Be Careful / I Gave My Heart To Two People / Hot Rod Is Her Name / My Chihuahua Dog (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Your Eyes Feasted Upon Her (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Please Leave My Darlin' Alone (with Ginny WRIGHT) / Don't You Know, Don't You Know (with Ruckus TYLER) / If You Know What I Know (with Ruckus TYLER)

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