Chanteur Country US né John Robert Wright, le 13 Mai 1914 à Mt Juliet (Tennessee). Il fit parti, avec Jack Anglin du duo Johnnie & Jack et a épousé Kitty Wells.

Singer/songwriter Johnny Wright spent much of his career working with Jack Anglin in the popular duo Johnnie & Jack, and was also the husband of Kitty Wells. He was born in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, and first performed with Anglin in 1936. They teamed up full-time in the 1940s and, except for the time Anglin spent overseas during the war, remained together for over two decades. In 1952, the duo and Wells were invited to join the Grand Ole Opry, where they remained for 15 years. Following Anglin's death in 1963, Wright continued performing and making records. In 1964, he and his Tennessee Mountain Boys had a Top 25 hit with "Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin' Broken Heart." The following year, he had success with "Hello Vietnam," a number one hit. In 1968, he and Wells recorded an autobiographical duo, "We'll Stick Together," and continued playing live shows together through the early '80s, when they left music to run a souvenir shop. In 1992, the couple and their son Bobby began playing together again.

Talents : Singer, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country, Bluegrass


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1963 SP DECCA 31537 (US) Sweet Snow Dear / What's Gonna Happen To Me
1964 SP DECCA 31679 (US) Guitar Lessons / Don't Give Up The Ship
1965 SP DECCA 31740 (US) Blame It On The Moonlight / Rest In Peace 
1965 SP DECCA 31821 (US) Hello Vietnam / Mexico City
1965 SP DECCA 31875 (US) Keep The Flag Flying / You're Over There
1966 SP DECCA 31927 (US) Nickels, Quarters And Dimes / Is Love Worth All The Heartaches
1966 SP DECCA 32002 (US) I'm Doing This For Daddy / Racing Man
1966 SP DECCA 32061 (US) Mama's Little Jewel / Nothing From Nothing
1967 SP DECCA 32133 (US) Ole Honky Tonk / Why
1967 SP DECCA 32161 (US) Settle Back Down To Earth / American Power
1967 SP DECCA 32216 (US) Cheaters Can't Win /  Music To Cry By 
1967 SP DECCA 32267 (US) Atlanta Georgia Baby / Go Get It
1968 SP DECCA 32402 (US) One Little Taco / Smellin' Like A Rose
1969 SP DECCA 32466 (US) Love Ain't Gonna Die (I'm Gonna Have To Kill It) / Wabash Cannon Ball 
1969 SP DECCA 32564 (US) Sing A Song About Love / If You Don't Swing, Don't Ring
1970 SP DECCA 32627 (US) A Dear John Letter / Rainbow In The Clouds
1970 SP DECCA 32704 (US) Love Everybody / Mama Set The Table
1970 SP DECCA 32770 (US) Where The Heart Aches Hang Around / Something To Come Home To
1970 SP DECCA 32799 (US) Old Honky Tonk / She's Gone Gone Gone
1970 SP DECCA 32832 (US) High Cost Of Livin' / Let Jesus Turn You On
1971 SP DECCA 32883 (US) South In New Orleans / Going To The Country
1972 SP DECCA 33053 (US) Dont Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes / Dont Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
1975 SP CAPRICORN 1232  (US) Wild Passionate Lover / Wild Passionate Lover
1980 SP RUBOCCA 213  (US) Pressure / Harry Truman


1965 LP 12" DECCA DL-74698 (US) HELLO VIETNAM - Hello Vietnam, She's Gone Gone Gone, Dear John Letter, Bright Lights And Country Music, Sweet Snow Dear, Blame It On The Moonlight, Pretty Little Vietnamese, Rainbow At Midnight, Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart, Soldier's Last Letter, Nexico City, Don't Give Up The Ship
1966 LP 12" DECCA DL-74770 (US) COUNTRY MUSIC SPECIAL - Is Love Worth All The Heartaches, Waitin' In Your Welfare Line, Tiger Woman, Keep The Flag Flying, What Kinda Deal Is This, Ballad Of The Green Berets, May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose, Giddy Up Go, You're Over There (And I'm Over Here), Southbound Train, Bombs And Missiles, Nickels Quarters And Dimes.
1967 LP 12" DECCA DL-74846 (US) COUNTRY... THE WRIGHT WAY - Think Of Me / I'm Doing This For Daddy / Swinging Doors / Racing Man / I'mmune To Love / The Shoes Goes On The Other Foot Tonight / Mama's Little Jewel / Making Ends Meet / Drinking Beer And Shedding Tears / Open Up Your Heart / The Devil's Own / Nothing From Nothing
1968 LP 12" DECCA DL-75019 (US) JOHNNY WRIGHT SINGS COUNTRY FAVORITES - Music To Cry By, Wild Side Of Life, Settle Back Down To Earth, Cheaters Can't Win, Why, Go Get It, Old Honky Tonk, Mama Tried, Atlanta Georgia Baby, Wabash Cannonball, Stop The World (And Let Me Off).
1980 LP 12" RUBOCCA ARR-2001 (US) JOHNNY WRIGHT - Froggies Return, Ashes Of Love, Sweet Lovin' Woman, Humming Bird, Pressure, Chicken Picken Hillbilly Band, As Long As I Live, Poison Love, We'll Stick Together, Wild Passionate Lover

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