Chanteur Rockabilly US né Ronald J Hargrave, le 8 Novembre 1929 à New York, mais installlé très tôt à Los Angeles (Californie). Ron Hargrave est surtout connu pour l'excellence de ses compositions: "High Scool Confidential" pour Jerry Lee Lewis, "Dreamy Doll" et "Buttercup" pour Bob Luman et "Drive In Movie" pour Mickey Gilley. Il a enregistré au Japon sous le nom de Johnny Deerfield.

Rockabilly singer born Ronald J Hargrave, November 8, 1929 in New York, but installed it early in Los Angeles (California). Ron Hargrave is best known for the excellence of his compositions: "High Scool Confidential" for Jerry Lee Lewis, "Dreamy Doll" and "Buttercup" for Bob Luman and "Drive In Movie" for Mickey Gilley. He recorded in Japan under the name Johnny Deerfield.

Talents : Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Actor

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

Latch On (1957) (Ron Hargrave)

Only A Daydream (1957) (Ron Hargrave)

HOLD ME (1957) (Ron Hargrave)

DRIVE IN MOVIE (1959) (Ron Hargrave)

BUTTERCUP (1959) (Ron Hargrave)

Lonely Soldier Boy (1960) (Johnny Deerfield)

South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) (1960) (Johnny Deerfield)

BE MY BABY (1963) (Johnny Deerfield)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



10/1956 SP MGM K12344 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Too Late / A Fool Am I
02/1957 SP MGM K12422 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Latch On / Only A Daydream
05/1957 SP MGM K12475 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Hold Me / The Song Of The Moonlight
11/1957 SP MGM K12571 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Heartbreaker / If You Should Go
06/1958 SP MGM K12644 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Should Have Been Home In Bed / Young Romance
03/1959 SP CUB K9025 (US) . Ron Hargrave - Drive In Movie / Buttercup
07/1960 SP CAPITOL 4399 (US) . Johnny Deerfield - Lonely Soldier Boy / South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
09/1960 SP CAPITOL 4443 (US) . Johnny Deerfield - Won-Won-Wonderful / Boy And Girl
12/1960 SP CAPITOL 7P-200 (JAP) Johnny Deerfield - Lonely Soldier Boy / South Of The Border
1961 SP TOSHIBA JP-5078 (JAP) Johnny Deerfield - Write A Letter / And Then
04/1962 SP COLUMBIA LL-332 (JAP) . Johnny Deerfield - He Is Not Just A Soldier / The Whole Wide World
10/1963 SP COLUMBIA LL-3114 (JAP) Johnny Deerfield - Be My Baby / Memories Of Yesterday
04/1966 SP TOWER 230 (US) . Johnny Deerfield - Lonely Soldier Boy / Gift Of Love
1977 SP CAPITOL ECR-20313 (JAP) . Johnny Deerfield - Lonely Soldier Boy / South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)

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