Chanteur et steel guitariste US né Shirley Ray Bergeron, le 16 Novembre 1933 à Point Noir, Church Point (Louisiane). Shirley Bergeron est décédé le 18 Novembre 1995 à Church Point (Louisiane).

Cajun singer and steel guitarist Shirley Bergeron (a man, not a woman) recorded, for the most part, standard Cajun music in the late 1950s with his accordionist father Alphee Bergeron and backup band the Veteran Playboys. Cajun music for the most part, that is, because there was one 1962 single, "French Rocking Boogie," that tried to get some action by fusing Cajun with rock'n'roll. Actually it was a pretty enjoyable, energetic track, and the one that Shirley Bergeron is most known for among collectors.
However, for the rest of his recording career Bergeron stuck to Cajun music of a much more typical sort, always accompanied by his father Alphee on accordion. Alphee Bergeron had done one 1949 single with the Veteran Playboys, but Shirley made his recording debut in 1957 with two songs at a radio session that eventually got issued on an LP. There were some recordings for Goldband in 1960, but Bergeron spent most of the 1960s doing singles for the small Lanor label, recording at the Crowley Studios run by Jay Miller, who did so much for Louisiana popular music of all kinds in the 1950s and 1960s by cutting bluesmen like Slim Harpo. Some of the Lanor recordings had drums, but Bergeron just used guitar, Alphee's accordion, violin, and triangle when he recorded the album Cajun Style Music at the music store of Marc Savoy in Eunice, LA in late 1969. A compilation of Bergeron's 1957-69 sides, French Rocking Boogie, came out on CD on Ace.

Talents : Steel Guitar, Guitar, Singer, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Cajun


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1960 SP LANOR 508 (US) J'ai Fait Mon Ede'e / ?
196? SP LANOR 509 (US) Chez Tanie / ?
1963 SP LANOR 510 (US) French Rocking Boogie / ?
196? SP LANOR 513 (US) La Valse De La Belle / Mama And Papa
196? SP LANOR 525(US) Since That First Time / True Love Waltz


1961 LP 12" LANOR 1000 (US) THE SOUNDS OF CAJUN MUSIC - Shirley BERGERON with Alphee BERGERON & The VETERAN PLAYBOYS - J'ai Fait Mon Edee'e / Quel Etoile / New Country Waltz / Perrodin Two Step / Waltz Of The Past / French Rocking Boogie / Chez Tanie / Fais Do Do / Old Home Waltz / Madam Boso / La Valse De La Belle / Mama And Papa
12/1993 CD ACE 353 (UK) FRENCH ROCKING BOOGIE - French Rockin' Boogie / J'Ai Fait Mon Idée / Old Home Waltz / Quel Etoile / New Country Waltz / Rerrodin Two-Step / Chez Tanie / Mama And Papa / Since That First Time / True Love Waltz / J'Ai Passé Devant Ta Porte / Poor Hobo / Valse À August Breaux / Eunice Two Step / Valse De Cherokee / Bosco Blues / Madam Sosthene / Crepe A Nazare / Chere Baset / Vermillion Two Step / Valse De Grand Bois / Chere Toutoute
03/2006 CD MARDI GRAS 1102 (US) FRENCH CAJUN MUSIC - Madam Sosthene / Bosco Blues / Eunice Two-Step / La Valse August Breaux / Poor Hobo / French Rockin Boogie / J'Ai Fait Mon Edée / La Valse De Cherokee / Chere Baset / Chez Tanie / J'Ai Passe Devant Ta Porte / La Crepe A Nazare / Chere Tou Toute / True Love Waltz / Since That First Time / Old Home Waltz / Quel Etoile / Perrodin Two-Step / New Country Waltz / Mama And Papa / La Valse De Grand Bois / Vermillion Two Step

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