Chanteur Country Canadien né Christopher Allen Thomas Cummings, le 11 Août 1975 à Norton (New Brunswick).

With his rich baritone vocal style, singer/songwriter Chris Cummings emerged during the late 1990s as a performer firmly in the mold of contemporary country's New Traditionalist movement. A native of Norton, New Brunswick, he made his public singing debut at the age of five, and was a local sensation throughout his childhood years. At 14, Cummings self-released a cassette which made its way to the Nashville offices of Warner/Reprise president Jim Ed Norman, who felt the young singer showed enormous potential; the same tape also caught the ear of California businessman Peter Leggett, who offered the teen a summer residency performing at the Pasadena club the Western Connection. With Leggett's assistance, Cummings recorded a new and improved demo; it too landed on Norman's desk, and finally the label head contacted the young singer, who was called out of a high school math class to accept the phone call from Reprise's Nashville offices. Still, Norman believed Cummings required more woodshedding before issuing his debut LP, and so he spent the next five years in Nashville honing his skills as a performer and songwriter. His self-titled debut LP was first issued in his native Canada in 1996, where it launched the hit singles "Sure Enough" and "I Waited; " Chris Cummings was finally released in the U.S. in early 1998.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Drums, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

1996 SP WARNER BROS. 7-17230 (US) .

I Waited / Lonesomeville

11/1997 CD WARNER BROS. CDW 43979 (CAN)

The Kind Of Hearts That Breaks : The Kind Of Heart That Breaks / Lonesomeville / Till I See You Again / Minute And A Half / Somewhere Inside

12/1997 SP WARNER BROS. 7-17267 (US) .

The Kind Of Heart That Breaks / Almost Always


06/1996 CD WARNER BROS. CDW 46313 (CAN)

Somewhere Inside - I Waited / Better Man Than I / Almost Always / Somewhere Inside / Little Sister's Blue Jeans / What About Me / In Other Words / All Of The Above / Never Thought Of You That Way / Sure Enough

02/1988 CD WARNER BROS.  9-46672-2 (US)

Chris Cummings - I Waited / Til I See You Again / Almost Always / Somewhere Inside / Little Sister's Blue Jeans / The Kind Of Heart That Breaks / What About Me / Minute And A Half / Sure Enough / Never Thought Of You That Way

02/2000 CD WARNER BROS. 2-47637 (CAN)

Lonesomeville - That'll Teach Her / A Little At A Time / No One Hurts Me More Than Me / Temporarily Forever Mine / Lonesomeville / It Looks Like Pain / Hammer And Nail / Sunday Best / Uncle / You Don't Say / Home

03/2002 CD WARNER BROS. 2 43349 (CAN)

Ooh, That Could Cost Him the Gold, Bob! - Betty / I Will Love You 'Til I Die / You Know How It Is / Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom / I Get That A Lot / Meet The Parents / Downtown Babylon / We All Wish / Benefit Of Doubt / 'Til He Comes Back In / Cowboy Hats / I'm On My Way / Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom

10/2006 CD KOCH KEC-CD-9944 (CAN)

Who Says You Can’t? - Dixie Beauxderaunt / I Can't Say That Anymore / In The Nicest Way / Love Is Fine / For The Music / Battleship Chains / Till I See You Smile / (I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That / Middle Of The Night / Hey What You Know

10/2010 CD Royalty 20102 (CAN)

Give Me Tonight - Heart Like A Stone / Leaving's Not An Option / Give Me Tonight / Welcome Back / Till I See You Smile / For The Music / Favorites / Looking For A Sign / Lucy Got Lucky / Welcome Back - Country Version

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