Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US de l'Ohio, Sonny Flaharty a enregistré chez Spangle (58), Epic (60), Huron (61), Decca (62), Falcon (6?) et Alco Records (64 ?).

This Dayton, OH, group is known in 1960s garage collector circles for their 1967 single "Hey Conductor," which after a local Cincinnati release on Counterpart was picked up for national distribution by Philips. This 45, a typically ominous fuzz-punker with an organ, harmonies, and doomcast melody, was listed as a breakout single in trade magazines. However, according to Sonny Flaharty, it was banned due to speculation that it was pro-drug, although if that was true, the words were pretty oblique in their drug references. The group also recorded at least one other single, and Flaharty did singles, on his own and with other bands, in a variety of styles, including rockabilly and MOR pop. At one point drummer N.D. Smart (later to play with the Remains, Great Speckled Bird, and Gram Parsons) and keyboardist Mike Losecamp aka Haywood Lovelace (later in the Cyrkle) were in the band. A dozen of their songs, ranging from '50s-style rock & roll to cheesy folk-rock, and "Hey Conductor" itself, were issued by Bacchus Archives on the Hey Conductor CD.

Talents : Vocals, Flute

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll




C'mon Little Mary (1962)

Please Don't Wear That Bikini (1962)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



10/1958 SP SPANGLE 45-2011 (US) My Baby's Casual / Our Love Is Real
07/1960 SP EPIC 5-9394 (US) Heartbreak Station / Don't Talk About Love
10/1961 SP HURON 45-22004 (US) Mystery Of Love / Teenage War Chant
07/1962 SP DECCA 31419 (US) C'mon Little Mary / Please Don't Wear That Bikini
05/1963 SP FALCON 1001 (US) Sonny FLAHARTY & His YOUNG AMERICANS - Hurricane / Joann
1964 ? SP ALCO 1003 (US) Sonny FLAHARTY & His YOUNG AMERICANS - Whole Lotta Shakin' / Please Be Real
196? SP PHILIPS 40479 (US) Sonny FLAHARTY & The MARK V - Hey Conductor / You Bring These Tears To Me


10/2000 CD BACCHUS BA1151 (US) HEY CONDUCTOR - Sonny FLAHARTY & The MARK V - Whole Lotta Shakin' / Coconut Stomp Pt. 1 / Coconut Stomp Pt. 2 / Make A Woman / The Mark V / Do It / Hey Conductor / For All Of Us / Harmonica Man / La La Song / When I Close My Eyes / Can't Buy My Soul

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