Groupe Country US composť de Trenna Barnes, Renať Truex, Becky Priest, Debbie Johnson et Darla Perlozzi.

The five-woman country group Cowboy Crush are one of those bands that came up the "you've just got to see them," word-of-mouth way. Sweet harmonies and talented musicianship helped too, but when your very first gig lands you 50 bookings, you've got to chalk it up to their firecracker performances. Trenna Barnes, Renať Truex, Becky Priest, Debbie Johnson, and Darla Perlozzi had all been knocking around Nashville in different bands before they came together in March of 2003. It was in October that year they decided to take their music public and accepted an offer to play the International Entertainment Buyers convention. The 50 bookings were a result of this, but it wasn't long before Cowboy Crush would leave behind the world of trade shows and take it to the big arenas. Opening for headliners like Travis Tritt, Lonestar, and Trace Adkins along with playing numerous festivals brought an amazing 1,700,000 visitors to their website. It didn't take long for the record companies to take notice, Asylum/Curb being the organization to get the girls to put pen to paper. In May of 2005 the label released the single "Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart" and soon it was climbing country radio play lists while the video was getting numerous airings on the CMT network.

Talents : Trenna : Vocals - Renať : Fiddle, Mandolin - Becky : Vocals, Keybords - Debbie : Vocals, Bass - Darla : Drums

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



2005 CD CURB ? (US) Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart
2006 CD CURB ? (US) Hillbilly Nation
2007 CD CURB ? (US) Miss Difficult
2008 CD CURB ? (US) Tougher Than A Man


07/2009 CD CURB D2-78924 (US) COWBOY CRUSH - Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart / Tougher Than A Man / Wanted Woman / Cowboy Crush / Some Men Don't Cheat / Miss Difficult / Hillbilly Nation / He's Coming Home (With Extra Piano Parts) / What's The Worst That Could Happen / I Am Pretty

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