Chanteur Rockabilly US né Robert Francis Bull Moline (Illinois), le 31 Mai 1935. Bob Denton, en 1954, devient l'ami d'Eddie et de Hank Cochran et au début de 1957, Bob décroche un contrat chez Dot Records d'Hollywood (Californie). Bob enregistra quelques singles pour Dot, Crest et Chancellor Records, sans succès, il a cessé toute activité dans le show business et a travaillé comme mécanicien dans une scierie.

Eddie Cochran's best friend, was born Robert Francis Bull in Moline, Illinois on May 31, 1935 and lived on a farm until he was 10. In 1945 his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he became interested in country music and took up the guitar. The Dentons finaly settled in Norwalk, California where Denton joined Richard Ray and the Shamrock Valley Boys, a local group which played neighbourhood dances and broadcasts on local radio. Denton met Eddie Cochran one night in 1954 when Eddie sat in with the Valley Boys. Denton and Eddie soon became best friends: 'We used to go hunting all the time. He loved to hunt. He was a fantastic shot. We were always together doing things we both enjoyed: hunting, camping, chasing women and a lot of drinking." Bob Denton subsequently introduced Eddie Cochran to an acquaintance of the band, Hank Cochran, a meeting which led to the two unrelated namesakes forming the Cochran Brothers, Eddie's first professional venture. Denton was a spectator at a number of Cochran's sessions including 'Sittin' In The Balcony' and shared the same manager, Jerry Capehart. When Denton finally landed a record deal in his own right with Dot Records, in the spring of 1957, Eddie was "first in, closest to the mike". "He played guitar on my first [Dot] session", Denton recalled, "we recorded a tune called 'On My Mind Again' at Goldstar in 1957'. From the session 'On My Mind Again' was coupled with 'Always Late' and was issued as Dot single 15573. In September 1957 Eddie Cochran again assited Bob Denton on the recordings for a new single 'Love Me So I'll Know' b/w 'I'm Sending You This Record' (Dot 15622). 'Skinnie Minnie' and 'Playboy' were both recorded at Denton's fourth and final Dot session in March 1958 and featured West Coast session stalwart Joe Maphis and not, as is so often mentioned, Eddie Cochran. In April an informal session was held with Eddie again helping out on '24-hour Night' and 'Sick & Tired'. The following month Denton was conscripted into the US Army and spent the next two years in Hawaii. While on home leave in the summer of 1958, he duetted with Cochran on 'Thinkin' About You' for Crest Records though it was not released until 1961. Also recorded at the session was 'Pretty Little Devil'. Both songs were released on Crest 1086. Bob Denton: "I heard about Eddie's death over the radio. I was stunned. He was truly a great friend of mine and I'll never forget him." Following a release on Chancellor, Denton bowed out of music in 1962.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll



PLAYBOY (1958)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



05/1957 SP DOT 45-15573 (US) On My Mind Again / Always Late
08/1957 SP DOT 45-15622 (US) I'm Sending You This Record / Love Me, So I'll Know
03/1958 SP DOT 45-15716 (US) Time Will Tell / Love Is Made Of This
04/1958 SP DOT 45-15743 (US) Skinny Minnie / Playboy
10/1958 SP DOT 45-15833 (US) Playboy / 24 Hour Night
09/1961 SP CREST 45-1086 (US) Thinkin' About You / Pretty Little Devil
06/1962 SP CHANCELLOR COUNTRY 45-102 (US) Bobby DENTON - I Guess I'm Still In Love With You / The Wrong Side Of The Door

Unissued Tracks

19?? Unissued - (Castle Music CD 1452 (#4)) That's All Right Mama
19?? Unissued - (Lonely LP 2217 [1st] (#3)) Love Me So I'll Know [alt. vers.]

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