Tommy Collins - vocal

(Tommy Collins)

Well, a black cat crossed my path
I turned around when I saw that
Then I threw away my good felt hat
And I walked on down the road
I took a stroll down by the sea
Hoping no more cats to see
Then I heard a meow right behind me
So I took steps on another road
Black cat, black cat
Black cats all around me

I went over to the dog-pound
I didn't think I'd see any cats around
But I saw two black ones lying on the ground
So I found another way to go
I sat down 'neath a live oak tree
I saw a little girl, she was lonely
She had a black cat, but it didn't scare me
'Cause I liked her right, well right off
Black cat, black cat
Black cats all around me

Well, I sat down beside her and talked a little bit
I sure was lucky, I made a big hit
I smiled at the kitty and petted it
'Cause a black cat never hurt me
Well, to make a long story short and sweet
You can't blame a cat for crossing the street
It even seems like they helped me to meet
The pretty little lonely girl
Black cat, black cat
They're not unlucky to me
We're gonna have two or three

Black cat, black cat
We're gonna have two or three