I'd be so ashamed to meet you
If you came to my block (my block)
So when we had a date, I'd meet you
Somewhere in the heart of town

And when you took me home
We'd go nowhere near my block
Cause I led you to believe
That I lived in a better part of town

Would you still love me if you
Should ever see me on my block
The feeling that you feel would be
Lost among the steel and stone

You never see a flower grow
Oh, no, not on my, my, my, my block
And when the sun goes down
A stranger shouldn't walk alone

After work one night beneath the
Lamppost light on my block (my block)
You suddenly appeared and I feared
The little game I played was through

But when you took my hand
It was so grand walking down
My, my, my, my block
Then right before my very eyes
My block became a paradise with you

Walk up to my house and step inside
It's my block (my block)
No more, don't have nothing more to hide
It's my, my, my, my block...