Chanteur Country US né le 16 Décembre 1982 à Battle Creek (Michigan).

With a gritty vocals approach, considerable guitar skills, and a natural sense of country-pop dynamics, Frankie Ballard would appear to have an unshakable template for country music stardom. Born in Battle Creek, Michigan, Ballard was singing Elvis Presley songs with his dad (and with fervor) by the time he was five, but he soon fell under the summer spell of baseball and pushed himself to excel as a ball player. He was 18 before he got his first guitar, but thereafter he spent hours playing guitar and music became his other passion. He began playing in blues bands on the weekends, juggling gigs with baseball games until eventually music won out and he dedicated himself to building a career as a performer. Ballard's big break came when he won Kenny Chesney's Next Big Star regional competition in Michigan in 2008, going on to open for Chesney during the country star’s Michigan tour dates, which in turn led to Ballard being signed to a publishing deal with Sony ATV as well as a recording contract with Reprise Records. He moved to Nashville in the spring of 2009 and began working on a debut album with producer Michael Knox. A first single, “Tell Me You Get Lonely,” was released in the spring of 2010, followed by "A Buncha Girls," and his self-titled long-player for Warner Nashville in May of 2011. After tours opening for Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Bob Seger, he released the album Sunshine & Whiskey early in 2014.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical :Country Pop, Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



05/2011 CD WARNER BROS. 5270132 (US) FRANKIE BALLARD - A Buncha Girls / Single Again / Place To Lay Your Head / Tell Me You Get Lonely / Get On Down The Road / Sober Me Up / Rescue Me / Grandpa's Farm
02/2014 CD WARNER BROS. 41278 (US) Sunshine & Whiskey - Young & Crazy / Sunshine & Whiskey / It Don't Take Much / Helluva Life / Drinky Drink / Tell Me You Get Lonely / Sober Me Up / I'm Thinking Country / Tip Jar / Don't You Wanna Fall / Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinking
06/2016 CD WARNER BROS. 555687 (US) El Rio - El Camino / Cigarette / Wasting Time / Little Bit Of Both / L.A. Woman / It All Started With A Beer / Sweet Time / Good As Gold / Southern Side / You'll Accomp'ny Me / You Could've Loved Me

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