Chanteur Country US né Rosario Lefavi., en 1925 à Palerme (Italie). Rex Zario est venu à Philadelphie (Pennsylvanie) étant enfant. Il a débuté en 1954 chez Arcade Records. Influencé par Jimmy Rodgers et Ernest Tubb, il sera Country Boy jusqu'au bout, se mariant sur la scène du Hayloft Hoedown devant 2000 amateurs de Country Music. Rex Zario est décédé le 15 Avril 1991.

US Country singer born Rosario Lefavi., in 1925 in Palermo (Italy). Rex Zario came to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) being child. He began in 1954 at Arcade Records. Influenced by Jimmy Rodgers and Ernest Tubb, it will be Country Boy until the end, marrying on the scene of Hayloft Hoedown in front of 2000 amateurs of Country Music. Rex Zario is deceased on April 15, 1991.

Talents : Singer

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly

GO MAN GO, GET GONE (1954) (Tex Zario & The El Rancho Rangers)


Do You Think It's Fair (1962) (Rex Zario)

Go Man Go, And Twist (1962) (Rex Zario)

Daisy Mae (1964) (Rex Zario)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


Singles & EP

11/1954 SP ARCADE 45-AR-130 (US) . Tex ZARIO & The El Rancho Rangers - Go Man Go, Get Gone / Careless Heart
02/1956 SP SKYROCKET 101 (US) . Tex ZARIO & The El Rancho Rangers - Go Man Go, Get Gone   / Careless Heart
1956 SP SKYROCKET SR-1001 (US) . Tex ZARIO - Go Man Go, Get Gone / Careless Heart
1957 SP ARCADE AR-145 (US) .

Tex Zario & His Ridge Ramblers - Fortune Is A Fickle Lady / Pretty Little Love Words

1959 SP SKYROCKET SR-1004 (US) . Tex Zario - Between The Lines / You're Sorry For Yourself
05/1961 SP ARCADE AR-163 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Jukebox Cannonball / It's Nobody's Fault But Your Own
1962 SP ARCADE AR-172 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Do You Think It's Fair / Between The Lines
05/1962 SP SKYROCKET SR-1006 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Go Man Go, And Twist / I Saw You Cheatin' Last Night
1962 SP SKYROCKET SR-1008 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Rex ZARIO, Bill MOSS & Lee REYNOLDS - New Greenback Dollar / Blues Stay Away From Me
1963 SP SKYROCKET SR-1011 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Two Timin' Baby / First Year Blues
05/1964 SP ARCHWAY AW 102 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Think Of Me, Thinking Of You / You Nearly Lose Your Mind
11/1964 SP ARZEE RZ-102 (US) . Rex ZARIO - Daisy Mae / Somebody's Rose
1965 SP ARZEE RZ-104 (US) .

Rex ZARIO - She's My Curly Headed Baby / Talk To Your Heart

1966 EP RANGE JRE7004 (UK) COUNTRY AND WESTERN - New Greenback Dollar (Rex ZARIO) / Blues Stay Away From Me (Rex ZARIO) / Where Should I Go (Gabe DEAN) / I'm Just A Stand In (Jimmy DRY)
1968 SP ARCADE AR-202 (US) .

Rex Zario & His "Country All Stars" - Blues Stay Away From Me / I Saw You Cheatin' Last Night

1970 SP ARZEE RZ-119 (US) . Rex ZARIO - The Junkman's Boogie / Ravin' With Dave
1979 SP ARZEE RZ-126 (US)

New Wild Side Of Life (Rex ZARIO & Marie NICKLES) / How Can I Make You Understand (Rex ZARIO)


04/1966 LP 12" ARZEE 1001 (US)

Rex Zario - Texas Plains / Mansion On The Hill / Two Timin’ Baby / Fortune Is A Fickle Baby / It’s Nobody’s Fault But your Own / Daisy Mae / Jukebox Cannonball / Somebody’s Rose / Baby We’re Really In Love / Pretty Little Love Words / Between The Lines / Go Man Go, Get Gone 

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