Chanteur Country US né le 25 Mars 1963 à Raleigh (Caroline du Nord).

Singer/songwriter Robbie Fulks was one of the more heralded talents in the alternative country movement, displaying an offbeat, sometimes dark sense of humor in many of his best moments. While Fulks' best-known songs were often bitingly funny, he also had a gift for writing incisive and evocative songs in the country and pop traditions. As time passed, he built on the irreverent old-school twang of 1996's Country Love Songs, moving toward the tougher roots rock sound of 1998's Let's Kill Saturday Night and the eclectic, ambitious pop of 2001's Couples in Trouble. With the spare, acoustic sound and stark storytelling of 2013's Gone Away Backward and 2016's Upland Stories, Fulks received some of the strongest reviews of his career, and the latter album earned him his first Grammy Award nomination.
Fulks divided his childhood between Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina, and received his schooling at Columbia University. He moved to Chicago in 1983 and first served as vocalist and guitarist in bluegrass band the Special Consensus, appearing on their Grammy-nominated 1989 album A Hole in My Heart. He later performed in the musical revue Woody Guthrie's American Song and formed his own rock band, the Trailer Trash Revue, with whom he cut a locally popular single "Little King" b/w "Jean Arthur."
Fulks got his first significant exposure via Bloodshot Records' 1994 compilation Insurgent Country, Vol. 1: For a Life of Sin, which included his track "Cigarette State"; the 1995 follow-up, Insurgent Country, Vol. 2: Hell-Bent, featured Fulks' "She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died)." Both cuts were produced by Steve Albini, who also helmed Fulks' Bloodshot debut, Country Love Songs, in 1996. The album received highly positive reviews and featured backing from roots rockers the Skeletons, as well as former Buck Owens steel guitarist Tom Brumley. The follow-up, South Mouth, took a similarly retro-minded approach, drawing from classic honky tonk and Bakersfield country. With a growing cult reputation, Fulks earned a major-label shot with Geffen, but many critics felt that his 1998 label debut, Let's Kill Saturday Night, undermined the organic strengths of his previous work with overly slick roots rock production. A merger between Universal and PolyGram shortly after the release of Let's Kill Saturday Night led to a gutting of the Geffen artist roster, and the album died on the vine as Fulks found himself without a label.
Fulks opted to start his own label, Boondoggle Records, distributed by his friends at Bloodshot, and launched it with The Very Best of Robbie Fulks, a facetiously titled collection of demos and unreleased recordings. In 2001, Fulks followed with 13 Hillbilly Giants, in which he covered a bakers' dozen songs of the 1950s and '60s, and later that year he issued his most ambitious set to date, Couples in Trouble, a bleak but compelling collection of original songs about a variety of failing relationships that found Fulks adding new dimensions to his interest in rock and left-field pop. In 2005, Fulks signed to the roots-oriented Yep Roc label and dug back into his country roots with his first album for the label, Georgia Hard. It was followed by the live collection Revenge in 2007. Fulks returned to Bloodshot Records, the label where it all began, with 2013's Gone Away Backward, a mostly acoustic and ballad-filled album engineered and produced by Steve Albini. In 2014, Fulks toured the U.K. with veteran punk/folk upstarts the Mekons; while in Scotland, he and most of the Mekons recorded a loose album of bent sea shanties and folk pastiches. Titled Jura, the album received a vinyl-only release through Bloodshot for the 2015 Black Friday Record Store Day celebration. The LP quickly sold out, and Bloodshot gave the album a wider release on CD the following year. In 2016, Fulks returned with Upland Stories, another primarily acoustic set recorded with Steve Albini at the controls. In 2018, Fulks joined forces with Linda Gail Lewis for Wild! Wild! Wild!, a rollicking set of old-school country, hillbilly boogie, and rockabilly.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Songwriter

Style musical : Alternative Country, Traditional Country, Roots Rock, Folk, Pop-Rock  

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1993 SP ? (US) . Little King / Jean Arthur
01/2008 CD Boondoggle ? (US) Rap Of The Dead 2007


07/1996 CD BLOODSHOT 20011 (US) COUNTRY LOVE SONGS - Every Kind Of Music But Country / Rock Bottom, Pop. 1 / The Buck Starts Here / (I Love) Nickels And Dimes / Barely Human / I'd Be Lonesome / She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died) / We'll Burn Together / Let's Live Together / The Scrapple Song / Pete Way's Trousers / Tears Only Run One Way / Papa Was A Steel-Headed Man
10/1997 CD BLOODSHOT 20023 (US) SOUTH MOUTH - Goodbye, Good-Lookin' / I Told Her Lies / Heart, I Wish You Were Here / I Push Right Over / Cold Statesville Ground / Forgotten But Not Gone / Busy Not Crying / I Was Just Leaving / What The Lord Hath Wrought (Any Fool Can Knock Down) / Dirty-Mouthed Flo / You Wouldn't Do That To Me / Fuck This Town / South Richmond Girl
09/1998 CD GEFFEN 25159-2 (US) LET'S KILL SATURDAY NIGHT - Let's Kill Saturday Night / Caroline / Pretty Little Poison / She Must Think I Like Poetry / Bethelridge / Take Me To The Paradise / Little King / You Shouldn't Have / God Isn't Real / Down In Her Arms / Can't Win For Losing You / Night Accident / Stone River
01/2000 CD BLOODSHOT 20059 (US) THE VERY BEST OF ROBBIE FULKS - Jean Arthur / Sleepin' On The Job Of Love / Roots Rock Weirdoes / May The Best Man Win / Hamilton County Breakdown / Gravid And Tense / Parallel Bars / Love Ain't Nothin' / I Just Want To Meet The Man / Wedding Of The Bugs / You Break It - You Pay / White Man's Bourbon / That Bangle Girl / Jello Goodbye
08/2001 CD BLOODSHOT 700 (US) COUPLES IN TROUBLE - In Bristol Town One Day / Anything For Love / Dancing On The Ashes / She Needs You Now / My Tormentor / Real Money / Mad At A Girl / Brenda's New Stepfather / I've Got To Tell Myself The Truth / Banks Of The Marianne / The Grip Of Our Love / Never Could
11/2001 CD BLOODSHOT 20084 (US) 13 HILLBILLY GIANTS - Southern Comfort / Cocktails / I Want To Be Mama'd / By The Law Of My Heart / Family Man / Burn On Love Fire / Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark / Donna On My Mind / We Live A Long Time To Get Old / Lotta Lotta Women / Knot Hole / Act Like A Married Man / Bury The Bottle With Me
05/2005 CD YEP ROC 2101  (US) GEORGIA HARD - Where There's A Road / It's Always Raining Somewhere / Leave It To A Loser / Georgia Hard / I'm Gonna Take You Home (And Make You Like Me) / Coldwater, Tennessee / All You Can Cheat / Countrier Than Thou / If They Could Only See Me Now / I Never Did Like Planes / Each Night I Try / Doin' Right (For All The Wrong Reasons) / You Don't Want What I Have / Right On Redd / Goodbye, Cruel Girl
05/2007 2 CD YEP ROC 2125  (US) REVENGE! :
CD 1 : We're On The Road / You Shouldn't Have / Fixin' To Fall / Mad At A Girl / The Buck Starts Here / Goodbye, Good-Lookin' / Busy Not Crying / You Don't Mean It (Soundcheck) / Rock Bottom, Pop.1 / Cigarette State / Let's Kill Saturday Night
CD 2 : Introductory Remarks By Amy Warren / That's A Good Enough Reason / Believe / In Bristol Town One Bright Day / I Wanna Be Mama'd / Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death Of Enthusiasm / I Like Being Left Alone / Bluebirds Are Singing For Me / On A Real Good Day / President Garfield's Hornpipe - Suza / Kelly Hogan's Looking Hot - Closing Remarks / Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath
08/2013 CD BLOODSHOT BLD-CD-211 (US) Gone Away Backward - I’ll Trade You Money For Wine / Where I Fell / Long I Ride / That's Where I'm From / When You Get To The Bottom / Snake Chapman’s Tune / Imogene / Pacific Slope / Sometimes The Grass Is Really Greener / Guess I Got It Wrong / The Many Disguises Of God / Rose Of The Summer
11/2015 CD BLOODSHOT BS 225CD (US) JURA - Mini-Mekons / Robbie Fulks / The Mekons - A Fearful Moment / Refill / An Incident Off St. Kitt's / Shine On Silver Seas / Land Ahoy! / Beaten And Broken / Getting On With It / I Am Come Home / The Last Fish In The Sea / I Say, Hang Him! / Go From My Window
04/2016 CD BLOODSHOT BS 242 (US)

Upland Stories - Alabama At Night / Baby Rocked Her Dolly / Never Come Home / Sarah Jane / Aunt Peg's New Old Man / Needed / South Bend Soldiers On / America Is A Hard Religion / A Miracle / Sweet As Sweet Comes / Katy Kay / Fare Thee Well, Carolina Gals

08/2018 CD Bloodshot BS 263 (US)

Wild! Wild! Wild! - Robbie Fulks / Linda Gail Lewis - Round Too Long / I Just Lived A Country Song / That's Why They Call It Temptation / Wild Wild Wild / Who Cares / Till Death / Memphis Never Falls From Style / Boogie Woogie Country Gal / Foolmaker / Your Red Wagon / On The Jericho Road / It Came From The South / Hardluck, Louisiana

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