Chanteur Western Swing US né James Leon Widener le 15 Février 1924 à Seminole (Oklahoma). Jimmie Widener est mort le 8 Septembre 2001.

“Oklahoma” Jimmie Widener was born James Leon Widener just northwest of Tulsa, either in Cleveland or 10 miles north across the Arkansas River in Hominy, Osage County, on February 15, 1924. Not only did Widener work several stints with the legendary Bob Wills, he also worked with other great names in the music, including Spade Cooley, Tex Williams and T. Texas Tyler. Widener’s efforts at forging a solo career are far less known, but he left an impressive and uniformly excellent -- if tantalizingly small -- body of recordings. His sessions for King, Imperial and other labels used the cream of West Coast western swing musicians, like guitarists Jimmy Wyble and Jimmy Bryant, steel men Joaquin Murphey, Noel Boggs and Speedy West, fiddlers Harold Hensley and Tex Atchison, and others, and yielded classics like “Jimmie’s Jump” and several songs that were popular enough to be covered by other performers, like “Wake Up, Babe” and “What A Line.” He died in Seminole in September 8, 2001, aged 77.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Western Swing

There's A New Day Tomorrow (1946)

What A Line (1946) 

Got The Hesitation Blues (1947)

You Better Wake Up BabE (1949)

Red Top (1953) (Jimmie Widner)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000


78 t. & Singles

05/1946 78 t. KING 536 (US)

There's A New Day Tomorrow / What A Line!

07/1946 78 t. KING 542 (US)

I Can Tell Just As Plain / I’m All Through Trusting You

11/1946 78 t. KING 576 (US)

I Wish / I Hear You Knokin’

1946 78 t. DELUXE 2012 (US)

Go On Your Way / Jimmie's Jump

03/1947 78 t. KING 595 (US)

She’s A Shady Lady / Me And The Doggone Blues

1947 78 t. DELUXE 5048 (US)

Got The Hesitation Blues / That’s My Lindy Lou

05/1948 78 t. KING 707 (US)

She’s Done And Left Me / Jimmie’s Jump

01/1949 78 t. DELUXE 5055 (US)

Take It Or Leave It / Come A Little Bit Closer

1949 78 t. DELUXE 5060 (US)

You Better Wake Up Babe / Don’t Count Your Dreams

1952 78 t. & SP ACE-HI HITS 5003 (US) Jimmie WIDENER with The RANCH BOYS - Back Street Affair / I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows
04/1953 78 t. IMPERIAL 8187 (US) Jimmie WIDNER / Billie LIEBERT & His Orchestra - Red Top / Sneakin' Around
04/1953 SP IMPERIAL 45-8187 (US) Jimmie WIDNER / Billie LIEBERT & His Orchestra - Red Top / Sneakin' Around
07/1953 78 t. IMPERIAL 8199 (US)

Backwater Blues / Padlock On The Door

07/1953 SP IMPERIAL 45-8199 (US) Backwater Blues / Padlock On The Door
1954 78 t. & SP DELUXE 2012 (US)

Jimmie's Jump / Go On Your Way

1955 SP Southwest 402-S-45/403-S-45 (US)

L. Presley Lewis with Jimmie Widener & The Southwesterners - Jimminy Christmas / Be Wise, Humble And Worship

1956 SP BIBLICAL 200 (US)

Jimmie Widener & The Voices Of The West - Rollin' Tide / Whose Side Are You On

09/1956 SP DOWNBEAT DB-205-45 (US)

Jimmie Widener & The Voices Of The West - Are You Ready (To Live For Your Lord) / He Is Calling


12/2000 CD Westside WSF 111 (UK)

Shuffle Town - Western Swing On King 1946-1950 - Huntin' Business All The Time (Jimmy Wyble & His Rifftette) / You Better Wake Up Babe (Jimmie Widener) / I've Got The Hesitation Blues (Jimmie Widener) / Texas Boogie (alternate take) (Paul Howard & His Arkansas Cotton Pickers) / You Can Stay At Home (Jimmie Widener) / Come A Little Bit Closer (Jimmie Widener) / Opa Blues (Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers) / Rattle Snakin' Daddy (Boots Woodall & His Radio Wranglers) / Taking My Time (Jimmy Wyble & His Rifftette) / I Hear You Knockin' (Jimmie Widener) / Don't Bother Me (Jimmie Widener) / Cow Town Boogie (Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers) / No More Blues (Jimmy Wyble & His Rifftette) / Shuffle Town (Jimmie Widener) / Let's Call It All Over Now (Jimmie Widener) / Twon Guitar Polka (Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers) / That's My Lindy Lou (Boots Woodall & His Radio Wranglers) / I'll Be Satisfied (Jimmie Widener) / I'll Be Satisfied (Jimmie Widener) / Cocaine Blues (Billy Hughes) / Goodbye My Heart (Jimmy Wyble & His Rifftette) / Things Are Not Quite The Same (Jimmie Widener) / Nobody Cares (Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers) / The Boogie's Fine Tonight (Paul Howard & His Arkansas Cotton Pickers)

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