Batteur et chanteur Rockabilly US né le 21 Avril 1936 à Goodwin (Arkansas). Bobby Crafford a débuté comme batteur dans le groupe de Sonny Burgess, les "Pacers". Au début des années soixante, il fonde son propre label, Razorback Records sur lequel il a enregistré quelques singles. Il a aussi enregistré chez Vaden, Dot et Lake Country Records.

US Rock 'n' Roll drummer and singer born 21 April 1936 in Goodwin (Arkansas). Bobby Crafford still has his first snare drum, the one he played when he recorded early Rockabilly songs for Sun Records in Memphis, TN. In 1957 he joined the Pacers, the band behind Sonny Burgess. Being part of the roots of rock and roll has always been a source of pride for him. Sonny split up the group to open a music retail store and raise his family, after 20 years he called Bobby and the rest of the Pacers asking if they wanted to go on the road. “I was thrilled and was packing before I hung up the phone.” Bobby played drums and was the booking manager for the group; in fact it was Bobby who set up their now famous tour of Europe in the 1980s.

Talents : Vocals, Drums

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

Early Morning Rain (1966) (Pacers - Vocals by Bobby Crafford)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



10/1962 SP RAZORBACK 101 (US) Odessa / My Baby Done Quit Me
11/1962 SP RAZORBACK 103 (US) Sooie / Front Street
1963 SP RAZORBACK 104 (US) Ruby Baby / You Are My Sunshine
04/1964 SP RAZORBACK 112 (US) Don't Get Around Much / Sad, Sad
1964 SP RAZORBACK R-114 (US) Red Headed Woman / 19 Yrs. Old
1964 SP RAZORBACK 115 (US) West Memphis / 2.98
1964 SP RAZORBACK 654R-118 (US) Tennessee Stud / Beautiful Debbie
1965 SP RAZORBACK 121 (US)

You Ask for It / ?

1966 SP RAZORBACK 125 (US) Big Batman / Gotham City
1966 SP RAZORBACK 128 (US) The PACERS / Vocals by Bobby CRAFFORD - Early Morning Rain / Lonely Room
10/1966 SP DOT 45-16964 (US) The PACERS / Vocals by Bobby CRAFFORD - Early Morning Rain / Lonely Room
1966 SP RAZORBACK 133 (US) The PACERS featuring Bobby CRAFFORD - Oh Linda / Texas Lil
1967 SP RAZORBACK 133 (US) Oh Linda / Texas Lil
1967 SP RAZORBACK 134 (US) The PACERS featuring Bobby CRAFFORD - Don't Ever Leave Me / Diddley Diddley Daddy
1968 SP RAZORBACK 135 (US) The PACERS featuring Bobby CRAFFORD - You'll Never Know / Bluebirds Over The MountainBluebirds Over The Mountain / You'll Never Know
1968 ? SP RAZORBACK RS 141 (US) Greased Lightning (Bobby CRAFFORD with WESTERN UNION) / On That Old Football Field (Bobby CRAFFORD)


Unissued Tracks

1959 RAZORBACK unissued Boogie Woogie Country Girl
1959 RAZORBACK unissued Little Red Rooster


1990 LP 12" LAKE COUNTRY 501 (CH) ROCK FROM MEMPHIS RECORDED IN 1970 - What 'd I Say / Matchbox / Long Tall Sally / Suzie Q / Hound Dog / My Bucket's Got A Hole In It / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Who Do You Love / Johnny B.Goode / Memphis Tennessee / My Babe / Blue Suede Shoes / Shake Rattle Roll / Down The Line / Little Queenie
02/2003 CD COLLECTOR / WHITE LABEL CLCD 4405 (NL) THE RAZORBACK RECORDINGS - SONNY BURGESS & BOBBY CLIFFORD AND THE PACERS - Mary Lou (Sonny BURGESS) / Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Sonny BURGESS) / Willie & The Hand Jive (Sonny BURGESS) / School Days (Sonny BURGESS) / Don't Let Me Hang Around (Sonny BURGESS) / Fraulien /Rock n Roll Ruby (Sonny BURGESS) / Red Hot (Sonny BURGESS) / Hell Yes I Cheated (Sonny BURGESS) / Hillbilly Music (Sonny BURGESS) / Red Headed Woman (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Short, Squashed Texan (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Johnny B Goode (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Matchbox (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Long Tall Sally (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Hound Dog (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Down The Line (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Little Red Rooster (Bobby CRAFFORD) / Sooie (PACERS) /West Memphis PACERS / Truck Stop 'Kern KENNEDY) /  Baby Done Quit Me (Rapid ROBERT) / I'll Cry Awhile (Tommy ROCCO) / Poor Ole Me (Teddy REDELL) / You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie LUKE) / Baby (Merlin BEE)

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