Chanteur Country US né le 1er Décembre 1944 à Midland (Texas).

Born 1 December 1944, Midland, Texas, USA. After graduating from high school in 1963, Chesnut attended University of Texas, Austin, and while there worked part-time at KVET AM as an engineer and disc jockey. In 1968, while still a student, Chesnut recorded two songs written by Herman M. Nelson, ‘About To Be Woman’ and ‘Leaves’, with a band led by Bill Josey Snr. In the 70s, he worked as a single and also in duo with Rodney Crowell, which became a trio when Chesnut’s first wife, Linda, was added as drummer. Moving to Nashville, Tennessee, he became a staff writer for publisher Acuff-Rose Music, whose co-owner, Roy Acuff, encouraged him to make two albums in the late 70s. Mostly, he sang his own compositions, among which were Grammy Award-nominee ‘Show Me A Sign’ and ‘Get Back To Loving Me’. His song, ‘Oklahoma Morning’, was recorded by Charley Pride.
At the start of the 80s, beset by problems marital and through alcohol, Chesnut made half a dozen sides for United Artists Records and Liberty Records, but then retired from music and also quit drinking. In later years, Chesnut worked in marketing, specializing in communications but intending to stay clear of the music business. In the previous few years, however, he had appeared at San Antonio’s annual KKYX River Festival. For the 1982 show, he stepped in to fill a scheduling gap and ended up with job in sales at KKYX; he also met Christine Walden who later that year became his wife. Early in 2007, Chesnut learned that one of his recordings, ‘Get Back To Loving Me’, was being used on the soundtrack of the film Come Early Morning (2007), starring Ashley Judd, a daughter of Naomi Judd. This news prompted Chesnut to have his early recordings digitally remastered for re-release by Sony/ATV Music. By this time, Chesnut had cautiously tested the waters and had begun performing again. Mostly, he stayed close to home, taking engagements at venues in his home state.

Talents : Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



1968 SP SONOBEAT PV-S112 (US) About To Be Woman / Leaves
04/1976 SP HICKORY 369 (US) . Country Love Song / Good Lord, Whatever Happened To The Trains
09/1976 SP ABC / HICKORY 54003 (US) . She's My Woman / Tell Me, Tell Me That You Love Me
02/1977 SP ABC / HICKORY 54007 (US) . California Lady / What Got In The Way
06/1977 SP ABC / HICKORY 54013 (US) . Let Me Love You Now / A Loaf Of Bread (A Jug Of Wine)
11/1977 SP ABC / HICKORY 54021 (US) . I'm So Lonely For Your Baby / Wrong Side Of The Rainbow
03/1978 SP ABC / HICKORY 54027 (US) . Ninth Of September / I Love You Babe
07/1978 SP ABC / HICKORY 54033 (US) . Show Me A Sign / Whiskey Lady
10/1978 SP ABC / HICKORY 54038 (US) . Get Back To Loving Me / Kinder Than The Last One
03/1979 SP ABC / HICKORY 54044 (US) . Just Le Me Make Believe / Let Me Just Say I Love You
06/1979 SP MCA / HICKORY 41015 (US) . Just Let Me Make Believe / Let me Just Say I Love You
08/1979 SP MCA / HICKORY 41106 (US) . Let's Take The Time To Fall In Love / Loaf Of Bread
08/1980 SP UNITED ARTISTS XW 1372 (US) . Out Run The Sun / Pick Up The Pieces
05/1981 SP LIBERTY XW 1405 (US) . Bedtime Stories / Pick Up The Pieces
09/1981 SP LIBERTY XW 1434 (US) . Dark Eyed Lady / The Rose For Today


1977 LP 12" ABC / HICKORY AH-44004 (US) LET ME LOVE YOU NOW - California Lady / A Loaf Of Bread / Let Me Just Say I Love You / She¢s My Woman / Good Morning; Next Time / What Got In The Way / A Country Love Song / Oklahoma Morning / Let Me Love You Now
1978 LP 12" ABC / HICKORY AH-44012 (US) SHOW ME A SIGN - Show Me A Sign / It's A Heartache / Glass Houses / I Love You Babe (For All The Little Things) / Wrong Side Of The Rainbow / I'm So Lonely For My Baby / Get Back To Loving Me / Whiskey Lady / The Nineth Of September / Kinder Than The Last One
03/2008 CD CHESNUT PRODUCTIONS CP-2008-001 (US) REFLECTIONS - What's Come Over Me / Another Day In The Life Of A Fool / Hard Times / It Beats The Hell Out Of Me / Memories Of Amanda / It Ain't All That Easy Being Parents / I'll Love You Forever / Wash Away My Sins / Cheatin' Heart Attack / What's A Nice Guy Like Me / Do You Still Waltz Across Texas / If Waylon Ain't In Heaven

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