Groupe Country Français, Conniving; en français connivence, c'est la rencontre de six musiciens , deux filles et quatre garçons, tous passionnés de musique Country et de folklore américain. Leur musique s'appuie sur un jeu de guitares bien dans la tradition populaire américaine. C'est un doux mélange de Musique Country d'inspiration Folk et de New Country-Music. L'une de leurs particularités, la couleur Western de leurs vêtements. Un autre atout dans ce groupe, une grande diversité dans les voix. Le côté Vocals est riche, dynamisé par un registre large du chant dans des tymbres différents. Les découvrir, c'est découvrir l'Amérique profonde et ses ballades traditionnelles. C'est aussi retrouver ce rythme de plus en plus présent qu'est le Rock 'n' Roll, né du mariage entre la Country-Music blanche et le Rhythm 'n' Blues noir américain.

French Country group, Conniving, in French connivence, it is the meeting of six musicians, two girls and four boys, all Country music lovers and American folklore. Their music is based on a set of guitars in the American popular tradition. It is a sweet mixture of Country Music and Folk inspired New Country-Music. One of their features, the color of their Western clothes. Another advantage in this group, a great diversity in the voices. The voice is rich side, boosted by a record off singing in different tymbres. Discover, is to discover the American heartland and traditional ballads. It is also found that the rate of this more what the Rock 'n' Roll, born of the marriage between white Country-Music and Rhythm 'n' Blues black American.

Talents : Vanessa : Lead Vocals - Betty : Vocals - John : Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin - Patrice : Drums : Lionel : Lead Guitar, Vocals - Butch : Bass

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1995 CD ? (F) COUNTRY MUSIC - I'm Tired Of Beind Alone / Stand By Your Man / Don't Wake Me Up / Don't Rock The Jukebox / Take Me / Jackson / Jambalaya / Driving Across The Border / Take Me Home Country Roads / Give Me One More Chance / The Most Beautiful Girl / More When That Came From / Everybody's Talking / I'll Feel Fine
04/2002 CD ? (F) NEW COUNTRY-MUSIC - 10TH ANNIVERSARY - Goin' Through The Big D / You Never Talk Sweet / Brother Jukebox / One Step Forward  / Thank God For The Radio / Don't Let Your Love Start Slippin' Away / Man Of My Dreams / Betty's Takin' Judo / Our Love Was Made To Be / Someday, Somewhere, Somehow / Burn Me Down / Time Passes Me By / Our Baby's Gone / Un Momento Alla / Me too
07/2007 CD ? (F) TOO COUNTRY AND PROUD OF IT - Suds In The Bucket / Tennessee River Run / I Can Love You Better / Little Miss Onky Tonk / Heads Caroline Tail California / When I'ts Comes Too You / Workin' Man Blues / Just Leave Me Alone / Too Country And Proud Of It / Oklahoma Swing / One Ride On Vegas / Cadillac Cowboy / Sugar & Pai / Sin Wagon
07/2010 CD ? (F) FAVOURITE SONGS - PURE COUNTRY MUSIC - People Are Crazy / Wrong Baby Wrong / It happens / Toes /  Bad Things / Independence Day / That's How I Got To Memphis / White Liar / No No Never / Sweet And Wild / Yee Haw / I Told You So

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