Chanteur et pianiste Country US né en 1927 à Forest Hill (Louisiane). Wiley Barkdull joua à la Radio KSIG de Crowley, puis en 1956 sur KCLP de Lakes Charles (Louisiane). En 1957, Wiley se produisit avec les "Starlighters". Il accompagna aussi Al Terry, Bill Hutto et les frères Kershaws. Il a enregistré  pour  Feature (54 ?), Hickory (55-59) et Allstar Records (60).

US Country Singer and pianist born in 1927 in Forest Hill (Louisiana). Wiley Barkdull played Radio KSIG of Crowley, then in 1956 on KCLP of Lakes Charles (Louisiana). In 1957, Wiley occurred with the " Starlighters ". He accompanied also Al Terry, Bill Hutto and the Kershaws brothers. He recorded for Feature (54?), Hickory (55-59) and Allstar Records (60).

Talents : Singer, Piano

Style musical : Honky Tonk, Cajun, Rockabilly


TOO MANY (1957)


HEY HONEY (1958)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1954 SP FEATURE 2006 (US) WILEY BARDULL - I'll Give My Heart to You / Living A Life Of Memories
10/1955 SP HICKORY 45-1034 (US) I'll Give My Heart To You / Pencil And Paper Love
03/1956 SP HICKORY 45-1044 (US) Me And Your Heart / Cause You're Always On My Mind
08/1956 SP HICKORY 45-1052 (US) I've Got A Brand New Baby / Going Walking
01/1957 SP HICKORY 45-1059 (US) Sweet As An Angel / After All
06/1957 SP HICKORY 45-1065 (US) Too Many / No One Will Ever Know
10/1957 SP HICKORY 45-1069 (US) Wiley BARKDULL & Helen CARTER - I'd Like Top / He Made You For Me
02/1958 SP HICKORY 45-1074 (US) I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time / Hey, Honey
01/1959 SP HICKORY 45-1092 (US) Keep A Lovin' Me Baby / Lonesome Journey
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7222 (US) Tear Down That Wall / These Old Arms
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7230 (US) When You Go / A Fool Left To Cry
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7275 (US) Willy BARKDULL - Jingle Bells / Merry Christmas To You
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7297 (US) Willy BARKDULL - I'll Always Love You / That's One Broken Heart
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7307 (US) Wiley BARKDULL & Jesse BARKDULL - Speak No Evil / I Love You Now
1960 SP ALLSTAR 7308 (US) Flat Top Guitar Waltz / Tiger By The Tail

Unissued Tracks

19?? Unissued tracks Hey, You There
19?? Unissued tracks I Gotta Brand New Baby [alt. vers.]
19?? Unissued tracks I Have A Feeling It Could Be You
19?? Unissued tracks I'm In Love
19?? Unissued tracks Mr. Juke Box
19?? Unissued tracks Wiley's Blues


1981 LP 12" FLYRIGHT FLY571 (UK)

The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions Volume 22 - Rusty & Doug Kershaw With Wiley Barkdull Kary-On Boogie (Rusty KERSHAW) / I Have A Feeling It Could Be You (Wiley Barkdull) / Rattlesnake (Wiley Barkdull) / Nothing Matters Dear (Doug KERSHAW + Little Sunshine) / I Wanna Wanna (RUSTY & DOUG) / I'm Gonna Leave Adieu (RUSTY & DOUG) / So Lovely Baby (RUSTY & DOUG + Wiley Barkdull) / Stop Look And Listen (Rusty KERSHAW) / I'm In Love (Wiley Barkdull) / What Will You Do (RUSTY & DOUG) / I Gotta Brand New Baby (Wiley Barkdull) / Let's Get Married Tonight (Doug KERSHAW)

1989 CD FLYRIGHT FLY 619 (UK) RUSTY AND DOUG AND WILEY AND FRIENDS - NEVER BEFORE ON RECORD! - Let's Stay Together (RUSTY, DOUG & WILEY) / Mr. Juke Box (Wiley BARKDULL) / Knock Knock (Wiley BARKDULL with RUSTY & DOUG) / Wiley's Blues (Wiley BARKDULL) / My Love With You Tonight (Johnny BASS) / You're Gonna Be Mine I Betcha (Johnny BASS) / Rattlesnake (Wiley BARKDULL with RUSTY & DOUG) / You Ain't No Buddy Of Mine (Rusty KERSHAW) / I Understand (RUSTY & DOUG) / Let's Do It Anyway (RUSTY, DOUG & WILEY) / Please Make Up Your Mind (RUSTY & DOUG) / Let's Stay Together (Joey GILLS) / Heartbreak Hotel (Rusty KERSHAW) / John Henry - Wildwood Flower (Rusty KERSHAW)
2004 2 CD Ace CDCH2 992 (UK)

Louisana Man - So Lovely, Baby / Why Cry For You / Look Around (Take A Look At Me) / Can I Be Dreaming / Honey, Honey / Your Crazy, Crazy Heart / Let's Stay Together / Mister Love / Hey, You There / I'll Understand / Going Down The Road / You'll See / I Never Had The Blues / Love Me To Pieces / Take My Love / Dream Queen / Hey Mae / Why Don't You Love Me / Hey Sheriff / It's Too Late / Sweet Thing (Tell Me That You Love Me) / We'll Do It Anyway / Never Love Again / Kaw-Liga / I Like You (Like This) / Dancing Shoes / Oh Love / The Love I Want / Louisiana Man / Make Me Realize / Diggy Liggy Lo / Cheated Too / So Lovely, Baby / Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou) / Sweet, Sweet Girl To Me / (Our Own) Jole Blon / (I'm Gonna, Gonna, Gonna) See My Baby / Money / Pencil And Paper Love (Wiley BARKDULL) / I'll Give My Heart To You (In Exchange For Yours) (Wiley BARKDULL) / ‘Cause You're Always On My Mind (Wiley BARKDULL) / Me, You And My Heart (Wiley BARKDULL) / I've Got A Brand New Baby (Wiley BARKDULL) / Going Walking (Wiley BARKDULL) / Sweet As An Angel (Wiley BARKDULL) / After All (Wiley BARKDULL) / I'd Like To (Wiley BARKDULL) / He Made You For Me (Wiley BARKDULL) / No One Will Ever Know (Wiley BARKDULL) / Too Many (Wiley BARKDULL) / Hey, Honey (Wiley BARKDULL) / I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time (Wiley BARKDULL) / Keep-A Lovin' Me Baby (Wiley BARKDULL) /  Lonesome Journey (Wiley BARKDULL)

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