Chanteur Country US né le 21 Février 1935 à Ferris (Texas). Orville Couch a enregistré sur les label Starday (57), Dixie (58), Mercury (60) et Action Records (64). Il a été Disc Jockey sur la radio KZEE de Weatherford (Texas) en 1956 et un chanteur régulier du Big D Jamboree de la radio KRLD de Dallas (Texas). Orville Couch est décédé le 26 Mai 2002.

Born. 21 February 1935, Ferris, Texas, d. 26 May 2002. Among the radio shows on which obscure honky-tonk singer-songwriter Couch appeared were Saturday Night Shindig on WFAA, and The Big ‘D’ Jamboree on KRLD. The latter was an early 50s show, produced by Ed McLemore, whereon the lines between country and rock ‘n’ roll were blurred. Others who were on the show in those years included Johnny Cash, Tony Douglas, Lefty Frizzell, Carl Perkins, and Gene Vincent. In later years, Couch would recall for interviewers how his appearance on this show, meant that his path crossed that of newcomer Elvis Presley. The songs Couch recorded on his sole 1963 recording session for Vee-Jay Records included the minor country hit ‘Hello Trouble’ and ‘Help Me Get My Cotton Gin’.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country





Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



07/1957 SP STARDAY 45-305 (US) You're Dreaming / King For A Day
11/1957 SP STARDAY 326 (US) Five Cent Candy / I Will If You Will
08/1958 SP DIXIE 45-2007 (US) Easy Does It / Let It Happen
11/1960 SP MERCURY 71718X45 (US) Downtown / Big Jim Sandy
1962 SP CUSTOM 101 (US) Hello Trouble / Anywhere There's A Crowd
1962 SP VEE JAY VJ-470 (US) Hello Trouble / Anywhere There's A Crowd
08/1963 SP VEE JAY VJ-528 (US) Did I Miss You / Lonesomes
1964 SP VEE JAY VJ-589 (US) Dance Her By Me / Strike A Match
1964 SP VEE JAY VJ-631 (US) Uncle Red / Hello Dolly
07/1964 SP ACTION 108 (US) Wild Girl (Orville COUCH & The TROUBLEMAKERS) / A Midnight Rendezvous
1965 SP VEE JAY VJ-693 (US) Greenville Diner / Big Daddy Of The Bayou
1965 SP VEE JAY VJ-706 (US) Color Me Gone / You're A Little Heartache
12/1965 SP MONUMENT 45-915 (US) Permanent Wave / Down Here Where The Hurt Begins
06/1966 SP MONUMENT 45-949 (US) Best Things In Life / Farmington New Mexico
1968 SP TOWER 413 (US) Double Trouble / Just Another Stranger
1969 SP TOWER 469 (US) Don't Laugh At The Honky Tonks / Won't It Feel Good
1969 SP CHARAY C-63 (US) Gone / If You Really Want Me To I'll Go
1969 SP CHARAY C-63 (US) Patsy / Gone
02/1970 SP STONEGATE 2601 (US) 40 Years Of Memories / Like A Midnight Dream
1970 SP STONEGATE 2602 (US) Orville COUCH & Bobbie Jean CARROLL - Ain't Through With You Yet / More Than Human Tounges Can Say
197? SP BOLLMAN INTERNATIONAL BI-940 (US) Cheat On Me Now / I'm Sorry World
197? SP BOLLMAN INTERNATIONAL BI-941 (US) Paycheck Weekend /I Like Here There
197? SP BOLLMAN INTERNATIONAL 5020 (US) Cheat On Me Now / Paycheck Weekend
1975 ? SP RENEGADE R5628 (US) Losin' My Baby To A Honky Tonk / Over Georgia


1964 LP 12" VEE-JAY VJS-1087 (US) HELLO TROUBLE - Hello Doll / Help Me Get My Cotton In / Honkey Tonk Man / Dance Her By Me / Strike A Match / Hello Trouble / Gone / His And Hers / Fraulein / Come On Back / The Lonesomes / Did I Miss You
03/2003 CD AUDIUM 8177 (US) HELLO TROUBLE - Honky Tonk Man / Hello Trouble / Dance Her by Me / Strike Like A Match / (Since You've) Gone / Uncle Red / His And Hers / Come On Back / Lonesomes / Did I Miss You / Greenville Diner / Help Me Get My Cotton Gin / Hello Doll / Fraulein

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