Groupe Rockabilly Finlandais formé fin 2004 et composé de Miikka Siira, Timo Kalijärvi, Iikku Riepponen et Japi Saario.

Mike Bell & The Belltones play wild and melodic rockabilly. The band includes members from top rockin´ finnish bands such as The Beetle Crushers, The Roadracers and The Wagtails and was formed late 2004. Since then they have played at all the main rockin´ festivals in Finland and have gathered a great following with their live shows all around.
Goofin´ Records released their EP “Moonlight Rock” in 2009 and their song “Let´s Rock Tonight” was included in the history of the Finnish rockabilly box-set “Slap that Bass!”, which also hit the official album charts! Later this year they will appear on a Bear Family records 35th anniversary compilation with a brand new song.
Goofin´ Records is now releasing the first Mike Bell & The Belltones´ album “Scream & Holler” which was recorded live at the Lightning Recorders in Berlin with a vintage equipment. And even more international gigs will follow as they will also be touring and playing at festivals in Spain, Sweden, Holland and Germany later this year.

Talents : Miikka Siira : Vocalss, Rhythm Guitar - Timo Kalijärvi : Solo Guitar - Likku Riepponen : Double Bass - Japi Saario : Drums

Style musical : Rockabilly


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


Single & EP

2004 EP SHOWDOWN SHOEP 1001 (FIN) Let's Rock Tonight / If You See That Girl Of Mine / Tick Tock / Let's Pretend We're Sweethearts
2009 EP GOOFIN GREP 212 (FIN) Moonlight Rock / Itty Bitty Betty / Rockin On Mars / The Blues Come Around
2010 SP GOOFIN ? (FIN)

Lord, I'm Trouble Again / Jimmy's Car And Johnny's Girl


2010 CD GOOFIN GRCD 6166 (FIN) SCREAM & HOLLER - Let´s Rock Tonight / Scream & Holler / Oh Yeah, I´m In Love / Moonlight Rock / Let´s Pretend We´re Sweethearts / She Can Rock / Gonna Ride The Wild Surf / Lord, I´m In Trouble Again / Breakin´ Hearts / Jimmy´s Car & Johnny´s Girl / Rockin´ On Mars / Rockin´ Record Hop / The Shape Of Love / There´s A Party Going On

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