Chanteur et trompettiste Rock 'n' Roll US n William Eugene Taylor, en 1932 Tuscaloosa (Alabama).

US rock 'n' roll, western swing and country songwriter, vocalist and trumpeter. Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1932. Left high school 1949 and traveled to Memphis to work in music. He was influenced by Bunny Berigan, Bobby Hackett and Dizzy Gillespie and by the country music that surrounded him. Joined Clyde Leoppard in 1950 and had one recording released on Flip in 1955. Taylor decided to leave Memphis in 55 to go and play with Bob Wills. In the late 1950's Taylor also made some rock n roll recordings under the name William "Tell" Taylor for Flame Records. Taylor returned to Memphis 1961 and joined Jerry Lee Lewis as musical arranger and trumpeter. He also became a songwriter for Lewis and others. As well as William Tell Taylor, Taylor also recorded as "Wild" Bill Taylor for the legendary Texas label, D Records.

Talents : Vocals, Trumpet, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country, Western Swing, Rock 'n' Roll

Split Personality (1955) (Bill Taylor & Smokey Joe)

Little Jewell (1958) (Jimmy Heap - Wm Tell Taylor)

I LIKE IT (1959) (William Tell Taylor with Jimmie Heap)

I LOVE ONLY YOU (1959) (William Tell Taylor with Jimmie Heap)

Border Town (1962) (Bill Taylor)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



03/1955 SP FLIP 502 (US) .

Split Personality  (Bill Taylor & Smokey Joe / Clyde Leoppard's Snearly Ranch Boys) / Lonely Sweetheart (Bill Taylor / Clyde Leoppard's Snearly Ranch Boys)

12/1957 SP FAME FA 502 (US)

Study Hall Romance (Bill Denning & The Clefs) / Little Jewell ("Wild" Bill Taylor & The Clefs)

01/1958 SP FAME FA 502 (US) .

Study Hall Romance (Jimmy Heap - Bill Denning) / Little Jewell  (Jimmy Heap - Wm. Tell Taylor ) /

03/1959 SP FELSTED 45-8564 (US) . Bill TAYLOR - Cat With No Future / Bandstand Baby
04/1959 SP D 1051 (US) .

William Tell Taylor with Jimmie Heap & The Melody Masters - I Like It / I Love Only You

08/1959 SP D 1080 (US) . William Tell Taylor with Jimmie Heap & The Melody Masters - Uh Huh / I Can't Ever Free My Mind
12/1959 SP D 1105 (US) . William Tell Taylor - Angel Of Love  / Love Is Everywhere
03/1960 SP D 1133 (US) . William Tell Taylor - Sweet Dreams Of You / Seeing Is Believing
1962 SP ALLSTAR 7250-45 (US) . Bill TAYLOR - Once Again / I've Found An Angel
12/1962 SP PEN 117 (US) . Bill TAYLOR - Border Town (instr.) / Twilight Fantasy (instr.)
1963 SP THE GM RECORDS 103 (US) . Bill TAYLOR / Tex WILBURN - Guitar - I Cried / My Baby's Gone
196? SP NU-STAR N-1027 (US) . Bill TAYLOR - O Good Friend / My White Walking Cane

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