Guitariste et chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US né Johnny Sudetta, le 18 Mars 1943 à Warren (Ohio). Johnny Fortune est décédé le 8 Janvier 2006 à son domicile de Rialto (Californie).

Session performer, bassist, and guitarist Johnny Fortune has been in the music business a long time. In the early years, he did session work for big names like Sam Cooke, Barbara George, Glen Campbell, and he even toured with the Beach Boys.
In 1963, when Fortune was only 16, he recorded Soul Surfer under the Park Avenue Records label. The album held popular surf tracks like "Sunset" and "Surf Rider." Sax player Jim O'Keith and ten-year-old drummer Joey Sudetta both lent their talents to the album. Soul Surfer received good reviews and earned Fortune a marvelous invitation from Johnny Burnette to tour through England. Unfortunately, because of his young age, Fortune was not able to go.
Switching over to country music, Fortune was nominated for a Nashville Music Trailblazer award in 1997. Working under the Media Records label, he recorded Life Goes On. The album, with tracks like "What Do You Think About That," "I Got a Woman," and "She Just Don't Care," was released in 1999.

Talents : Guitar, Vocals

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Surf, Country Rock, Contemporary Country

If You Love Me (1959)

I'm A Fool For You (1962)

Gee, But I Miss You (1962)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1959 SP EMMY E 1001 (US) If You Love Me / Alone And Crying
04/1960 SP EMMY E 1001 (US) Alone And Cryin' / If You Love Me (I Want To Know Tonight)
04/1960 SP EMMY E 1002 (US) I'm In Heaven / Gee, But I Miss You
1962 SP ARHAVEN 1001 (US) I'm A Fool For You / Gee But I Miss You
1963 SP ARENA 102 (US) Gee But I Miss You / I'm A Fool For You
05/1963 SP PARK AVENUE PA-103 (US) Surfer's Trip / Soul Travler
1963 SP PARK AVENUE PA-104 (US) Need You / One Less Angel
1963 SP PARK AVENUE PA-110 (US) Soul Surfer [instr.] / Midnight Surf
1963 SP PARK AVENUE PA-130 (US) Dragster  [instr.] / Siboney [instr.]
1964 SP CURRENT 101 (US) Say You Will Love Me / Come On And Love Me
1964 SP CRUSADER 104 (US) Gee But I Miss You / If You Love Me
04/1965 SP CURRENT 105 (US) I'm Lonely For You / I'll Never Let You Go
1965 SP UNITED ARTISTS 720 (US) Juarez / It Ain't Necessarily So
1965 SP UNITED ARTISTS 780 (US) Don't Stay Out After Midnight / Don't Lie To Me
1966 SP RPR R-112 (US) SWEET SOULS - I Wanna Make It With You / Your Baby
04/1966 SP BEAVER 111 (US) Stay One More Day / I'm Requesting A Love Song
1970 SP VAULT 954 (US) Tell Me Your Love Me / Your True Love


1963 LP 12" PARK AVENUE 401 (US) SOUL SURFER - Soul Surfer / Midnight Surf / Chinese Surfers / Surfer's Trip / Lone Surfer / Wild Weekend / Surf Rider / Sunset / Soul Traveler / Moonglow - Theme From "Picnic" / Siboney / Dragster
1999 CD V & R 15870 (US) LIFE GOES ON - I Got A Woman / Runnin' From A Love / That's All Over Now / I See The Storm / She Just Don't Care / Thirty Something / Won't Be No More / I Can't Let Go / Love Those Girls / What Do You Think About That / I Hope That You're Happy / Country Rockin' Roll / I Can't Stop Thinking About You / What's The Cost Of Lovin' You / Eyes As Big As Dallas

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