Chanteuse Country US née Phyllis Eileen Criner, le 13 Septembre 1961 à Woodland (Californie).

Country-pop singer/songwriter Bobbie Cryner issued her honky tonk-flavored self-titled debut LP in 1993 to widespread critical acclaim, but when the record failed commercially, she was dropped by her label. Following a divorce and a battle with alcoholism, she returned in 1996 with Girl Of Your Dreams, a smoother, more sophisticated effort spotlighting Cryner's gift for singing — and writing — ballads.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter

Style musical : Country-Pop, Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



06/1993 SP EPIC 7704434 (US) Daddy Laid The Blues On Me
11/1993 SP EPIC 7719534 (US)

He Feels Guilty

05/1994 SP EPIC 7748734 (US)

You Could Steal Me


08/1993 CD SONY 53238 (US) BOBBIE CRYNER - He Feels Guilty / Too Many Tears Too Late / Daddy Laid The Blues On Me / I Think It's Over Now / Leavin' Houston Blues / I Don't Care (with Dwight YOAKAM) / You Could Steal Me / I'm Through Waitin' On You / The One I Love The Most / This Heart Speaks For Itself
02/1996 CD MCA 11324 (US) GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS - Son Of A Preacher Man / I Didn't Know My Own Strength / The Girl Of Your Dreams / Vision Of Loneliness / A Lesson In Leaving / You'd Think He'd Know Me Better / I Just Can't Stand To Be Unhappy / Nobody Leaves / Oh To Be The One / Just Say So

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