Chanteuse Country US née Bertha Bearden Dorsey le 16 Janvier 1946 à Jackson (Tennessee). Ruby Falls est décédée le 15 Juin 1986.

Born January 16, 1946, Jackson, Tennessee, USA, died 15 June 1986. One of the few black female singers to achieve success in country music. After relocating to Milwaukee, she sang with local country bands until 1974, when, no doubt encouraged by the success gained by Charley Pride and Stoney Edwards, she decided to move to Nashville. She toured with Justin Tubb and also impressed through her performances in Las Vegas. She recorded for the 50 States label and in 1975, she gained her first minor Billboard chart successes with ‘Sweet Country Music’ and ‘He Loves Me All To Pieces’. Between 1976 and 1979, she had seven more minor hits, which included her biggest, ‘You’ve Got To Mend This Heartache’ (a number 40 in 1977), and her version of the Fats Domino pop hit ‘Three Nights A Week’. Although she had no chart success after 1979, she remained a popular performer until her sudden death, following a brain haemorrhage, in the Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville, on 15 June 1986.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



02/1975 SP 50 STATES 31 (US) Sweet Country Music / Love Away The Wrong I'm About To Do
07/1975 SP 50 STATES 33 (US) He Loves Me All To Pieces / Let's Spend Summer In The Summer
1976 SP 50 STATES 39 (US) Show Me Where / Somewhere There's A Rainbow Over Texas
1976 SP 50 STATES 43 (US) Beware The Woman (Before She Gets Your Man) / Jump In The River Of Tears
1977 SP 50 STATES 50 (US) Do The Buck Dance / Too Many Hurts, Too Many Heartaches
09/1977 SP 50 STATES 56 (US) You've Got To Mend This Heartache / Love's Sweeter Than Sugar
1978 SP 50 STATES 60 (US) Three Nights A Week / Give Me Some Lovin'
1978 SP 50 STATES 63 (US) If That's Not Loving You (You Can't Say I Didn't Try) / Nobody's Baby But Mine
1979 SP 50 STATES 70 (US) I'm Getting' Into Your Love / Midnight Rendezvous
1979 SP 50 STATES 71 (US) Empty Arms And Teardrops (Sure Go Together) / ?
1980 SP 50 STATES 77 (US) Bringing Home That Feeling / ?


1980 LP 12" 50 STATES FS-1007-ST (US) SWEET COUNTRY LADY - Sweet Country Music / He Loves Me All To Pieces / Show Me Where / Beware Of The Woman / Jump In A River Of Tears / Do The Buckdance / Somewhere There’s A Rainbow Over Texas / You’ve Got To Mend This Heartache / Empty Arms And Teardrops / Funny How Time Slips Away

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