/ Vocals by

(Stange - Flaherty - Demaria)

Well, I'm a real gone daddy in a big yellow Caddy
Well, I'll tell you if you ain't got told
When you hear my horn, just as sure as you're born
Well, I'll be comin' down the middle of the road
You gotta have luck or a ten ton truck
If you should meet me down the line
'Cause I'm a real gone daddy in a big yellow Caddy
Three quarters of the the road is mine

Well, I'm a wheelin' down, a-headin' for town
Well, I'm quicken 'bout seventy-three
Well, along comes a daddy in another yellow Caddy
And he's headin' right straight at me
Well, I'm stubborn and tough, so I'm callin' his bluff
But he's comin' at a terrible rate
Well, now I can see that it's him or me
The only trouble is, it's to darn late

Well, you don't have to guess what a doggone mess
Well, they found when they came on the scene
Folks came around from all over town
Just to see what was left of my machine
Well, I hope you can discern, it's the hard way to learn
That the middle never was the right side
'Cause I'm a real stiff daddy in a long black Caddy
Goin' for a one way ride