Groupe Rock 'n' Roll US originaire du Tennessee formé en 1957. Les Crescendos ont enregistré quelques singles à la fin des années cinquante. Le groupe se composait de George Lanius, son cousin Jim Lanius, Tommy Fortner, Ken Brigham & Jimmy Hall.

One of the definitive one-shot rock groups of the '50s, the Crescendos reached number five right out of the box with their first single, "Oh Julie," in early 1958. A rather average doo wop ballad, it was lifted from the ordinary to the exalted with the addition of ghostly high backup Vocals by Janice Green, who was not even a member of the group, having been plucked for the job by chance while auditioning at the same studio at which the single was recorded. Also pushing the single were the engaging sub-Elvis Vocals of George Lanius and the appealingly crude -- indeed, garage-like -- production (there's not even a bass on the record). It was an inspired fluke that couldn't really be repeated, and in fact the Nashville group were dropped from their Nasco label after just two follow-up singles, leaving "Oh Julie" behind to haunt oldies radio shows for decades.

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Swamp Blues

OH JULIE (1957)



CRAZY HOP (1958)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/1957 SP NASCO 6005 (US) . Oh Julie / My Little Girl
1958 SP NASCO 6007 (US) .

Lowell McGUIRE - Spellbound / Leave My Girlie Alone

1958 SP NASCO 6009 (US) School Girl / Crazy Hop
1958 SP NASCO 45-6021 (US) . Young And In Love / Rainy Sunday
1961 SP SCARLET 4007 (US) .

Let's Take A Walk / Strange Love

1961 SP SCARLET 4009 (US) .

Angel Face / I'm So Ashamed

1962 SP TAP 2027 (US)

Oh, Julie / Angel Face

Unissued Tracks

1958 NASCO unissued

I've Tried

1958 NASCO unissued

Gawk' n' Stroll

1958 NASCO unissued

Lucky Love

1958 NASCO unissued

Teenage Angel


1963 LP 10" GUEST STAR G-1453 (US) OH JULIE - Oh Julie / Angel Face / I'm So Ashamed / Without Love / Let's Talk A Walk / Julie-Anna / Katie Doll / Janie
01/2005 CD TEEN AGER CD-609 (US) SWEET DREAMS ABOUT... - Oh Julie / Strange Love / Angel Face / Janie / Young And In Love /Katie Doll / Let's Take A Walk / I'm So Ashamed / Crazy Hop / Julie-Anna / School Girl / Without Your Love / My Little Girl / Rainy Sunday / I've Tried / Teenage Angel / Lucky Love / Gawk 'n' Stroll / Finders Keepers / Sweet Dreams

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