Chanteur Country US né le 13 Mars 1963 ŕ Doniphan (Missouri).

US Country singer born March 13, 1963 in Doniphan (Missouri).
Country artist Billy Yates rolled the dice in 2001 when he walked away from Columbia Records Nashville to form his own company, M.O.D. (My Own Damn) Record Label. At the time it was unheard of in Music City for an artist to make such a move. Yates' decision to go independent was brazen considering the fact the singer/songwriter had yet to build much of a fan base while signed to a major label. During a meeting with (then) Columbia Nashville label chief Allen Butler, Yates voiced his desire to make an old-school country album free from the restrictions of a major corporation. Once it was clear that Yates wasn't leaving to join a competitor's roster, Butler released the singer from his contract. The very next day, Yates began work on what would become his first indie release, the critically acclaimed If I Could Go Back (2001).
Born into a musical family, Yates got his start singing alongside his father (Sunday mornings before church) on a local radio program. The future country star grew up on a farm, where the family "lived off the land" and raised its own "beef, pork and poultry." A steady diet of hardcore country -- artists like Jim ReevesErnest TubbBuck Owens, and Merle Haggard -- helped form the musical foundation on which Yates would later build his career. At one point too shy to perform in public, Yates eventually summoned the courage to approach the owner of the Lake Wappapello Opry in Wappapello, Missouri. An impromptu performance of Ricky Skaggs' "Cryin' My Heart Out Over You" won the young performer a spot on the weekly show. After three years (during which time he began making regular trips to Nashville), Yates landed a theater gig in West Plains, Missouri.
After a brief stint in college, Yates attended barber school. Once he received his barber's license, the singer returned home, where for five years he cut hair in the day, played music on the weekends, and worked at a local radio station in the evenings. In 1987, Yates made the move to Nashville and signed a publishing deal with Hori Pro Entertainment. The wordsmith's first cuts as a songwriter came when legendary country artist George Jones recorded two Yates compositions for his 1992 album Walls Can Fall, including "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair," the 1993 Country Music Association's Vocal Event of the Year. Jones would later take the Yates-penned "Choices" into the Top 30 on the country charts. The song earned Yates and co-writer Mike Curtis a Grammy nomination. More cuts came for Yates while he pursued his own record deal. Almo Sounds released the singer's self-titled debut in 1997. The album's first single, the riveting "Flowers," cemented Yates' reputation as a traditionalist. Sadly, Almo Sounds folded before the singer could establish himself in the country music community.
Yates would eventually sign with Columbia Records Nashville. After a few false starts, and after years on the major-label treadmill, Yates made the decision to leave Columbia and form his own record label. The singer/songwriter produced five critically lauded studio albums and one hits package (Favorites) between 2001-2008, including masterstroke collections Harmony Man (2005) and That's Why I Run (2008). While success as a performer has all but eluded him in the United States, Yates has built a large and loyal following in Europe, where he enjoyed hit singles and sold-out tours. In 2006, Yates and California businessman Scott Hacker partnered to form Smokin' Grapes Music Publishing, a company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Yates' songs have been recorded by various artists including Gary AllanTracy LawrenceGeorge StraitSara Evans, and Kenny Chesney.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditrional Country, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1993 SP CURB NR-76916 (US) .

Turn For The Worst / ?

04/1997 SP Almo Sounds AMSS7-89010 (US) .

I Smell Smoke / Goodbye Makes The Saddest Sound

1997 CD Almo Sounds PRO-CD-8017 (US) (promo) . Choices
1997 CD Almo Sounds PRO-CD-8023 (US) (promo) Flowers (LP version)
09/1997 SP Almo Sounds AMSS7-89013 (US) .

When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down / Broken Hearted Me

1997 CD Almo Sounds PRO-CD-8030 (US) (promo) When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down (LP version)
12/2000 SP COLUMBIA 38K-79405 (US)

What Do You Want From Me Now / The House That Jack Built

12/2000 CD COLUMBIA 7940538 (US) What Do You Want From Me Now / With These Hands / That's Your Memory On My Mind / Now That's Goodbye / Shadows


06/1997 CD ALMO SOUNDS AMSD-80015 (US) BILLY YATES - I Smell Smoke / Would You Believe Me If I Lied / Choices / Honky Tonk Baby / Mama Said / Goodbye Makes The Saddest Sound / When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down / Broken Hearted Me / Long Neck Connected To The Beer Joint / Easier Said Then Done / Flowers
2001 CD M.O.D. MOD1212-00 (US)

If I Could Back - Too Country And Proud Of It / In The Light Of Day / A Better Place / I Think I Like It / If I Ever Get Her Back / You'll Never See Me Crawl / As The Crow Flies / Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac / They Don't Make Us Like They Used To / If I Could Go Back 

2003 CD M.O.D. 91222-2 (US) COUNTRY - Down At The Station / What We Don't Have / I Just Can't Trust Myself With You / Me, Marie / Daddy's Radio / A Day I Never Will Forget / Smokin' Grass / Dreaming Out Loud / Hold Me / Country / Wrong Side Of The Bed / I Pray / That's Just Me / Let's Go
2004 CD M.O.D. 91423-2 (US) ANYWHERE BUT NASHVILLE - Anywhere But Nashville / All by My Lonesome / This Song Doesn't Rock / Best Thing In The World / What Are We Thinkin' / Blinded By The Bud Light / Roxanne's Bayou / Love Is Standing Still / Alcohol Abuse / Blue Ain't Just A Mood / I'm Just Drinkin' / Nothin' Bigger Than Our Love / My Infinite Love / You're Why God Made ME / American Voices / Little Annie's Christmas Wish
05/2005 CD M.O.D. MOD-115 (US) HARMONY MAN - Harmony Man / I Don't Think You're Pretty / Forever For A While / Her Only Downfall / Alone Some / Brothers / Circus Is Over / I Wouldn't Want To Be Her Man / Teach Me Tonight / Every Man / Perfect Woman / Talk About Sufferin'
08/2006 CD M.O.D. ? (US) IF I COULD GO BACK - Too Country And Proud Of It / In The Light Of Day / A Better Place / I Think I Like It / If I Ever Get Her Back / You'll Never See Me Crawl / As The Crow Flies / Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac / They Don't Make Us Like They Used To / If I Could Go Back
12/2006 CD M.O.D. 34479-40407 (US) FAVORITES - Better Every Beer / Choices (with George JONES) / Too Country And Proud Of It / In The Light Of Day /  A Better Place / Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac / Down At The Station / Me, Marie / Daddy's Radio / Smokin' Grass / Dreaming Out Loud / My Infinite Love / Anywhere But Nashville / Roxanne's Bayou / This Song Doesn't Rock / All By My Lonesome / The Circus Is Over / Alcohol Abuse / The Perfect Woman / Harmony Man / Flowers
07/2007 CD MASTERSHIELD 0044 (US) THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN TRIBUTE - Billy YATES & FRIENDS - Redwood Hill / Secret Of The Waterfall / Remembrance Of You / East Virginia Blues / Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp / I'll Break Out Again Tonight / Little Bessie / Young Fisherwoman / Walking Down The Line / Heaven / Two Little Boys / Blue Ridge Mountain Turning Green
03/2008 CD M.O.D. 634479725654 (US)

That's Why I Run - Like A Radio / One House Over, Two Streets Down / I Don't Know How To Live / That's Why I Run / Standin' In My Way / Take Me Back And Keep Me There / There When He Falls / That Makes One Of Us / Life / She Didn't Say A Word / Happy / Under Your Bed / A Man Who Knows

09/2009 CD M.O.D.84502 1450 (US)

Bill’s Barber Shop - Famous For Bein' Your Fool / Tell Me I'm Wrong / Margarita Meltdown / Bill's Barber Shop / I'd Do It For You (with Nicole Broussard) / Alphabet Song / It Goes Without Sayin' / Already Gone / Fishin' Around / Get Ready, Get Set, She's Gone / Wayward Ways / I Just Can't See It / One Beer A Day / This Pain Inside Of Me

05/2011 CD M.O.D. 885767646001 (US) JUST BE YOU - Mfc (Mama's Fried Chicken) / Till Someone Gets Hurt / What Goes Around / Our House Of Love / She's My Country Girl / Drunk On Love / My Daddy Was A Chevy Man / Just Be You / A Mother's Love (feat. Grayson YATES) / On My Way (The Norway Song) / What Goes Around (dance remix)
03/2013 CD M.O.D.887516966323 (US)

Only One George Jones - Only One George Jones / I Learned A Lot / The House That Jack Built / The Man I Used To Be / She Ain't Got Nobody / As I Kiss My World Goodbye / Till The Old Wears Off / The Shoulder / It Wasn't That Funny / I'm A One Band Man / Chill My Beer / The Father And The Son / Sad Songs / A Country Boy Just Don't Care / That's Your Memory On My Mind / BONUS TRACKS : Choices (with George JONES)

01/2015 CD M.O.D.? (US)

These Old Walls - Her Old Stompin' Grounds / No Fool Like An Old Fool / These Old Walls / Fallin' All Over Myself / She's Got A Heart / You Must Be Out Of Your Mind / Zeros / It's Just A Scratch / Waitin' For The World To Turn My Way / Carry On / Potter's Hands / That's All She Wrote

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