Artie Garr - vocal

Jeff Raphael)

Sitting here thinking what life's all about
I'm sitting here thinking till I'm ready to shout
I've lived a big lie, and now I'm going to die
Here comes that man with his smiling face
He's taking me, taking me to that place
Where life's at an end and where there's not a friend
To love
It's funny I should cry, but the tears I can't hide
I know I'm on my way to stay
And while I'm gone, I'll have pity and fear
For those like me who never will be free
Of a worthless life filled with sadness and strife
The moral of my song is easy to see
Don't live a life like mine, be happy and carefree
Love and be loved
Then life will be but a dream
Oh, Lord, please Forgive Me
Forgive Me
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
(Repeat and fade)