Chanteur Rockabilly US né Alvis Wayne Samford, le 31 Décembre 1937 à Paduka (Texas). Alvis Wayne a débuté en 1956 chez Wesport, se produisant dans la région de San Antonio. Redécouvert par Ronnie Weiser au milieu des années soixante-dix, il réenregistre à nouveau. Depuis Alvis a repris ses activités de mécanicien, raccrochant sa guitare dans le placard des souvenirs.

Although he's not necessarily the most renowned rockabilly artist, Alvis Wayne was an early contributor to the scene. Born in Puduka, TX, on December 31st, 1937, Wayne was part of a large family, and grew up very poor during the infamous Great Depression era. He was still a youngster when he discovered country and blues via the radio, especially such artists as Jimmie Rodgers, the Mississippi Blue Yodler, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold, and Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, which lead to receiving his first guitar at the age of ten. By his 12th birthday, Wayne began playing nightclubs and honkey tonks, and when he was 20, he had joined a group called Tony Wayne & the Rhythm Wranglers, who issued a lone single in 1957. The group split up shortly thereafter, but Wayne continued to play with others leading to his own recording contract with Westport Records. In 1958, Wayne recorded an album's worth of tunes (although no full-length album was ever issued), and one of the tracks, "Don't Mean Maybe Baby," became a sizeable hit in southern Texas, which lead to constant touring around the Lone Star State. Wayne continued to record and tour until 1960, when he joined the U.S. Airforce. Wayne continued to record and tour once he completed his stay with the Airforce, and via record collectors, a cult following began to grow (especially in the U.K.) due to his under appreciated '50s singles. Nearly 40 years after his initial string of singles, a pair of Alvis Wayne full-length albums were finally released on the Rolling Rock label -- 2000's Rockabilly Daddy and 2001's Proud of My Rockabilly Roots.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly



I GOTTUM (195?)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



09/1956 SP WESTPORT 45-132 (US) Alvis WAYNE / Vocals by Tony WAYNE & His RHYTHM WRANGLERS - Swing Bop Boogie / Sleep, Rock-A-Roll, Rock-A-Baby
11/1957 SP WESTPORT 138 (US) Don't Mean Maybe, Baby / I'd Rather Be With You
09/1958 SP WESTPORT 140 (US) Lay Your Head On My Shoulder / You Are The One
1974 SP ROLLIN' ROCK 45-032 (US)

I Wanna Eat Your Pudding / It's Your Last Chance To Dance Tonite

19?? SP INJUN 113 (UK) I Gottum / Lay Your Head On My Shoulder

Unissued Track

19?? Westport track - (Chief CD 1156503 (#18) / El Toro CD 1024 (#21) / Esoldun LP 2001 (#10) / Esoldun CD 2221 (#3) / Pink 'n' Black LP 001 (#3) / Westport CD 1 (#23)) I Gottum


1986 LP 12" ESOLDUN RR 2001 (F) TEXAS ROCKABILLY - VOL. 1 - Jimmy PATTON : Yah! I'm Movin' / Love Come Back To Me / Let Me Slide / I'm Not Shukin / Okie's In The Pokie / Lee FINN : High Class Feelin' / Pour Me A Glass Of Wine / Alvis WAYNE : Sleep Rock-A-Roll Rock-A-Baby / Swing Bop Boogie / I Gottum / Lay Your Head On My Shoulder / Don't Mean Maybe Baby / Gene CHAPMAN : Oklahoma Blues / Don't Come Crying
10/2000 CD ROLLIN' ROCK CD-109 (US) ROCKABILLY DADDY - Rockabilly Daddy / Those Lonely Lonely Teardrops / One Woman Man / Here I Am / A Good Woman's Love / Back To The 50's / Fall Fallin' / You Can Have Her / A Life Like Mine / Louisiana Dirty Rice / Billy Bayou / Gothenburg / Alone With You / I Want You All The Time / Texas Rockabilly Get Together
06/2001 CD ROLLIN' ROCK CD-110 (US) PROUD OF MY ROCKABILLY ROOTS - Thanks A Lot / Going Down To The River / You Better Take My Life / Touch Me / Proud Of My Rockabilly Roots / Hooray For The Difference / Sugar Coated Love / I'm Ready If You're Willing / Cross The Brazos At Waco / Watcha Doin' After School / Shame Shame Shame / Don't Go / One More Teardrop / That First Guitar of Mine

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