Chanteur Country US n le 27 Aot 1969 Athens (Georgie).

US Country singer born August 27, 1969 in Athens (Georgia). The reason Colt Ford's blending of country and rap feels so natural has everything to do with his background, both professional and personal. Just like his closest "hick-hop" competition, Cowboy Troy, Colt grew up listening to country -- his first concert was Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton -- along with R&B and hip-hop. When the Georgia native reached adulthood he began writing songs, eventually earning co-writing credits with Jamey Johnson, Jeremy Popoff, and the alternative rock band Lit. After a few years, the popular country music duo Montgomery Gentry became clients, then the urban side of Colt's style was put to use when rapper Bone Crusher and urban superstar Jermaine Dupri came calling. He went from behind the scenes to up front in 2006 when he wrote "Buck 'Em," the theme for the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. In 2008 he released his debut album, Ride Through the Country, and went on tour with country music up-and-comer Brantley Gilbert. Chicken and Biscuits followed in 2010, with the impressive Every Chance I Get arriving in 2011. Ford by this time had created a larger than life hillbilly redneck public image, but he was also a sly, passionate, and multi-layered writer and businessman, and as a former drummer, he knew what to do in a recording studio. After starting his own label, Average Joe's Records, Ford worked and toured outside the commercial Nashville umbrella, but he knew his way around the business, and he co-wrote songs with Nashville pros like Jeffrey Steele, Craig Wiseman, Rodney Clawson, and David Lee Murphy for his next project, Declaration of Independence, which appeared in 2012. That record became his most successful to date, and a follow-up, Thanks for Listening, appeared just as summer was kicking off in 2014. In May 2017, Ford dropped his sixth album, Love Hope Faith, which included guest appearances from Brad PaisleyToby Keith, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, and '90s rockers Lit.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country Rap

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



2011 CD CD Average Joe's ? (US)

Country Thang / Is That Different? / Country Thang

2012 CD Average Joe's ? (US) Colt FORD & Jake OWEN - Back


10/2008 CD Average Joe's 211 (US) RIDE THROUGH THE COUNTRY - Ride Through The Country (with John Michael MONTGOMERY) / Mr. Goodtime / No Trash In My Trailer / Cold Beer (with Jamey JOHNSON) / Never Thought (with Lindsey HAGER) / Saddle Up (with Attitude) / Waffle House (with Sunny LEDFURD) / Twisted / Tailgate / Dirt Road Anthem (with Brantley GILBERT) / Good God O'Mighty / Like Me / Gangsta Of Love (with Bone CRUSHER) / I Can't Sing
02/2010 CD + DVD Average Joe's 212 (US) Country Is as Country Does :
CD : Buck 'Em / Huntin' The World / Big White Redneck / Day In The Life / Left Ya'll In The Dust (The Nascar Song) / Dirt Road Anthem (with The BRANTLEY GILBERT BAND)
DVD : Intro / Colt Ford Tells It / Behind the scenes of "Buck 'Em" the Video / "Buck 'Em" Video / "The Workout" / "Dirt Road Anthem" / "Ride Through The Country" / Behind the Scenes of "No Trash In My Trailer" the Video / "No Trash In My Trailer" Music Video / "Mr. Goodtime" / "Saddle Up"
12/2009 CD Average Joe's 214 (US) COLT Ford Live From Suwannee River Jam - Tailgate / Cold Beer / Mr. Goodtime / Devil Went Down To Georgia / Ride Through The Country / Twisted / The Ride / Saddle Up / Never Thought / Dirt Road Anthem / Yeah / Like Me (Sweet Home Alabama version) / No Trash In My Trailer / Waffle House
04/2010 CD Average Joe's 216 (US) Chicken & Biscuits - Chicken & Biscuits (with James OTTO) / Hey Ya'll (with Randy HOUSER) / Diggin' / Mud Flap (with Ty STONE) / All About Ya'll (with Josh GRACIN) / Nothing In Particular (with Sunny LEDFURD) / Tool Timer (with Darryl WORLEY) / Cricket On A Line (with Rhett AKINS) / She Ain't Too Good For That (with Joe NICHOLS) / Convoy / Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk / Ride On / Ride Out (with DMC) / Country Kids (with Rachel FARLEY) / Trailer Park (with Ira DEAN) / Pulp Fiction / We Like To Hunt / Chicken & Biscuits [radio mix]
05/2011 CD Average Joe's 226 (US) Every Chance I Get - Country Thang (with Eric CHURCH) / Work It Out (with Luke BRYAN) / Waste Some Time (with NAPPY ROOTS / Nic COWAN) / Do It With My Eyes Closed (with Josh THOMPSON) / This Is Our Song (with Danny BOONE) / Titty's Beer (with Trent TOMLINSON) / She Wants To Ride In Trucks (with Craig MORGAN) / Pipe The Sunshine In (with Tyler FARR) / Every Chance I Get / What I Call Home (with JB & The MOONSHINE BAND) / Overworked & Underpaid (with Charlie DANIELS) / Skirts & Boots (with Frankie BALLARD) / Twisted (with Tim McGRAW)
08/2012 CD Average Joe's 239 (US) Declaration Of Independence - Answer To No One (with J.J. LAWHORN) / Drivin' Around Song (with Jason ALDEAN) / All In (with Kix BROOKS) / Ain't Out Of The Woods (with Montgomery Gentry) / Lucky (with Jonathan SINGLETON) / Back (with Jake OWEN) / Dancin' While Intoxicated (DWI) (with REDNECK SOCIALCLUB / LOCASH COWBOYS) / It's All (with Jeffrey STEELE) / Hugh Damn Right (with Laura Bell BUNDY) / Room At The Bar (with Corey SMITH / Terry SMITH) / All Of My Tomorrows (with Russell DICKERSON) / Happy In Hell (with BOYZ II MEN / Wanya MORRIS) / 50/50 / Way Too Early (with Darius RUCKER) / Angels And Demuns (with Lamar WILLIAMS JR.)
10/2013 CD Average Joe's 252 (US) Ride Through the Country Revisited - Ride Through The Country (with Joe DIFFIE / Ronnie DUNN / John Michael Montgomery) / Mr. Goodtime (with Ronnie DUNN) / No Trash In My Trailer (with Joe DIFFIE) / Cold Beer (with Jamey JOHNSON) / Never Thought (with WYNONNA) / Saddle Up (with Attitude / Charlie FARLEY) / Waffle House (with John ANDERSON) / Twisted / Tailgate (with The LACS) / Dirt Road Anthem (with Brantley GILBERT) / Good God O'Mighty / Like Me (with Charlie DANIELS) / Gangsta Of Love (with BONECRUSHER) / I Can't Sing  / Ride Through The Country (John Michael MONTGOMERY)
07/2014 CD Average Joe's 258 (US) Thanks for Listening - Thanks For Listening (Colt FORD feat: Daniel LEE)  / She's Like (Colt FORD feat: Keith Urban) / Cut Em All (Colt FORD feat: Willie Robertson) / The High Life (Colt FORD feat: Chase Rice) / Dirty Side (Colt FORD feat: Walker Hayes) / Sip It Slow (Colt FORD feat: Lee Brice) / Workin' On / Crank It Up / Farm Life (Colt FORD feat: Justin Moore) / Outshine Me / Crickets (Colt FORD feat: Jerrod Niemann) / Washed In The Mud (Colt FORD feat: Randy Houser)
10/2015 CD Average Joe's 273 (US)

Answer to No One - The Colt Ford Classics - Answer To No One / The High Life / Crank It Up / Back / Huntin' The World / Waste Some Time / Cut 'em All / Country Thang / Drivin' Around Song / Cold Beer / Ride Through The Country / Chicken & Biscuits / No Trash In My Trailer / Dirt Road Anthem

05/2017 CD Average Joe's 302 (US)

Love Hope Faith - Reload / Dynamite / Young Americans / Dirt Road Disco / 4 Lane Gone / My Truck / Lookin' For A Hand Out / Time Flies / No Rest / I'm Mud / Bad Day / Drunk Girl / Keepin' It Real

09/2019 CD Average Joe's 343 (US)

We the People - Im Still / Slow Ride (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny) / We The People / Back To Them Backroads (feat. Jimmie Allen) /  Red White Blue & Blessed (feat. Walker Montgomery) / Nightcap (feat. Michael Ray) / Lucky Scars (feat. Eddie Montgomery) / Where The Water Is (feat. Dan Tyminski) / Bring That W Home / Cooter Brown (feat. Larry Fleet) / Bass Like That (feat. Dan Tyminski) / Time / How You Lose A Woman / We The People (remix) (feat. DJ KO)

Rocky Productions 21/09/2019