Chanteur Country US né Jeffrey Barosh, sr., le 13 Décembre 1954 à El Campo (Texas). Jeff Chance est décédé le 12 Décembre 2008 à El Campo (Texas).

Vocalist, guitarist, and fiddler Jeff Chance was born Jeff Barosh in El Campo, Texas. He was the leader of Chance, consisting of himself and his brother Mick Barosh, on vocals and drums. Chance began his solo career in in 1988 with the hits "So Far Not So Good," "Hopelessly Falling," and "Let it Burn."

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1986 SP Christmas H 1001 (US)

Lets Put The Elves To Bed (A Little Early Tonight) / Lets Put The Elves To Bed (A Little Early Tonight)

03/1988 SP CURB CRB-10506 (US)

So Far Not So Good / Hopelessly Falling

11/1988 SP CURB CRB-10516 (US)

Let It Burn / She Loves Me

05/1990 SP MERCURY 878 056-7 (US)

Talkin' To Your Picture / She Loves Me

04/1991 SP MERCURY 878 748-7 (US)

Strangers On The Street / She Loves Me

1991 CD MERCURY CDP 443 (US) (promo) Thirty Days In Twenty Years
1992 CD MERCURY CDP 798 (US) (promo)

A Heartache On Her Hands


1991 CD MERCURY 846 615-2 (US)

Picture On The Wall - Strangers On The Street / Talkin' To Your Picture / Thirty Days In Twenty Years / It Sure Is Cold In Here Tonight / So Far Not So Good / Let It Burn / She Meant Forever When She Said Goodbye / I Can't Put My Arms Around A Memory / Hopelessly Falling / She Loves Me

08/1992 CD MERCURY 314-512 274-2 (US)

Walk Softly On The Bridges - Walk Softly On The Bridges / Portrait Of The Blues / Touching Home / Get Used To It / A Heartache On Her Hands / This Door Swings Both Ways / Where Do I Go From Her / Alone In San Antone / If I Hurt You / Casting My Shadow In The Road

04/2007 CD Music Master 103 (US)

The Jeff Chance Album - Everything's Gonna Be Alright / Cinderella In Blue Jeans / A Honky Tonk / Country Tune / Red's Gone Down To Birmingham / Memory / No One Will Know But Me / Soft Eyes / I'm Goin' Home / Honky Tonk Town / Nigh Ttime In The City


CD Music Master 105 (US)

Back Again - The Arms Of A Fool / Am I That Easy To Forget / Invitation To The Blues / Lonesome's My Friend / Soul Of The Wine / It's Not The Same Good Mornin' With You Gone / (An Empty Bottle, A Broken Heart) You're Still On My Mind / What Did I Promise Her Last Night / Wine Me Up / I'm Goin' Home

06/2013 CD CD BABY 5638139914 (US)

Between the Sheets - Those Old Country Songs / Sad Eyed Lady / Livin' Like Tomorrow Is Another Glass Of Wine / Between The Sheets / Number 3 / Storybook World / Country / The Waitress Song / Lonesome's My Friend / I'm So Lonesome Livin' Without You / Saddle Up And Ride / Soft Eyes

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