Chanteuse Country US née Mary Ann Ward le 4 Juillet 1930 à Birmingham (Alabama). Marion Worth est décédée le 19 Décembre 1999 à Nashville (Tennessee).



09/1959 SP CHEROKEE CR-503 (US) This Heart Of Mine / Are You Willing Willie
09/1959 SP GUYDEN 2026 (US) This Heart Of Mine / Are You Willing Willie
04/1960 SP GUYDEN 2033 (US) I Lost Johnny / That's My Kind Of Love
03/1964 SP COLUMBIA 4-43020 (US) Slipping Around (with George MORGAN) / I Love You So Much It Hurts (with George MORGAN)
02/1966 SP COLUMBIA 4-43543 (US) Saving All My Love (For You) (with George MORGAN) / Too Busy Saying Goodbye (with George MORGAN)
05/1966 SP COLUMBIA 4-43653 (US) Home Is Where The Heart Is / No Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do
10/1966 SP COLUMBIA 4-43874 (US) Married (with George MORGAN) / Wheel Of Hurt (with Marion WORTH)


1963 LP 12" COLUMBIA CS 8811 (US) GREATEST HITS - Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry) / Lovers' Lane / It's So Funny I Could Cry / Tennessee Teardrops / Worried Mind / Go On Home / Crazy Arms / Imitation / You're Hangin' Your Coat In Some Other Closet / I Think I Know / There'll Always Be Sadness / Lover's Hymn
08/1964 LP 12" COLUMBIA CL-2197 (mono) / CS-8997 (stereo) (US) SLIPPIN' AROUND - Marion WORTH & George MORGAN - Slippin' Around / Please Help Me I'm Falling / I Love You So Much It Hurts / How Can We Plan The Future / Too Busy Saying Goodbye / Sin And Silver / I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes / Slowly, Stolen Love Is The Beginning Of The End / Eyes Of The World / I'll Call You Charlie (You Call Me Joan) / Just Your Conscience
1965 LP 12" COLUMBIA CS 9087 (US) SINGS MARTY ROBBINS - Don't Worry Bout Me / I Told The Brook / I'm Not Ready Yet / Hands You're Holding Now / Love Can't Wait / Is There Any Chance / Begging To You / Bend In The River / (Don't Take Him From Me) Devil Woman / Picking Up The Pieces / Never Look Back / Too Far Gone
1967 LP 12" DECCA DL 74936 (US) A WOMAN NEEDS LOVE - Woman Needs Love / All The Time / Crazy / Only You Can Make Me Cry / If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) / Baby For You / It's Such A Pretty World Today / New Lips / My Baby's Gone. / I've Got That Sad And Lonely Feeling / Invisible Tears / Don't Put Your Hurt In My Heart

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